Thursday, June 30, 2005

Educational Quote

The experience of global war gave official school reform a grand taste for what was possible. Government intervention was proclaimed the antidote for all dissent. In every nook and cranny of American life new social organizations flourished, all feeding on intervention into personal sovereignty and family life. A new republic was here at last just as Herbert Croly announced, and government school was its church.

John Taylor Gatto author of The Underground History of American Education

Starter Workout part 1

From Muscle & Fitness Feb. 2003 [I adjusted it for my home set up]

First 3 Weeks (Week 1 1 set of 15; Week 2-3 2 sets of 15):
The 15th repetition on each set should be tough, but not so bad that you do it in poor form. Week 1 workout twice, and from there go to 3 times per week.

Leg Extension
Lying Leg Curl
Bench Press
Seated Cable Row
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (ie "military press")
Dumbbell Shrug
Cable Pressdown
Barbell Curl (with EZ-bar if you have one)

That should be a good start will post more tomorrow and next week!

Keep Lifting!!!

More Tae Bo

Did another Tae Bo workout today. Must be working because I'm at 170.0. I'll try not to get to happy and eat too much today. I'll do enough of that over the weekend. I'll get to see if I can go camping and still eat 4 or more times a day.

Tae Bo seems easy now. I used to get all tired and sweaty. I actually sweat and breathe harder during my weightlifting!

Anyway, didn't workout last night with my wife. Had an early rehearsal - don't know why I go on time. We always start about 30 minutes after schedule. I shoulda called in and practiced for another gig I have on Saturday. Oh well.

My homie complimented me on my forearms, that was cool. And we had a good talk about stuff that gets in the way. And we talked about the blog. I'm gonna vent on occasion here so get used to it. What's hard about that is it seems like many blog readers know my family so I'll try and be thoughtful about that.

Anyway, gotta go meet my bosses boss.

Keep Lifting!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nice Quote

Minimum wage is the smallest amount necessary to keep us all from revolting in the streets. Therefore, the more often we revolt, the higher minimum wage will be.


A Little Bit Before Bed

Get your mind out of the gutter - oh wait that was MY mind...

If you have trouble drifting off, the right bedtime snack may help promote a more restful night's sleep.

In a study, a tryptophan-enriched snack before bed helped study participants sleep better and promoted morning alertness. Foods that provide a dose of tryptophan include bananas, dairy, nuts, eggs, soybeans, tuna, and chicken. Keep the serving size small and have your snack about an hour before bed.


Workout Routines - aka "Programs"

People have asked for specific routines. So I'll be working on adding these to the blogging. For me, the best thing on that has been the end of the year issues of Muscle and Fitness because they usually have some kind of beginner for program for people doing New Year resolutions.

My favorite mag though is Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, mainly because I know the guys I'm looking at aren't on steroids! I might actually look like some of these guys someday.

Keep Lifting!

Nice Workout

Did the 8 minute workout with the spousal unit last night again, and yes, it took at least 8 minutes to get her to agree. Will try again tonight!

My workout for today went well. Being in a band and getting home at 10:30 pm after a couple of beers is not always motivating at 5:30 in the morning! But I still pulled off a good workout, even though I was very conscious of feeling like crap.

Broke my PR zone for Kickbacks (glute workout). I may actually have glutes someday! What a concept.

Was getting into the shower and took a look in the mirror and I was able to notice my appendix scar. (Sorry if you were eating - you read at your own risk!) Not bad. Must mean that my rolls of fat are burning off, from the bottom apparently because my waist measurement for today was 40". I weighed in at 171.2 for today. Basically that means a 0.4 loss in weight and I'll feel a great sense of accomplishment. If I'm anywhere in the 171.x zone I'll still know that I accomplished something, but it will be a little less of a joyful feeling.

I guess if I was naked I'd weigh less, but I'd hate for a co-worker to walk into the back room and find me like that!!! Wouldn't be good.

Keep Lifting!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Article On Body Image

This is an interesting article. Talks about body image, and I think that is always a trap in getting back in shape. I know that deep down somewhere I want women to think I'm "hot" but I also don't want to obsess about that. Women have it worse so here's an article called Want a Perfect Body?

Bloggers Fighting Government Regulation

Is it just me or does Government want to control EVERYTHING! ?

Interesting article on an important trend for bloggers, especially those who may be for or against something. Hey, that's all of us!

Smacking update

Oh, got the Smacking blog back after a couple of days last week. Don't know why the 'puter wouldn't read it.

But I got it, and its good to know that I'm not alone in the occaisional desire to strangle family members.

Catching Up

My internet connection was down yesterday!

So I woke up around 3am, stressed out and feeling like crap. Made it back to sleep but it slowed me down in getting back up at 5:30 for my workout.

Finally got working out around 6am. Kept thinking about feeling like crap and not wanting to go to work. But I realized how much the next year is gonna cost me - my daughter is having a QuinceaƱera. And I finally realized that my job has changed so much since I started that it was no longer the same job and I hate going to it! I used that frustration and anger and put it where it belonged - into my workout. I broke the two PR zones that I couldn't get before.

I felt it in my upper back and shoulders. Thought maybe I jacked myself up. But I'm feeling OK today.

Did an 8 minute Tae Bo workout with my wife after work. Took more than 8 minutes to get her to say yes. But I think that's what its gonna take. I'm kinda tired about her griping about being fat. AND I know if I did a long workout she'd never workout with me again. I'll keep trying that strategy for awhile and she'll either blow me off eventually or she'll start working out on her own. (Hate feeling manipulative, but for me its better than the griping.)

I'm on week 4 of the new program and I think week 28 since I started working out. Two more months of this program and then I'll start something new. I'll miss a workout or two at the end of August, but nothing big. I'll probably change to an "A-B Split" workout so it should not be a big deal. An A-B Split is where you have two different workouts and do one on Monday and Friday, and the other on Wednesday. Then the following week you do the Wednesday workout on Monday and Friday and vice versa.

I'm gonna fight to keep the aerobics going for the next two months. I want to up my calorie burning for awhile. Did a beginning Tae Bo workout for 27 minutes today. Wasn't as bad as the first time I tried it a couple of years ago. Will keep it up. I even did a workout on Saturday morning - a Minna Lessig video.

I'm at 172.2 today, so I doubt I'll be at 165 for July 1. But I might get to 170. After that weight won't be a measure, I'll still track it but not as a goal.

Been checking my waist - I do it with a relaxed abdomen, so its when its at its widest yippee! I was a little below 39 today. My arbitrary goal was 38 so not too bad. I set out to lose 20 pounds and about 4 inches off my waist. Got close to both. Now I know that I don't always lose a pound a week. Maybe close to 3/4, then there are those holidays where I gain some weight back.

As long as my waist keeps getting smaller I'll be happy. In some article they talked about a waist/bicep ratio as a good measure on whether you're losing fat or muscle. So I might try that.

Keep Lifting!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Good Friday Workout

Workout started crappy. Didn't want to get up. Feeling overwhelmed at work and at home.

Started and it slowly got better as it went along. I increased my weight on curls and extensions by 2.5 and also for my bench and rear delt raises. But I think I'll increase my curls and extensions by 2.5 again next week. I need that extra strength to pick up the dumbbells for the bench.

Anyway, going downtown for a "dog and pony show", oh, I mean an important meeting.

Keep Lifting!

ps - I can read Smacking again!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Going to a day long meeting today.

Stayed up late talking with friends about politics and music. Building relationships is important too. But doesn't always go good with my sleeping habits.

Keep Lifting!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where's Smacking?

Hey K:

I don't get anything but the top part of the page when I try and visit the Smacking Blog!?!?

Hope you're back and smacking soon. Nothing like life giving you a good smack on the rear!


Almonds and Parkinson's

A diet packed with vitamin E may help protect against Parkinson's disease, recent research concludes, and almonds are a good source. Parkinson's is a chronic neurological condition that hampers motor function. Other good food sources of antioxidant vitamin E include hazelnuts, wheat-germ oil, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter.


Almonds are also a good source of protein.


I busted my ass this morning, almost literally, to get a good workout today. I broke the PR zone for Hammer Curls and Side Bends. I increased weight from last week on my Cable Kickbacks, and for the Good Mornings. I keep the weight at 10lbs for the sit ups.

I was feeling very bummed out and overwhelmed this morning. That hasn't totally gone away, but its getting better. I have a two day work meeting coming up, talk about depressing!

Anyway, some of the "creases" in my body are disappearing. If this grosses you out, quit reading. So the creases under my chest are gone, and the crease under my gut has changed to a slope, the creases in my back are still there but diminishing.

My triceps are starting to look good - I've always had good triceps. I'm noticing the development of a muscle on the back of my leg, and my chest is starting to look different! Very happy with that. My weight has stopped going down. Might get a pound or two off before July 1. I'm hoping to break under 170 by then!

Keep Lifting!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Charles Staley

This is the EDT guy that I got the workout I'm currently doing from.

Keep Lifting!

Aerobics Yippee.....

Did aerobics today. Tried a video off the shelf. Too many confusing moves. I'll try Tae Bo on Thursday I can handle that.

I think this will make a difference.

Noticed that during the week I lose a pound or two and over the weekend I'll gain a half pound to a pound - two on a really busy weekend.

I'm starting to notice my body changing. I'm starting to get a ham muscle - that muscle on the back of your upper leg. That's cool.

Keep Lifting!

Monday, June 20, 2005

EDT Article Link

Liberate Yourself from Classical Training

Good Article on Consistency

I'm getting impatient and this article came at the right time!

52 Weeks of Training!

Fathers' Day Recovery!

Had a great fathers day. Two of my nieces spent the night and they helped my kids work on the back yard. Cut most of the weeds and raked stuff up. I'll be putting out some grass seeds tonight and again at the end of summer.

I planted a bunch of plants in the front yard. And looked at the garden, looks like we might get some good salad this year.

Called a couple of my uncles and a couple of my brother in laws, tried to reach my brothers. Not bad.

One of my sisters came over. Me and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Godfather. They had never seen it and I kept telling them when parts of other movies, or the Simpsons, made references to it, so they were happy to check it out. Probably not as happy as I was. My wife started the BBQ toward the end of the movie and then I sat out back flipping chicken-ca-bobs and hamburgers. It was a good day. Then, to finish things off there was two episodes of the Simpons on!

I drank too much beer though.

This mornings workout was insanely hard. I figured out that my Monday workouts are probably the hardest, and I take them with the least amount of rest! I was sweating up a storm and feeling the drinking. At least I went to sleep early. I did break my PR for Leg Extensions and Leg Curls. But my back and chest exercises are still working up slowly. Actually I went down 1 rep on my rows/flyes set. I'll have to try and keep myself in good shape next weekend. I even went up a pound!

I did "cheat" more on my diet this week than most others. I'll have to get back on track. I'm gonna see if I can get a couple of things for the garage. On Saturday my kids helped me clear out some more space in the garage, not a lot, but enough to keep the boxes out of the way during my dumbbell bench press.

Keep Lifting, even with a headache! =)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Another Good Workout! And a good week!

Had another good workout. Got past my PR Zone for bicep curls and triceps extensions, and the PR Zone for Bench Press and Rear Raises.

Man, lifting with dumbbells is way harder than taking the bar off the rack and putting it back up. It feels like I may have lifted a little too fast, I'll see. Maybe just need to go get my back cracked by the chiro. (Like I got the extra $40!)

Worked up a good sweat too!

My weight is actually a little higher than Monday, but my waist is about the same, I'll hope that I'm gaining muscle. I know that I should probably stop worrying about my weight now, but I haven't let it go yet. (See K, it's me too!)

My measurements all went down. I get different measurements for my waist so its hard to tell. But my clothes are fitting better. A friend said I'd have to give up the X-large shirts. But she said, maybe I should keep them for when I get really buff! Talk about a good compliment!

I'm trying to figure out when to take my pants in to the tailor. I got three pairs of pants from my family, but I haven't taken them in. I'm short enough that I can't buy pants of the rack and wear them. But I've been heavy enough not to wear pants like "normal." I wear them really low, underneath my gut. Well my gut is changing shape, so maybe I can get the pants tailored for my waist instead of my gut! I haven't bought any shirts to tuck in for a long time. I tucked in a t-shirt a little while back and a couple of friends said "wow"! That was good - it was even better that they were a lesbian couple.

I don't know if that sounds fu*ked up but for a straight guy to get compliments from a lesbian couple about looking good, just really works for me. I actually feel they are more honest, there's no need to bs me.

Different subject: My wife is off for the summer, and she calls me all day long. It used to bug the crap out of me. But I'm realizing she's just trying to take advantage of summer off to have more contact with me. (See K, I'm reading your blog!)

Did my first weight lifting class in Spanish yesterday. Went OK. People seemed into it. Gotta learn the vocabulary. Next class will be more focused on diet.

Keep Lifting!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Friends May Help you Live Longer

I always complain that I don't have lots of friends that I "just hang out with." Part of that is true, and part of it isn't, but anyway, found this article.

"Older people with better social networks with friends were less likely to die over a 10-year follow-up period than older people with poorer friends networks," Lynne C. Giles of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, told Reuters Health.

Friends and Aging

Crime Sweep

Here's a quick official report on the sweep of my street yesterday.

Bodybuilding as Self-Determination

To me the most exciting aspect of weight training is that you can use it to change your body and your-self in a positive manner. Bodybuilding is a means of self-determination because you alone are responsible for your success or failure in reaching your physical goals. Whether you simply wish to improve your appearance, health, fitness, and sense of well-being, or desire to compete successfully in bodybuilding shows, you are totally responsible for what you get from your training

Rachel McLish former Ms. Olympia

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's 1984!

Wow, the cops did a "sweep" of my street today. Did the door-to-door let's pick up everyone with a warrant, tow all of the broken vehicles, and site all of the landlords.

At least two people were arrested and about 6 vehicles towed while I was home at lunch. And this started like two hours before I got home. My wife had said that a lot of cars were towed before I even got home.

Maybe they'll do this in the richer part of town, the part of town with more Meth labs? Ya think?


Red Meat - Processed Meat and Cancer

Red meat, processed meat linked to colon cancer

Early Workout

Played a breakfast gig this morning. So I got up a little earlier than usual.

Had a chingon workout! Broke 2 out of the three of my PR Zones. What does that mean? It means that last week I accomplished a certain amount of reps within a 15 minute period. My goal is to get 30% above that in repetitions before I increase weight (about 5%). I got past the 30% on two of the sets.

For anyone who thinks there's nothing aerobic about lifting weights should try this EDT workout! Normally the goal is 20% for 5% weight increase, but the goal of this particular program is fat loss, so they have altered it to 30% for the increased aerobic capacity.

Having a great workout makes the rest of the day cool. I know I don't post that much. What I've noticed is that I haven't gotten any comments since the change in comment format. You can email if you are having problems leaving comments.

Keep Lifting!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Article on Smoking and Obesity

Study Says Smoking and Obesity Actually Ages Your Cells!

What's Up?

OK, got some sleep last night.

Didn't get up early enough to workout though. No aerobics today. I'm still losing about half a pound a week. Which should be good, as long as I'm not losing muscle. I think I'm doing OK.

I got friends who want support on working out. Mainly just checking in on them. I think this is cool. I'm actually honored by the request. Its been difficult to think about myself as someone people can lean on, though I have been a leaning post for quite some time.

I like reading about me on the Smacking blog. AND reading about the development of her sexuality. That's something I don't write much about. Maybe I'll figure that out as sex is an important part of health.

And the Smacking blogger is really a good friend. Probably more important to me than she knows. She also figured out how many people had crushes on her in college! I would say from her chingon personality.

Performing at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow, means I have to get up even earlier than usual to workout! Maybe I can get a ride, we're at one vehicle now while the minivan gets checked out at the shop.

Changing my role at work some. Gonna try and do more organizing and less meetings.

Keep Lifting!

ps - feel free to comment also!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Again!?

Tired. Didn't sleep well. But worked out anyway. Did get more reps in my designated 15 minute Personal Record Zones (PR ZONES).

Did feel my triceps sore this weekend. Other than that haven't gotten too sore from the new workout.

Lots of people talking about their health.

Got good feedback on the radio program.

Also I have been getting compliments lately. I'm doing my best to take them well. I have even been called a good organizer lately - something I would normally disagree with. I think I'm OK, and getting better. But I think for someone who does it as a volunteer passion - I do a damn fine job. Would be nice to be fulltime occasionally. But most groups who have funding are also limited by that funding.

Had an interesting run in with the police last night/this morning - thus the tiredness. May post on that later, but for now it's time to get my day together!

Keep Lifting!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Healthy Warriors Meeting

People asked for a meeting around health. I called one and asked people to RSVP. No one did, but I went to the park anyway. Got to watch to white cops harass a Mexicano in a very demeaning and humiliating way.

BUT, there were about 8 people who said they were interested but unable to meet. Not bad for an email meeting. I remember reading a book about organizing once and I was reading a chapter about meetings. I was sitting on the porch of someone's house waiting for them so we could set up for a meeting. I was reading and came across a section that said everyone has meetings that no one shows up to. Sure enough, the guy who's house it was didn't even show up! (And now he's a pro-colonial, fascist professor at UNM!)

I'll work with those that reached out via email and see what people are willing to do. And I'll keep watching out around the house for all of this crazy police activity that I've been noticing. There's a CopWatch in Albuquerque now, but I understand that they are going to focus on Downtown. Hopefully someday they'll come into my neighborhood which is the most "diverse" in the state.

Oh, I'm supposed to be on (FM 89.9 in NM) today at 8 or 8:30. It was pre-recorded and I had to make up something about the report for today's meeting. Awkward but fun!

Please feel free to comment!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Here's one from - Transformation of the Week

Part of what I'm trying to figure out is measurements and tracking that. We did my arms and my wife got measurements on my arm a whole 2" apart. So obviously its not an exact science for us. But from the bodybuilding forum I got this
Measure everything at the biggest part, except waist. That should be about 1" above navel.

I measure my waist at the navel. Will post those later!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summer Workout Program

My children have started working out. People always ask me for workout ideas.

Every exercise is 5 sets of 5 repetitions, and two exercises done back to back are called a "superset."

Superset 1
Dumbbell Side Raises
Wide-Grip Pulldowns

Superset 2
Dumbbell Bench Presses
Cable Rows

Superset 1
Leg Extension
Leg Curls

Superset 2
Standing Calf Raises
Calf Jumps w/dumbbells

Superset 1
Barbell Curls
Triceps Extension

Superset 2
Wrist Curls
Reverse Wrist Curls

Because I have the 1 1/4 lb plates the wrist curls will increase by 2.5 lbs/week and the other exercises by 5 lbs/week. But what's different is that they will do so in an up and down fashion.

Week 1 will be the starting weight,
Week 2 will go up by 2.5 or 5 pounds,
Week 3 will go up the same,
Week 4 will be the starting weight again,
Week 5 will use week 2 weight,
Week 6 will use week 3 weight,
Week 7 will continue up by 2.5 or 5 pounds,
Then week 8 will go back to week 5 weight.

Hope that's useful to anyone out there.

Keep lifting and keep sleeping!

Sleep and Diabetes


Bad sleep habits may set you up for poor blood sugar control.

Sleeping for less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours per night was associated with an increased risk of diabetes in a recent study. These same poor sleep habits also were linked to impaired glucose tolerance, a condition marked by higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

So, get your workout, then get some sleep!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I get asked for recipes, I still don't cook that much, but here's a page with a new recipe every week:
Bodybuilding Recipes


Sleep is good. Resting is important, especially if you are trying to rebuild your muscle mass. Repetitive action doesn't build muscle. That's why people who work manual labor get to a certain muscularity and then it stops. One is that its usually repetitive and the body adapts - part of that adaptation is muscle. Two, usually there is not enough rest allowed to give someone a chance to build new muscle.

If you can, go to sleep early once in awhile and sleep in late on occasion - just don't miss too many workouts because of it!

Keep Lifting!

Monday, June 06, 2005

New Program

Started my new Escalating Density Training (EDT) today. This program is three 15 minute periods with two exercises alternating within each period. My leg workouts the last few weeks was two 15 minute periods. Thought that would kill me, wasn't THAT bad.

Working with my 10 rep max weight is much harder than I thought! If you don't think you get aerobic benefit from weightlifting, you may not be lifting heavy enough.

Anyway, will report on road rage, anti-racism training, and the workout program more this week. I'll also talk about before and after pictures. Going to lots of meetings today.

Keep Lifting!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Max Lifts!

Orale, so I spent an hour and a half, Wednesday and today figuring out my 8-12 Repetition Maxs. Some of these are lower because of problems with supporting muscles or strange pains that told me I should go lower in weight or not increase anymore. Others are based on actually not being able to lift any more. Here's my guess, I'll do the math and post this out next week and I'll post my EDT workout.

I'm also going to post my kiddos workout. They start on Monday!

So this is my guess on what I'll start with, and I'll double check using the numbers before Monday. It's my wife's birthday and I'm at a training this weekend so I was able to take today off, I'll have lots of time for this.

It's all in pounds.
Single Leg Extensions (one leg at a time!) 42.5;
Leg Curls 42.5 (Mainly I do these back to back in a superset so they stay equal);
Calf Raises 40; Calf Jumps w/Dumbbells 5 each;
Bicep Curls 40; Triceps Extensions 40; both with barbell
Pulldowns 60;
Side Raises 15;
Hammer Curls 17.5;
Cable Rows 60;
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 35;
Flyes 12.5;
Rear Raises 12.5;
Abs 10;
Kickbacks 22.5;
Goodmornings 30...

That's it, have a great weekend, I may post if I get up early enough tomorrow.

Keep Lifting!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Article Links

People always ask me about different things. I look for info online and pass it on.

Usually I go to first. Its easy for me to use, and if something doesn't seem right, then I continue to check things out elsewhere.

OK, people seem to try and talk me out of lifting weights and try walking or yoga, yoga is cool so here are some Yoga FAQs.

An inspiring article about cerebral palsy and weightlifting.

Keep Lifting!

Lots O Stuff

Hey, finding out about the regulars. Its a very cool bonche.

There will be a "Healthy Warriors" gathering in Albuquerque, NM on June 9th. It will be at the park at Emerson Elementary School - Kentucky and Trumbull SE.

Tired, wife couldn't sleep last night, so that means me either!

So much going on, but I gotta get to work. Will write more later. Did the radio interview will be on on the 10th.

Keep lifting!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Max Lift Testing

Worked on my max lift testing today. Didn't max out on a lot. Will do it again on Friday and get my maxs on Single Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Bicep Curls, Triceps Extensions, Pulldowns, Side Dumbbell Raises, Cable Rows, and Dumbbell Bench Presses. I'm not going to do maxs on Goodmornings, Calf Raises, or Kickbacks. I figure those are already hard and I'll just keep adding from where I'm at. I also hurt myself doing goodmornings with heavy weights a couple of years ago and will try to avoid that mistake again.

Had a great talk at lunch with a good friend about lots of stuff including diet and exercise. I like this. Its fun!

Keep Lifting!

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