Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Damn! My son was all set on what he felt was a dream job - working at a social justice organization. But it didn't work out. He's kind of messed up over it. I'm disappointed myself.

You could maybe put it at his being related to another employee there, but they hire family regularly. Maybe he doesn't have enough experience, but he's been involved in social justice since he could walk, fundraised to go to demonstrations - no grant writing or depending on adults. Of course, he could have just blown his interview.

Regardless, it is very disappointing, and definitely dropped our entire family spirits. It hit all of us. He was trying not to get stuck in fast food or retail. Maybe he's just too "ghetto" for them. When I first started in this kind of work social justice folks liked me around to testify and to talk to youth, but it took awhile to get a job. I was even told once that I wasn't being hired because I was a guy, and this was after getting honors in political science at UNM. And then they hired a woman who left after a short time and no longer does justice work. (Oh wait! Same general group of folks.)

OK, enough of that vent. Things are just a pain right now and there isn't an easy solution. And there isn't easy help. And there is actually little quality help even from the help available. I remember a friend saying she didn't get helped from the social justice movement when her house burned down. I didn't hear about it until way later, but see that there is probably more that we can do to support each other.

Oh well, gotta quit moaning and find a good lawyer, a good camera system, and keep organizing for change...



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 08

There was lots of activity on my street, both hoodlum and police. I'll just keep on it and move forward.

It is tough, and not fun. Tried to have some fun, but I'm better off with friends who can keep quiet and sit outside for the short term.



Friday, May 23, 2008


So after we returned from my daughter's birthday dinner the girls across the street start getting crazy again. They are yelling crap and we kind of ignored it. I thought about calling the police and before I could make up my mind, they ran across the street and punctured all 4 tires on my car. The police came. I stayed outside with Tim Keller and my wife until about 12:30. As soon as I started falling asleep, they came across and broke two windows. I jumped up and chased them down the street with a bat. I don't think they were expecting that.

It actually HELPED my leg! If I only knew. I'm going to a chiropractor today. Yesterday while walking with a doctor he said it looked like I had a joint out of place.

Of course the police can't do much because it's a misdemeanor, I didn't witness the incident - but did see who was running away from the car. Etc.

So now.... I gotta use all my years of organizing to get smart and pull in all my allies.

I'm so pissed and so tired right now, this is all I can post. But I appreciate the support we've gotten. The concern when a man was shot on the next block over and Mauricio and other people called to check on me.

Gonna be a long summer!



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 08

Today is my daughter's birthday. We're going to have dinner tonight, and we had lunch today, that was great. Of course we did the early morning "Las Mañanitas."

We also went to yoga together - my daughter and I. That was cool too.

After listening to Stephanie Miller this morning I looked up her story on Swedish Mums. There's so much political crap going on, that it is hard to figure out where to go with it. So I'm sticking to stories like that one!

In Albuquerque, you can always go to Self Serve!

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

First of all Happy Birthday Val! My daughter and friend Rusita have birthdays tomorrow.

We got our checks from Georgie and except for my wife getting new glasses, it's all going to bills! Just like this poll point out!

Still have lots of messed up activity on my street. Still working at it. Still tiring. I am planning to be out of town for a week so I need to figure out feeling safe about stuff.

# # #
Meditation and Blood Pressure! (My Excuse - now that I'm doing Yoga, might as well restart my meditation)

Wouldn't it be great if your mind had a superpower that made your blood pressure behave? It does! A review of nine major studies says your mind could budge your blood pressure in a healthy direction if you give it a meditation break. Regular practice helps lower both systolic (the top number) and diastolic pressure.

Breathe In, Breathe OutMeditation -- that ancient art of focusing on a phrase or mantra, letting your breath flow in and out, and allowing your thoughts to gently come and go -- is a proven stress reliever. And research now shows that regularly practicing transcendental meditation may have blood pressure benefits.


Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008

Things are good. I'm working at not being spread too thin, but really need to take time and pull back. I've also been doing some reading for the relationship stuff and realizing that there is a lot of good work out there on the issue. I'll just need to condense what's worked for me, what is working, and what sounds like it makes sense into something that's readable for teens. Wish me luck!

I may lift next week!!! FINALLY!!!!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flippin Out

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out!!!

May 15, 08

Same Sex Couples have Constitutional Right to Marry! That outta piss someone off!

Edwards Endorses Obama!

I went to a Train the Trainer workshop for Anti-Racism Training. It is leading to lots of good discussion!

I just did a history of resistance movements within the US for a co-worker. I miss doing that kind of stuff. I miss doing openly anti-oppression work. Feels good.


Monday, May 12, 2008

More Interesting Politics

A friend received a note on their door:

Stating, "Dear xxx, I would appreciate your vote & support, thank you, Shannon.

Sounds good no? But wait, there's more!

Mr. Keller is really a Republican! I leave you a copy of his voter registration and his "Life Plan"
Shannon. (And the copies are there!)

This is on a flyer saying "Shannon Robinson: Working for Our District"

He doesn't mention his links to a very expensive Rugby Team. He talks about schools and some program stuff. He talks about La Mesa/Trumbull Crime Prevention - but he doesn't mention that one of the highest problem intersections in the area is 2 blocks from his house!!! No money for the area of the neighborhood he "lives" in. (I haven't ever seen him when I pass by his house 3 blocks away...)

From Cocoposts: Senator Scrum
The quest for success hasn't come cheap for University of New Mexico rugby and its politically connected coach, who appears to have free reign over the program even though he isn't a university employee. Sen. Shannon Robinson, D-Albuquerque, is the unpaid volunteer coach who also prides himself on being one of UNM's patron saints when it comes to legislative appropriations.

If you get the article it also says....
A Journal review of financial and other records reflecting rugby team expenditures from 2005 through 2007 shows:

Robinson, who has coached the teams for years, brought in a former professional rugby player whose firm has earned more than $57,500 since 2005. The firm's principal address has been listed as Robinson's law office. Robinson has been the firm's registered agent.

More than $270,000 has been spent on scholarships and tuition for rugby players. UNM officials interviewed say they know of no written criteria governing eligibility for the scholarships, which they say are awarded at Robinson's discretion and not by the UNM scholarship office.

About $16,500 went for tuition, fees and room and board for international rugby students, some who attended UNM's Center for English Language and American Culture.

Typically, individuals participate in club sports at their own risk. But UNM has paid about $20,804 for health insurance for rugby players.



Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.

Just in a place where I'm trying to figure out talking and being honest without hurting others too much. Part of it is just realizing that people feel hurt by the truth, but then there's the chance of growth from it. It's also scary to open up sometimes.

I got a week without smoking. And maybe that's part of it. I'm getting better through the YOGA!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8, 08

The economy is not looking good for my son... Men are having a harder time finding work. Hopefully this all turns around, but not without lots of work. I know at least one elected official reads this so again - raise the minimum wage to a living wage, open up democracy, reduce the power of corporations!!!

I also think of all the distractions people use to avoid looking at real issues. Things like lapel pins and sexual scandals...

Hopefully we grow up and realize that people die because we avoid doing what's necessary.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Cost of Silence

From a dear friend...
The Cost of Silence
I am writing this letter as an apology to people who have migrated here from Mexico, Central America and South America. I am Anishinabe, Indigenous to what is now called Minnesota. I am also a playwright. Within the last year I was approached by a production company, OffLeash Area, to write a play with them called Border Crossing. It was my understanding this play would address the inhumane issues people confront when entering the United States. As a Native American, I am interested in the stories of the indigenous people of this continent we call Turtle Island and the peoples of what is now known as South America. I am interested in the impact the building of the wall between Mexico and the United States has on Native Nations whose reservations created by the United States straddle this man-made border, also made by the United States. That is part of the story I had hoped to tell. In November 07, I did research for a week in the Sonora desert southwest of Tucson on the Tohono O'odham Reservation. I had hoped to include a very strong voice for Indigenous people in this piece. I had hoped to include a very strong voice for Migrant people in this piece. In my interviews with people I heard stories of inhumane treatment. I heard stories of a sea of sorrow – a desert littered with the bones of people trying to get here for a better future for themselves and for their future generations. I heard stories of joy, hope, survival and celebration.I am writing this apology because this is not the story that is being told in Border Crossing. It is not your story and your voice has been removed from the piece. I wrote dialogue for native peoples. That dialogue was cut. I wrote dialogue for the characters crossing the desert. That dialogue was cut. I argued to give voice to the oppressed. My voice was silenced. I am sorry. I understand any anger on your part where you would question why I, as a Native American, would have thought that I could tell your story.
If you have questions or comments to me,
I am open to dialogue.
Marcie Rendon, Anishinabe Playwright


More on May Day

Lots going on with me personally. I'm having a hard time finding enough extra time to blog, but I'll keep posting. The yoga is really helping my leg!

Oh, about 10 people have reported that their Tim Keller signs have disappeared and Senator Robinson signs show up magically in their place!

May Day Around the Globe!

May Day in Chicago

Keep Lefting!!!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day Follow Up 08

Imagine if we had really strong May Day rallies... What might happen?

The government of President Hugo Chavez marked the international workers’ day by decreeing a 30% increase in the minimum wage (already the highest in Latin America) as well as a 30% wage increase across the board for public service workers.


Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak proposed on Wednesday a salary increase of about 30 percent for public-sector employees to compensate them for recent large increases in prices, especially of food.

Maybe it is time for a strong May Day (workers') organization in Albuquerque.....



Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day!

This is the second anniversary of the blog!!! I still have a solid 8 readers a day! LOL

# # #
Well, consumer spending is up, but only because prices are going up so fast. Exxon is posting profits, Obama is denouncing Wright - but there would be a much smaller spectacle of say David Duke who was openly racist and had ties to KKK... hmmmm.

Anyway, this blog has taken some interesting routes as has my life. I have lots to be grateful for - more than I can type right now just because I'm getting ready for my day and getting my family up and running. Though it is a day off, I got a lot to do.

My wife and I have been having some deep talks and actually getting closer. That's really nice. I'm also getting better at figuring out friendships and all of that. Last night coworkers hung out with me and drank beer and watched the hood. Later, Tim Keller dropped by for a few. I appreciate people being there that way.

I hope you get the chance to read Vicente Navarro's document below. It's very insightful.



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