Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017 Progress Pictures

Instead of "before and after" I'll call these progress pictures because my new habits have to be more long-lasting than the short-term diet or exercise routine.

In 2005 I posted progress pictures and definitely saw changes.

I didn't take pictures on December 1, 2016 because I wasn't thinking about the blog or losing weight at the time.

So I started at 190 pounds, blood pressure around 120/80 on a good day while taking 25mg of hydrochlorothiazide, 5mg amlodipine, 40mg atorvastatin, 20mg Lisinopril.

These first pictures are at 173.6, blood pressure 121/73 and resting heart rate of 81 while taking 1/2 of the hydrochlorothiazide. I weigh in at the gym before eating and before working out so it is lower than what I will weigh in at the doctor's office.


Fasting glucose 80 mg/dL, weight 169.2 pounds, blood pressure 115/75 with a heart rate of 88 without the hydrochlorothiazide, still taking 5mg amlopidine, 40mg atorvastatin, 20mg Lisinopril. Waist is now 41 and 1/2"


Fasting glucose 89, weight 167.4 pounds, blood pressure 120/75 and resting heart rate of 78, still taking 5mg amlodipine, 40mg atorvastatin, 20mg Lisinopril, and waist 41 inches! The pictures seem really close together in time so maybe I'll space them out even I hit the two different goals of even inches or 5 pounds at the same time.


Fasting glucose 80 mg/dL, weight 165 pounds, Vo2 Max is 34.7, and waist 40 inches. I'm still on the same meds as above.


I hit 160 pounds and 39 inches this week. Lowest blood pressure this week was 99/69 and 72 pulse. My fasting glucose this morning was 80. The highest I've had this week was 104. I'll test my VO2 Max this week.


Fasting glucose 93, weight 155.4 pounds, blood pressure 116/81 and resting heart rate of 76, no longer taking 5mg amlodipine, 40mg atorvastatin, 20mg Lisinopril, and waist 38 inches!

Last VO2Max was 41.3! I'll test again soon as that seems like a huge improvement. Maybe it's correct, maybe it was a different machine.

November 2017. Weight is near 150 pounds pretty consistently. My last A1C test in September was 4.9! In March it was 5.0 which was better than expected. I may post pictures again soon. 

Still a little panzón, but making progress in other areas. Well actually, a lot panzón but it's ok. A few more reps over the next few months and you'll be able to enter the buck fifty and under for people over 50 Mr. International Bodybuilding Contest. Need to improve the delts though.
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