Monday, July 31, 2006


Another month down!

Did my bench workout and jogged/walked some this morning. But the scale at work says I'm at 177!!!! Dang it! I don't think all of that is muscle, though I wish!

* * *
My tattoo is itching like crazy!!! It's starting to peel some. I hope the color stays better this time. Either way, I'll leave it alone and start focusing on the others. Once this is completely healed, I'll post an image of it.

* * *
The kids and I went to the studio again this weekend. We were able to through another 6 songs. There's still work to do, but the drafts are down on 9 songs. I need to help with some part. Mostly I'll need to see if my Homeboy has time to work on laying down harmony parts for the kids to work from. I'll be trying to get them figured out too, and hopefully we can get close to finished by 8/18 for the next gig. Then we can sell at least a partial CD if not a completed one.

The site is


Friday, July 28, 2006

Friendly Fats & Jamming

Went to the Open Jam at Sonny's Bar & Grill last night. It was great! Rudy Boy hosts it and I'll be back again. It's always fun to see what reactions people have to seeing an accordion at a blues jam.

I'll start my cardio again tomorrow. I laid off because I didn't want to damage the tat. The guy gave me a bunch of crap for fading "his" tattoo and I learned a little bit about it. I'll post the picture of the redone tattoo possibly over the weekend.

* * *
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 06

No workout today. I got my tattoo touched up last night and my arm is pretty swollen. AND I didn't want to mess this up as it is looking good and it hurt WAY more than the original. So I figure it may hurt more each time they go over something already done.

Machi is sending me ideas and images for my other arm. Some of them are great!!! Thanks bro, but I'm pretty sure that last drawing you saw will be it. BUT, other people have been asking for drawings and a lot of those ideas will make it into them!

* * *
Kids seem to be OK. It was a family trip (almost the whole family) to the tattoo shop. It was kind of funny. After the swelling and some of my not so hidden pain, I think the kids were kind of second guessing themselves on this idea. But odds are is that they will get them. Maybe that could be another side job, tattoo guy! Who knows.

Keep Lifting, Keep Running!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Legs a little sore from yesterday. Tomorrow will be a new arm workout and hopefully some cardio.

* * *
The boy got in trouble at my Compadre's so he's gonna stay and work it off. This is good because my Compa is not working right now due to a disability and can stay and get it on it. I don't have that anywhere else right now for the most part. I work and so it won't get done that way at my place.

Man, I hope that this all works out. I'm breaking out from stressing on these kids. And to them its all fun - but I remember my childhood and understand the stress I put on the adults around me. I hope my kids turn out at least as good as I did.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25, 06

OK, dragging butt, but at least its moving. Not feeling it today, but went through the leg workout anyway.

* * *
I don't know if it's the humid weather, or just feeling like I'm never home, or not sleeping enough or what, but I'm definately dragging.

I hope to feel better soon! Thanks for the well wishes and support/comments!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

A CDC Article on Strength Training

Gracias Machi!

Trends in Strength Training


Did some walking and jogging today. Pretty much gonna scrap my last workout plan. I think it was too much for my current level of health and other activities going on like gigs and stuff.

So, instead of full body twice a week, I'll be doing arms as their own day, and then legs as their own day, and chest/back as its own day. And I'll be trying to maintain 3-6 days of cardio work.

* * *
I'm always amazed at discussions where people tell me I inspire them or am a role-model for them, or a mentor... Trips me out. But I'm realizing that it's true! People look up to me - as short as I am.

I must be alright or something. Kinda cool to accept, but trippy still.

* * *
OK, I'm gonna get the tat touched up tomorrow. There's one other person with one of my designs permanently on their body, and the kids are all wanting me to design with them tats based on the band logo. Four sisters are all thinking of getting matching tattoos that I've drawn up, and a worker in an office close by said, she liked my creativity and would come to me for a concept on her next piece. That's fun! It's making me use my drawing skills which is cool. I used to draw a lot. My son is an excellent artist. My wife likes to draw also.

Anyway, obviously life is a lot of fun right now!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July Quote

"We don't sing because we're happy, we're happy because we sing."
- William James

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


OK, couldn't get into lifting today so I ended up doing a combination of walking and jogging. I think I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'm gonna re-vamp the weights to 3 days a week and the cardio to 3-6 days a week see how that goes.


Monday, July 17, 2006


Did upperbody today and went walking. Overall very good. I'm still eating too much to lose weight. Gotta get a better handle on that.

I had the incline on the bench to about 15-30% and was up to 140 pounds, so I took the incline up to about 45% and started again. I started at 95, then went up to 100, and 110 pounds. I'll start on my next bench at 115 and go from there.

I'm trying to make sure I don't pop my shoulder again so I'll go up and then go back down a little and come back up. Also changing the angle on the bench will help fill in my chest differently and get my shoulder working different.

* * *
Kids went into the studio this weekend and had a good gig on Sunday. Overall that front is going OK. Not great, but OK.

Relationship stuff is interesting. I'm doing well overall. Gotta work through some stuff, but overall, I'm good.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Time Compliment

Workouts are going good. I lifted and ran this morning.

I'm interviewing again for another job today.

* * *
The kids gave me a compliment last night that from their perspective I think is the biggest compliment I could get. The tattoo I'm planning for my right arm is of La Muerte with a heart on the sickle and then the blood transforming to a dove over my shoulder. (Meaning to come later)

Anyway people have complained and said my sketch looks to "heavy metal" - whatever... But I was thinking that the "grim reaper" in the traditional cloak is kinda heavy metal and kinda over used. So I drew up two sketches last night. One with La Muerte in a pendelton and a flip hat with the letters O.G. on it. The other one had La Muerte in a zoot suit. My wife said she didn't like the zoot suit one because I wear a zoot suit for a band I play in. The kids liked both but leaned toward the O.G. one. I said, "I don't think I'm OG enough to have this on my arm." And the kids pretty much all chimed in that I was the most OG guy on the block! Coming from the kids this came from, that's the highest compliment I could wish for.

I'm just gonna ride that as long as I can and go with it. They are willing to tell me I'm fat, and they are willing to pay me that compliment. Gotta love it!

Orale pues!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11, 06

Working out was tough this morning. Took me an hour and a half just for the weights. I never got to the cardio.

* * *
My niece is gonna be born today!!! Or at least my sister-in-law is going into labor.

* * *
I'm still feeling pretty good overall. Like my thought below about challenges. I've lived a life worthy of some kick ass challenges and man do I have them!!!

My other niece went back home, didn't end up on the street at all. The older girls are all together with my wife. And the older boys are all together at my sister's.

Gotta go, gonna get some stuff done and figure out about the hospital.

* * *
Noticing that some people have lots of feelings about my tattoo, and the future ones. It ranges from funny to irritating.


Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 06

It's been hard to keep up with 6 days of cardio because of a cold and rainy weather. But it was nice to get out and jog today.

So I'm lifting 4 days, and cardio on 6. Wednesday is my day "off".

* * *
I sent an email to some friends and got good comments from this point - I finally get to quote me!!!

"I can tell that life is great. There's some great challenges in my life, but that's because I've lived a life worthy of great challenges."

* * *
I'm really enjoying my kids. Even though there is still lots of teen drama, it's all worth it. They are going into the studio next Saturday - MiDoJo Studios to be exact. We'll do a full 10 tracks of covers for promotion purposes and work on a CD of originals for next year.

We had a band meeting to decide how we're going about it. They weren't letting me take over the discussion and were really thinking through what they wanted. I was so freakin' proud it's not funny!!!

My bestest friend, aka sister, is also gonna get a band tat. Hers will be a ring instead of an arm band. The other band parents are getting T-shirts!!!! LOL!

I've been helping some people think about their tat ideas and that's been fun.

I'm working on the "official" logo for the band and also creating band oriented tat ideas. For some reason I'm having way too much fun with that!!!

* * *
Real Age Tip
Attitude Adjustment

About to start yet another exercise routine?

Looking for ways to help stick with it? Make a plan. Set a few realistic goals, then create a backup plan for the days your efforts fall short. Take steps toward getting started, like buying a sleek new pair of walking shoes and a pedometer. And have confidence in yourself! You can do it.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


New workout program is going good. I like the weight cardio mix so far. We'll see if in 8 weeks I look different.

* * *
My family returned a few days early, but the time alone was great. I missed them, but it was nice to chill by myself for awhile. Lots to think about.

I also got to go to a great jam session with Three-Quarter Brown and The Rudy Boy Experiment. The most fun I've had in awhile.

I applied for a new job. Got my first interview already, let's see how it goes from there.

* * *
I also got the my kids band logo on my arm while they were gone... might be why they came back early!!!! LOL!!!


Monday, July 03, 2006


Hi There!

Been derailed by a sore throat and stuffy nose. I'll probably try and workout later today if I get enough sleep. The family is coming back early, so I'd like to straighten out a couple of things.

I did get a chance to think. And I have to say it was worth it.


ps - I added something to my arm...

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