Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Workout Using DUP

This blog started years ago to talk about self-care and weightlifting. It stopped for a few years. It has been restarted when I was told that I was diabetic. I had an A1C of 9.3. A1C is an estimate of your blood sugar level over the last 3 months and 6.5 is pre-diabetic, and usually over 7 is considered diabetic. In March I was re-tested and my A1C was 5.0! That's below pre-diabetic (so, essentially non-diabetic). It was nice to have my doctor say, "you used to be diabetic."

It was mostly diet and some exercise. Here is a quick summary of how I responded to being diagnosed as diabetic. I'm going to post this review every so often. Mostly when I post the blog to Twitter or Facebook.

I have fallen way out of shape and slowly getting healthier.

I will also delete inappropriate comments. Comments that are off topic, sexist, racist, etc.

Enough of all of that. Below is my new workout using Daily Undulating Periodization/Programming. (Video Below)

This is what I intend and I will adjust up or down depending on performance. I'm not going to hurt myself.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - HIIT for 3 20 second sprints on an exercise bike with resistance set on 16 and going up by 1 each week until I get to 20.

Deadlift, Bench, and Squat for 3 sets of 12 reps and I will start with 95 pounds
Overhead Press, Lat Pulldowns, Rows, and Abs machine for 3 sets of 12 with moderate weight.

Deadlift, Bench, and Squat for 3 sets of 10 reps at 100 pounds
Overhead Press, Lat Pulldowns, Rows, and Abs machine for 3 sets of 12 with moderate weight.

Deadlift, Bench, and Squat for 3 sets of 8 reps at 105 pounds. If I can go past 8 reps on the last set of each I will and that will help me guess what weight to adjust to. If I can't get to 8 I'll stay until I can finish the set with good form.
Overhead Press, Lat Pulldowns, Rows, and Abs machine for 3 sets of 12 with moderate weight.

I intend to go up 5 pounds and drop one rep on the three compound lifts (Deadlift, Bench, and Squat). On the other lifts I'll go up to 15 reps before adding any weight. My assumption is that any extra muscle mass will help me with insulin and blood sugar issues, and any strength and endurance will just improve quality of life.

Hopefully I'm explaining that well enough. I'm hoping that beyond getting in a generalized "in shape" that I improve my insulin sensitivity, and that I get improved sense of energy for family, home, work, music, art, playing MTG, and other activities.

I want to be around for a long time for my family, including my wonderful little grandson!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

End of First Deload Week

Finished the first deload week.

Started the week at 147 and ended at 145.8. Not bad considering birthday and graduation parties. Even a work meeting with lots of food!

So I did my same weights and reps with just 2 sets instead of 4. 4 sets had me super tired and I could get sore on the 3 way split routine. The problem was that was obviously making it harder to lift again on the next workout.

I'm going back to a full body workout with the following lifts:

Lat Pulldowns and
Shoulder Press

The first three lifts will start at 95 pounds for 3 sets of 12 on Tuesday. Then 3 sets of 10 with 100 on Thursday, and 3 sets of 8 reps with 105 on Saturday. The other three lifts may just be 3 sets of 10-12 with moderately light weight as "assistance" sets. I'll see how I'm feeling after the first week and adjust. The best thing for me to remember is that I can adjust week to week.

4 sets was making me super tired and while I've trained myself to think of being sore as a great thing. It's OK. I hope to keep going moderate long-term instead of beating myself up too much. I'm going at this as a long-term change instead of a short one.

Here is a good article about looking toward a cure for diabetes. It's probably not what most people expect.

Here are a couple of inspirational videos for the weekend.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

First Deloading

I think it will be smart for me to really learn this deload process.

I've been looking at Daily Undulating Programming/Periodization. I think I will try it. I will deadlift, bench, and squat 3 times per week as core workouts. I'll have other exercises I can add at a much lighter load to do. I'll do 3 sets at different weights and reps for the main lifts and do 3 sets of 10-12 on the other lifts paying attention so that I don't over train.

I also think that whenever I promote the blog on FB or Twitter that I'll make sure to mention that I went from 9.3 A1C to 5.0 in three months and lost 40 pounds. Otherwise this blog may not make sense to someone new.

Time to get some rest!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sleep Evades...

So my adult son took off with some friends, and his phone hasn't been renewed so we don't know exactly where he is. I'm trying to sleep and my wife just can't. Thus I'm awake and probably not processing well all of the stuff I ate at birthday and graduation parties.

At one of the parties I talked with some friends about finding docs that would help people not get on meds or get off of meds. Wish me luck. I think that would be important.

Hopefully things are all good and we will sleep deeply tomorrow.

I'll also have to get the oil changed in the car and a couple of other things done.

Here is an interesting video on diabetes and sleep.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting ready to Deload!

Today is my daughter's birthday! So proud of her.

Wow, going to 4 sets was tough! For time and my fitness level I'm going back to 3 sets.

Next week will be a deload week so it will be two light sets.

Weight is staying stable at 142.8! So lower-mid-140s is where I seem to be at for now.

Here's what I did today

Squats 115 for 4 sets of 12, was tough.
Leg extension 80 for four sets of 12, this felt very doable
Leg curls 80 for four sets of 12 and I will drop weight to improve form
Calf raises with 2 10 pound dumbbells and body weight for four sets of 20, I'll definitely need to use the calf raise machine after deload week!
Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls super setting with the slow drop for four sets of 20 and it was super tough on the reverse curls.

A good workout yet definitely feeling tired. A recuperation week will be good. After that I'll do a full-body compound workout using daily undulating periodization ("DUP") with three sets for time and realism! This is where I'll have different weight and reps on the 3 sets so one day is muscle building, one day is power, and the other is strength.

Still thinking but something like this
Tuesday 3 sets of 12 week one, then increase weight and 3x11, then increase for 3x10, 3x9 then deload or go to 3x8 depending on how I'm feeling. I could also deload after 3 weeks.
Thursday 3 sets of 8 with the same cycling. This will be with more weight than workout before.
Saturday 3 sets of 6 same cycling and more weight.

I'm going to try and listen to my body for the deloading. I've heard that older lifters should deload after 3 weeks of increasing and others saying go 5 weeks then deload. Of course I'll spend the first week fumbling around and getting the right weight. If something feels too light or too heavy I'll adjust. I hope that full-body workouts with this approach will be doable. :)

Here's a good video on motivation.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Good Friday

It's my sister's birthday today.

Weighed in at 145.2 pounds. Did HIIT this morning. Figured out that when I'm going up to 19 on the resistance any pausing turns off the bike. I went up to 5 and cruised there then up to 10 ten seconds before the sprint then went up from there while speeding up just a touch. That worked twice and on the third time I couldn't go fast enough to keep it up and the bike paused. I think that I will use a periodization (making things more challenging then giving yourself time to recuperate) and go down to 16 next week on the resistance and rebuild. Tomorrow I will test my VO2 Max.

Saw a good friend today at the gym. It's always great to see a good smile while working out. Saw a friend earlier this week too. So there are at least 5 people we know who go to the same gym.

I'm not as sore as I expected today which isn't a bad thing.

So I'm going to take notes from the following video and go from there as far as working out. 6 more weeks before I change up my routine.

I've heard from sex educators and also from a strength coach, "If it isn't a Hell Yes! then it is a NO!" I'm going to try and live life that way. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Learning and Growing!

I did weights today.

The weight bench was being worked on so I moved a bench into the power rack. I couldn't get 115 going so I dropped to 95. Don't know if it was being sore, the difference in how I set up the rack, or something else. I tried not to let my ego get in the way and just went for 4 sets of 95.

Bench 95 for 12, 12, 12, and 9. I'll start at this weight next week and see how it goes.
Flyes 65 x 12 for four sets
Revers flyes 65 x 12 for four set
Preacher Curls 4 sets of 12 at 40 pounds. Might use the 50 bar next week or use the adjustable.
Rows were 115 x12 for 4 sets
Overhead press was 30x12, then three sets of 12 at 50 pounds.

Overall feeling good, felt like a good workout. I think it was better to adjust down and fight my ego that wanted to try to force 115. I feel like I'm going to be sore for sure.

Also noticed that there are "views" registered on the page. Often it shows "0" even when people tell me about a post in person.

That's good. Here's something that I'm sure I shared before and will share every once in a while.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Starting week 3 of 3 Way Split

Today was deadlift day. Weight was 145.2, down a little from yesterday. Blood pressure was 128/86 with 80 pulse.

I was able to do four sets of 12 deadlifts with 115 pounds. I am going up at normal pace and going down slow. Total volume on this 5,520 pounds.

Back extension was with 130 for four sets of 12. I was having to push myself back and then going down slow.

Shrugs with 45 pound dumbbells for four sets of 12.

When I went to the lat pulldowns I didn't notice that an extra 5 pounds were set on the machine so I did one set of 12 which I thought was pretty good, then two sets of 10 and one set of 8.

Cable pulldowns were tough. I did one set with 95 for 12 reps. Then 11, then 5. That made me decide to drop to 80 and did 9 reps.

On the abs machine did sets of 12 with 90, 110, 130, and a set of 4 with 150.

I'll have to figure out if I go for 3 sets of 8 for next week, or stay on the same weight and go for the increase the week after. Seems to me that staying on the same weight for one week will give me some recuperation time. I'll check in with a couple of friends and see if they have advice. I've not been lifting again for long time so I'm still re-learning how to advance my workouts, cycling volume, etc.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Fasting as Therapy

I'm becoming more interested in fasting as a healing process. There are a great deal of mental health issues in my family and community. So here are some things I'm listening to and trying to learn about.

Here is one on schizophrenia.

Here's one on mental health and intermittent fasting.

Another general health one

I'm always asked about weight loss so here are a couple

One last one

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! My "diet" falls off for celebrations like work pamper parties, graduation parties, gigs, and today! So we'll see how my blood sugar is doing in the morning. I've also been testing out taking a spoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water before bed for the last few days. I would expect higher sugars after this weekend and see how I do with the vinegar.

Yesterday was squat day and it was sure painful to walk!

Here's what I did yesterday. The slow "eccentric" approach was sure tough!

Squats 115 for 4 sets of 10
Leg extension 80 for two sets of 10, and two sets of 9
Leg curls 80 for four sets of 10, though I think I could get better form
Calf raises with 2 10 pound dumbbells and body weight for four sets of 10, I think I'll use the calf raise machine starting at 25 and go from there
Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls super setting with the slow drop for four sets of 10.

For those who want to work out at home. Here's one possible workout.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5/11/17 Update

Weighed in at 142.2 and blood pressure 135/80 with 81 pulse.

I was doing "negatives" (aka eccentric workout) to technical failure (where your form breaks, not necessarily where you can't lift at all). I still had some soreness from Tuesdays workout and will just have to deal with that for a couple of weeks from my previous experiences lifting.

Bench Press, 115x10, 115x10, 115x9, and 115x6 I'll try again next week.
Flyes 65x10 for four sets, not completely easy yet doable
Reverse Flyes 65x10 and ready to try sets of 12 next week
EZ Curls 4 sets of 10, and much easier than last week
Rows 115 for three sets of 10 and one set of 9
Overhead Press 30x10, and three hard sets of 50x10

I'll see how that goes.

Here's a video I shared with my wife.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Week Two of Free Weights Begins!

OK, so not completely free weight. I'm still doing a lot on the machines.

Weighed in at 142.6 lbs. So I haven't really had the "yo-yo" weight fluctuation. My blood pressure was OK, and I forgot to bring it with me.

So I increased from 3 sets to 4 sets. After reading a bit, and getting back into my flow, I realize I should stay at 4 sets. I went for sets of 10 this week. I'll go for sets of 12 next week. If that works out then I'll increase weight and go to three sets of 8 to 10. Then repeat with 4 sets of 10, and go for 12, etc.

So here's what I did today:

Deadlift 115 for 4 sets of 10
Back Extension 130 for 4 sets of 10, and this was tough and I will likely stay at this weight for a while!
Shrugs 45 for 4 sets of 10
Lat Pulldowns 110 for 4 sets of 10 and the last set was tough!
Cable Pulldowns 95 for 4 sets of 10, I'm guessing the 4 sets of 12 will be rough!
Abs, I did 90 for 10, 110 for 10, 130 for 10, and then 150 for 4.

I was sore last week, so might be really sore tomorrow!

I had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant had only a small amount of rice. And had chicken salad an bananas for dinner. Ate later than normal. I'll check my blood sugar tomorrow and see if I'm fasting.

Here's another good video.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Changing up Days

My workout partner, my wife, asked me to change weight lifting days to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so that she can participate in the Saturday aerobics class. Usually I am doing HIIT which is only 11 minutes total on the bike. So today was HIIT with resistance set at 18. It is hard to keep the bike from stalling yet I'm sure by the end of the week I'll get there.

My glucose was 93 today! I'm super happy about that!!! I weighed in at 141.8 pounds. Now I'm feeling skinny. I'll try fasting on Tuesdays and see what my blood sugar is on Thursday and if it is over 100 I'll fast, and if it's under 100 I'll eat. I'm really not trying to lose much more weight. I'm actually trying to gain muscle mass.

Below is a video on weight training and diabetes.

Here is a good article for us non athletes about weight training.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

First Week of Starting Free Weight

Yesterday was my third day of free weight lifting. Came in at 142.4 lbs.

I did 3 sets of squats with 115 pounds. Worked at keeping the form and think I did well.

I also did leg curls and leg extensions with 80 pounds focusing on form and slow release. This is called eccentric training. It was definitely much more difficult on the curls than the extensions.

Then I did 3 sets of 20 calf raises while holding 5 pound dumbbells, followed by one long superset of wrist curls and reverse wrist curls with 5 pound dumbbells. I also decided for this month that I would go up in sets each week, and only increase weight if something feels too easy. So next week is 4 sets, the following 5. Then I will see about increasing weight at 5 sets. That will lead me to go back to 3 sets at an increased weight and repeat. I'll see how that works out.

Calves are sore, so is where the bar sits across the back of my neck. I'm sure as I start my day I'll feel more soreness.

More people want to know about my eating. So I had 3 scrambled eggs, peanuts, and cheese for breakfast. I had a salad with chicken and bacon for lunch with a few pieces of fruit. For dinner I had a ton of enchiladas and about a beer and a half. We were at a wedding, and the tortillas were probably more carbs than I've had for a few weeks. Of course I drink as much water as I can. I'll see what I weigh in at today. I'm going to share this video later today on my FB page.

Today is my 3rd day of HIIT on the bike with resistance set at 17. I'll have to decide on what to do when I get to 20. Maybe I'll reduce the resting period by 5 seconds.

Have a great day! Keep Lifting, Keep HIITing!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Weighed in at 143.8 today. Found test strips I had ordered. I was wondering how I had used that many strips already.

I did HIIT yesterday with 17 on the resistance. Is tough, if I slow down too much the resistance doesn't work correctly and throws off the sprint part of the ride.

Today was part 2 of 3 way split. Bench was 115. I'm working on form so I'm staying at this weight until I can get to my chest and back up without arching my back. I started going all the way to chest and realized I couldn't get all the way down for 10 reps. Listening to Charles Poliquin he talks about how the final rep should look like the first one. He is promoting that you shouldn't be struggling on the last repetition, you should be almost ready to break the form and not actually getting to that point. I forgot what the exact term he uses. Instead of going to muscle failure it is more like form failure (maybe the term he uses).

Flyes were 55, 60, 65
Reverse Flyes 30, 50, 65
EZ Bar Curls 40, 40, 40
Rows 115
Overhead Press 30, 50, 65

Today is a fasting day. I'll try to remember to test my glucose before eating dinner tonight. I'll also check my blood pressure. I'm going to try and post more on what I eat. I don't have soda or white breads at all for now.

I couldn't resist and had to look it up. It is called "technical failure."

Here is a good video.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

May 2, 2017 - Soreness!

I'm feeling the soreness from the deadlift and rest of the workout. According to the Symmetric Strength site I'm pretty much in between the "untrained" and "novice" range for a bunch of my lifts. If I can bench 115 pounds I'll be in the "intermediate" range for that lift.

Given my weight fluctuates it will be interesting to check in on this. I don't know how scientific this site is. It is just arbitrary goals to follow along with. Looking at 10 years ago and a higher weight, after 5 years I was in the "proficient" to "exceptional" range. Maybe my the end of just I will get to intermediate for 10 reps on Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Overhead Press. So the goals for the end of summer (September) will be 10 reps at squats 150, bench 110 (I'll be trying 115 tomorrow), deadlifts at 175, and 75 on the overhead press. Wish me luck!

Felt tired today and will hopefully go to bed early and get a good solid night's sleep. Tomorrow is bench day and I'm guessing I'll be sore on Thursday!

I keep trying to get feedback on which videos make sense. I can listen to some new age types, and I know a lot of my friends can't hear a message that type of person. I can also listen to power lifters, doctors, and others and know that different people need different messengers.

I'm checking out this person and hopefully it will speak to some.

Monday, May 01, 2017

A good May Day

I took my furlough hours for today. I'm realizing how 6 days of pay impacts your budget. Hopefully my employer doesn't go that route again.

It was a good day overall. I feel like I'm catching a cold so it was good to rest and it was warm enough to hang out at the May Day rally and not feel cold, or feel like I was getting worse. I was low energy enough to not wander around the event so I didn't see as many people as I might have otherwise.

Talked with friends and shared more about how I look different, how I want to use what I've learned so far, and some sad things about people struggling with diabetes and obesity. Not everyone has their health impacted by being overweight and I want to be respectful of that. If someone is though I hope they get some control of their body.

This video has some good information. This guy doesn't inspire me, yet he often has good things to say. He has some good points in this particular video.

It is hard to watch people struggle with the desire to get healthier yet still buy sodas, breads, etc. I'm going to start looking into sugar addiction (hopefully without becoming too preachy). I'm going to start watching videos like the one below and see if there's anything I can learn.

12 Year Anniversary

This is the 12th year of this blog, and the 22nd year of not working on May Day.

Lots of things I want to share. I'm very excited about this anniversary and looking forward to having more amazing results to report next May Day!!!

This Saturday I was honored by being able to present at the Medicine For The People event at Endorphin Power Company. I really appreciate (Un)Occupy for continuing this great event. The presentation was well attended and had some good questions. I think I will develop some handouts and try to have them translated into at least Spanish. From the questions and conversation it seems like there are people who want to know how to talk with their doctors about not being put on medication and also how to get off of medications. I think I'll reach out to a doctor and see if there's any interest. I'm glad this event led to deep conversation.

The other cool thing is that someone was telling me about reading my blog. The diagnostics on the page says I have mostly zero views, even when there are comments. Comments let me know someone is reading. Having someone tell me about it in person is really cool. I've even had texts and emails saying, "you haven't checked in on your blog." I appreciate that a lot.

I did miss all of my HIIT workout days last week yet still was able to lift. Today I started a 3 way split with some compound (multi-muscle) exercises. Today is deadlift, Wednesday will be bench press, and Friday will be squats.  

So this is how I started and glad that it happened to start on May Day. 3 sets of 10 so far.

Deadlift 115
Back Extension 130
Shrugs 45
Lat Pulldowns 110
Cable Pulldowns 95
Abs 90, 110, 130

Last Friday I did three sets of 10 and here it is.
Leg press - 210, 230, 250
Leg extension - 60, 70, 75
Leg curl - 65, 70, 75
Cable press down - 85, 85, 95
EZ-bar curl - 50, 50, 50
Back extension 150, 150, 150
Abs machine 115, 120, 125

I weighed 142.2 and my blood pressure is 125/74 with a 92 pulse. My glucose is 109 which is always disappointing to be over 100. I'm starting to fast twice a week and hopefully that helps. I guess I'm on my last test strip. Hopefully I will be able to order more to keep testing weekly.

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