Monday, September 26, 2011


I developed some kind of throat infection. Negative for strep on the quick test today. So I may not lift this week.

I actually took a day off of work, even though I did a couple of emails. Thinking of taking tomorrow off. Really trying to hear and accept the advice on taking care of myself.

So I'll be lifting again next week. Thanks for your comments.

For cardio I walk. I have arthritis on my spine and cardio machines aggravate the pain pretty bad. Walking is the best I can do and I try to just make it a part of my life so I don't write about it as much as the lifting. I'm hoping I can run again eventually, just not working for now

Grad school is going well. I like writing about politics, poverty and health. Shows how far we have to go in the US to have a really healthy society.

I'm going to take it easy on the bands for now, not quit playing music all together because it is a good mental health thing for me.


Friday, September 16, 2011


Fighting a cold so no working out today. Did do the first two workouts of the week. Hopefully I'll be back on it Monday.

School is busy but going well. Work is also busy but I'm feeling like I'm staying on it. The personal and emotional stuff is really hard.

I'll have to keep at it.


Thursday, September 01, 2011


Well it has been awhile since I posted. Things are tough. Dealing with mental health stuff in my household. I know a lot of providers and advocates and I'm still struggling to get help. Mostly I hear - "we feel sorry about your struggle." There really are few quality services out there right now. I can't imagine how hard this would be for someone totally unconnected.

Workout wise things are still progressing. My main lifts are at 100 pounds now. That feels good. For sake of time I'm going to drop from sets of 20 to sets of 10 after a week off. I really am taking this a lot slower than I thought I would. 12 workout weeks out of 13 is good. I don't feel less tired - but that's mostly because I actually don't get full nights of sleep.

My clothes feel better and people tell me I look different. I had a month of no caffeinated drinks until a really rough day last week. If I only have one or two of those a month that will be good. If I can let them go all together - that will be better.

Whoever the anonymous poster was on the previous post - thanks. And thanks to others for their comments as well. I usually hear about the blog in person. I'll run into someone and they say the blog encourages them. That's good to know.

Musically I've drawn some different energy to me. I think I may need to change my relationship to music until after graduate school. Feels hard but should be fine.


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