Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holiday 09!

I thought it was only the granolas and lefties who were against the commercialism of the holiday superimposed upon the season (or the solstice to be more exact). So now some Christian groups are saying that the commercialism takes away from Christmas.

Maybe we should just pay attention to Universal Health Care, because isn't that what Jesus would have done?

Or maybe its just capitalism...



Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, made it through the first semester of grad school. Time to start working out. I think I'll try the morning or right after work. Going to start with light stuff until new years.

Thinking about public health work has been interesting. Both in thinking about how services and individual approaches are a default. And even when equity is pushed forward community and social justice are often left out.

This means approaches are sometimes unintentionally set up to fail. Just as bailing out the banks didn't put people back to work or into houses, working ONLY to improve services doesn't prevent illness or disease.

I'll be reflecting on this a little here, more at the Raza Unida blog, and also trying to post more regularly and about working out - my individual approach to health.


Monday, December 14, 2009


The good news. My daughter came home for break last night.

That's a great feeling. The score on my final Biostatistics was a 90!

I'm not doing as well in Community and Psychosocial Aspects of Public Health. Apparently I didn't understand the instructions. I changed up approaches, and 60 days later got feedback that I was going in the wrong direction, which could mean that the majority of my assignments were off.

With three assignments left I've watched my scores go from 90 to 75... I think my overall average in that class of lunch is 84. As long as I can stay above 80 I'll be OK. So I get a little freaked out.

But then I remember why I'm doing this and that I need to just make it through. In the end, what I'm going for is resolution to the things brough up in The Politics of Health Inequities!

And this is the first semester. Hopefully I catch on faster next semester.


Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was reminded that today is International Human Rights Day. And the President who just announced the escalation of war is getting the Nobel Peace Prize. It looks like the health insurance reform is going to turn out to be a year long fraud... There is a letter to the Hope and Change Crowd that is very interesting.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Household feels like a train-wreck and I have finals this week...

Since I'm a keyboard player too now I thought this is a great ideal to live up to!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Health or Health Care?

It is amazing to me that the US is the only industrialized country without universal insurance. And it is more amazing that we continue to think that we can get it without a party FULLY commited to it. It is obvious that we will need to go beyond our normal "health care" thinking, which often confuses health with health care. As others have said HEALTH IS POLITICS!

We need to realize that what we call health care is really illness treatment services. Primary prevention is mostly in the policy and political realm and outside of the medical, direct service, and often the public health realms.



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