Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Continuing on the High Intensity Training.

We, my daughter and I, are doing both a weigh lifting version and a wind sprint version. I skipped out on yesterday, just too tired. That will be a challenge.

The purpose of that is that "HIT" helps with insulin resistance. I recently read an article that visceral fat (the fat on the inside around your organs) is more dangerous than fat just under our skin. The remedies I've seen for this are mostly based around LOTS of walking. I've been increasing my walking as my chronic pain seems more manageable. 

If you don't know I've struggled with chronic pain for the last 6 years after walking to work for the previous 10 years. Sigh! So recently I've done my first sprints in years!!!

Also - October is Health Literacy Month and one thing I came to focus on accidentally is hugging as a health activity. It seems to have taken off on my Facebook page.


Here is an article and here is a video. KEEP LIFTING!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17/12 part 2

Got my second "HIT" workout in with my daughter. I did 4 sets today. Hope it helps. We will work on a "wind sprint" version if we can later this week. My goal will be to get in 1-2 weight HIT workouts and 1-2 "wind sprint" versions in a week for 1-4 workouts. 

The last few days have been hard on me emotionally and energy-wise. I learned a bit about "adrenal fatigue" and also "oppression illness." It has been hard talking with White folks about that for a lot of reasons. Hope it gets better yet that seems unlikely. 
On a positive note it was great to get a comment. 

It read: I am reading all posts but mostly just lurking but I felt it necessary to say, please keep writing it helps me...and maybe others too...even if we don't say anything.

This blog seemed like I was writing to myself though people have walked up to me to tell me they read it. My daughter and I are clear about this not being about losing weight but to improve health. 

Comments are appreciated. I'm hoping that I get more. 

And since it is election season

Keep Lefting and Keep Lifting!!!


Today is the International Day to Eradicate Poverty!

I plan on working out today and spending the day spreading the word!

It is also one of my lifelong friend's birthdays. Happy Birthday MM!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Did three sets of this workout with my daughter and a neighbor at our neighborhood school - Emerson Elementary. My wife decided to take my grandson and puppy to the playground and walk around during the same time. 

Getting everyone together and figuring out took a bit of time. Starting light is good and I will try to stick this out until my next check up in February. My goal with this is not so much about getting "buff" or even losing weight. This is following some research that points out that this type of workout is about insulin resistance and other benefits mentioned in previous posts.

I might get sore - if I'm up for it I will try something more aerobic tomorrow. Goal is to do this at least twice a week.

Check it out and KEEP LIFTING!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Been doing jumping jacks here and there. 

I posted something on Facebook and a neighbor said - if someone has the bar we can do this at the park. 

This article gets into some questions I have. The most important is, can epigenetic damage be reversed? I don't think that I see anything yet that makes me think the damage and scars on our epigenome from oppression can be healed. Though this article states that there is some DNA change from exercise.

At the park we will do either the sprint type of workout (like this) or a weight workout (like this). 


Friday, October 12, 2012

10/12/12 Continuing On!

I did some travel and had a cold. So slowed down overall. 

Next week I will start lifting again. I will look over the weekend for potential routines. 

I will also start looking at High Intensity Training (HIT). 

It started when a doctor recommended that I watch the documentary the "Truth About Exercise." It talks about a variety of ways to move my body differently and expectations. 

There are also articles online. Such as "Is High Intensity Training for You?"which reviews the movie a bit and point out that the HIT can be used from 7 minutes to 25 minutes a workout. Given how tired and busy (read overwhelmed) I tend to feel these days I will try and adapted version. I will try 1 minute of jumping jacks with 2 minutes of rest for three sets 3 or more days a week. 

Weight training may be better for glycemic control than aerobic training. This article recommends 150 minutes a week, so walking or some other exercise 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is a good goal to set. It is also likely that reductions in colon and breast cancer may be do to physical activity. For osteoporosis it seems that weight lifting appears to have the best benefit for prevention. (And for those who worry - "The benefits clearly outweigh the potential risks, particularly in older people.")

This article (Health Benefits of Physical Activity: The Evidence" points out that resistance training and flexibility exercises twice a week to maintain functional status and improve quality of life. My thought is maybe lift 2-3 times a week with stretching (or yoga) also 2-3 time a week. Then 3 HIT days may be helpful... just brainstorming 

Since I love lifting I had to look for another article here's one quote "Research also indicates that virtually all the benefits of resistance training are likely to be obtained in two 15- to 20-min training sessions a week." This is from Potential Health-Related Benefits of Resistance Training

Since I have high blood pressure I think I need to work on HIT since it is also related to lowering blood pressure, as well as improving insulin sensitivity, and improving HDL-C. 


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