Monday, March 31, 2008


So much to comment on today.

My daughter was attacked over the weekend, and her car severly vandalized. Rey Garduño heard about it and came over in the morning. In the evening Tim Keller came by and we had a great talk.

We've had some good support from friends and family.

A couple of people are trying to talk me into moving. I say F*ck that. It's not the solution. So hopefully I'll have more time to post later. But for now I'm hanging out in my front yard a lot. But don't worry, my family won't let me own a shotgun!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday in March!

Today was great. Had a good meeting at work this morning. And ran into the guy running for State Senate at a meeting tonight.

I'll have to write more about all of that next week. Also about the passing of a community leader - Ms. Clifton.

I always love when Greens and Democrats ask me to change parties. Like you end up in La RazaUnida Party in a casual way. But most of the time I think it is a compliment - just not one thought through very well. I'm going to double check, but I'm sure that countries that have things like universal health care also have strong Labor and Socialist parties...

Anyway, the guy running for State Senate is great and I'll add a link to him here next week. Tim Keller is his name, and his yard sign will be up in my yard soon. I haven't heard from any of the Socialists running for President so we'll probably just have the one Dem. sign up until November.




Going to workout. Then I'll be away from the puter until Tuesday.

# # #
Hopefully someone will get brave enough to turn this trend around - "Cities grapple with abandoned homes."



Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things are good. I was benching 155 yesterday, and then went on to the dumbell press. I had only gone up to 40s in the past and was able to do 50s with good form. Felt good to have a jump.

Leg is frustrating. Being broke sucks. I'm good at being poor, I'm not good at being in debt.

Another shot at what I'm greatful about... My wife, my son, my daughter, my neices and newphews. Great friends.
# # #

Food Prices going up! Gas prices going up. And the value of homes going down!

Snipers? What snipers? Hillary may have overstated her sniper story.

A good article by Robby from SWOP.

Much more, but as always work beckons....

Maybe we can start a progressive party support group eventually.

And thanks to Karlos, Aurea, Val, Smacking, Mauricio, Bex and people who read this blog and comment to me in person or on the page!


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Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24, 08

Leg is still far from 100% but getting better. I did get in three weight workouts last week. Will try this week also.

Walking when I get a break. Unfortunately people at work don't chill. Seeing the white folks get uptight is tiring. Dealing with privilege with the other Raza is a trip also. For some people, I have more privilege and with others I have less.

# # #
The election is just sounding like droning on and on... Maybe with the 75th anniversary of the New Deal we can get a good discussion going!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Daughter's Blogging and Obama-thon

My daughter rocked it in her post at the SWOP Blog. I realized that I've done my best as a parent and there pros and cons to that to my familia. One of the pros is my children's view of the world and their commitment to figure things out.

I'm very proud of this and realize how thankful I am for my children, my extended children, and family. I have great friends as well. I'm fairly healthy and I have a great job. My relationships are improving and I think I'm growing a great deal as a person.

One former friend passed recently. She treated me like crap for the majority of the time she knew me, and my best friend watched and supported it. But I still felt some loss. Realizing that we make mistakes and we don't always fix them. Also realizing that we don't always learn how to ask for what we need from people - often taking the easy road to avoid them. So even though this was someone that I had almost no contact with for 20 years, I still wish her well in her transition to whatever comes next.

Another thing I noticed is that a Swopista asked me to link to them, and I don't think they have ever commented on my blog... Hmmmmm. Oh well. I comment on theirs when I get a chance.

Here's my response to my daughter's post:
Wow, you sound like a freakin socialist!!! I can't believe it.

Way to go!!! I'm so freakin proud!!! :)

The one thing people do not pay attention to when they talk about policy changes like taxes, universal health care, and free higher education is that these changes don't come from liberal political parties. The countries that have these things also have strong Labor Parties and often Socialist Parties are in charge of their government.

And that usually happens because they have Ballot Access laws that allow for democracy and participation. Just think if you could only choose between red and blue cars? We wouldn't settle for that, but we settle for two corporate supported parties. They also have strong Union movements. And again, their laws support that. So a good progressive thing to do would be to fight for democracy - change ballot access, voter registration, and union organizing laws.

Aurea, I'm very proud of you!!!!

# # #
While I don't believe that Democrats will be "the" solution, they are much better than extremist conservatives. So I thought it would be good to hear what Senator Obama has been saying. Some of it is very interesting.

On Racism
On Iraq

* * *
Keep Lefting!!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18/08 Oh PLEASE!

So one Gov. gets ousted for a scandal, and the new guy breaks out his skeletons early to avoid the same. Then there is the "Love Gov." Of course this all comes out because of this guy.

So obviously these three guys have some problems with monogomy. And actually if you read about Paterson above, you'll see his wife also had "intimate relations" with other men. McGreevey is gay, or bisexual. So?

Is it that we're willing to condem people having difficulty with monogomy and never ask, "does this set up work for EVERYONE?" If people call for priests to be allowed to be married after learning about the problems many of them had, are we going to call for open relationships for elected officials? Maybe we just honestly have to ask ourselves if it makes sense to expect one person to serve all our needs for the rest of our lives....

Then there is the economy.

With all the stuff to look at it gets overwhelming. Let me know what you are most interested in and I'll balance that with whatever catches my ear.

# # #
I'm sore from my workout yesterday and able to walk further. I walked home from work last night, with a small break at the park about half way.



Monday, March 17, 2008

Free and Open Elections?

As I get asked over and over, who do I want - Clinton or Obama, I have to think NEITHER! Now, if it is only one of them or McCain on the ballot, they'll have my vote, but if there's another choice, I may go with it! (I know sacrilege!)

But I have to go with this idea
"Full and fair access to the electoral process is a right central to democracy."

I tend to like democracy, and think we should all have it! Just think if you could only choose between red or blue for the color of your car!?! You'd have none of that!!! Choices you'd say. But even "progressives" in this country take that. Sure, there is an occaisional green car, but it gets blamed for bumping other colors out.

No one questions that it is because of faulty structures, it's the fault of the green car....



Green Monday?

I doubt it. The positive is that I plan to workout today at lunch. My kids are healthy, and even though we didn't pay off our debt as much as I would like we will probably be fine. We just need to figure out boosting our credit score before December and re-financing the second mortgage.

I'm still trying to figure out being friends with people. It's a trip realizing that you are not good at that and trying to jump on it in your late 30s and early 40s. My best friends aren't in walking distance and I've gotten to that place where it is hard to go out after having arrived at home and relaxing a bit.

I'm going to try to walk more now that my leg is improving and hopefully keep from aggrivating it too much!

# # #
Wallstreet bailout! So much for the never ending market. Growth in the body, when unchecked is called cancer. I don't know if that is the appropriate metaphor, but it sure looks like it. If none of this worries you, read this guy. Sometimes it just sounds like angry ranting, but there are points that make you stop.

It is amazing that one country could throw the whole world this way. And it is a country that is so different from the rest of the planet. No strong Labor Party, no strong Social Democratic parties... wait, maybe that's why. There is no counterbalance to corporate interests, and they have figured out imposing their interests upon the globe. There is a good chance that they will adjust and try to carry on.

This may be the time to push for "Card Checks" to make unions more viable. Unions have gotten a bad rap, but then again what have they done for us? Weekends, 8 hour work day, benefits, keeping people from being fired for no reason....

It will also be time for a strong push for "Ballot Access." Amazingly Republicans and Democrats say this just "clutters up the ballot." We wouldn't settle for only two choices in car color, but somehow for the most important of choices, like what values will govern my tax dollars, and impact my life and the life of my children, we get two colors. They say we would be confused by too many candidates. How insulting!

But what the hell, if you belong to one of the corporate backed parties, push your elected officials to open up democracy. We'll all be better for it....



Thursday, March 13, 2008


My leg is noticably better. I realized that I should stay off of treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes for about a year or so. Once things are better I'll just have to increase the amount of walking I do.

I could walk for at least three hours before hurting myself on the machines so I know I can get enough in for my health. The rest will be lifting!

Seeing comments on the blog was awesome!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2007 Federal Poverty Guideline

Let's see for a family of 4, it is $20,650 (stupidly low for anyone who is actually trying to raise kids, but let's see... carry the one)

That's $397.12 a week, or $9.93 and hour. Slightly higher than $7.50. Go figure. So much for the family values of a corporate backed party...

Keep Lefting!!!



So much to catch up on... Leg is getting better, maybe I'll try and go lift. Gotta get back into it soon. It's driving me nuts. Also, working on stretching more and may have to do yoga.

I had been thinking about my bro and he called yesterday. It was good. Also saw a good buddy out in New Orleans. It was fun. The walking killed me!!! Was worth it though.

* * *
Politics is scandalous as ever. I'll have to start giving updates on the conference I went to last week.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3/4/08 Tradeoffs y Mas

So how much has the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq cost NM?

1.6 Billion... In case that's hard to imagine for such a poor state -

424,892 People with Health Care (That's 1/3 people in the State) OR

2,487,723 Homes with Renewable Electricity (In a state with less than 2 million people!) OR

30,689 Music and Arts Teachers (Just think how awesome the state would be!) OR

375,995 Scholarships for University Students (I think that's a little more than what the lottery scholarship provides!!!) OR

187 New Elementary Schools (There's not that many in APS so this would probably be enough for the state to have room for full-day kindergarten, and all of the music teachers!) OR

16,225 Affordable Housing Units (That's bigger than many towns in NM) OR

564,325 Children with Health Care (In a highly uninsured state - what a concept!) OR

229,074 Head Start Places for Children (That's a lot of kids getting a good start in life) OR

30,890 Elementary School Teachers!!!

Additional commentary is obviously mine. But just think. Which Democratic candidate would have moved us this way? Dennis would have been the best bet. But he's considered eccentric in the US! Go figure, that a REAL progressive is considered eccentric -probably like Nader too - but corporate backed candidates are what? Smart? Inspiring? Electable? It's a sad commentary on US politics....



Monday, March 03, 2008


Hip is getting better!

So much political stuff going on I don't even know where to start!

Keep Lifting!!!

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