Friday, September 29, 2006



I know it's been awhile, but I'm starting my new job today!

My leg is still hurting so I laid off working out the last two weeks. I'll get back on upper body weightlifting next week and slowly start to build up on walking to get back to riding the bike.

Will report more later.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Rest or Not?

OK, I've spent one day in the studio. Had a gig last night with Mezcla Experience. Went out Thursday and Friday and jammed with The Rudy Boy Experiment and Three Quarter Brown. And yesterday I slept tons. Part of me is looking around and thinking I need to clean this house, and part of me is saying - go back to bed.

Any thoughts?

Well, my ankle doesn't feel 100% and I haven't lifted this week. I think I'm gonna blow off today and tomorrow and try to enjoy quiet as much as possible. I may disconnect the phone as it rings way too much during the day.


Keep Lifting!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Link for 9/14/06

I think this is good right before Sept. 16 - Pueblo de Oaxaca Blogspot!

Sept. 14, 06

LAST DAY AT THE OFFICE!!!! I start my new job on the 29th.

Just tons of cleaning and trying to remember stuff that I need to tell my supervisor. It'll be a good change though. I just have to go through a couple of piles again and decide what I REALLY need to take with me. My living room is a disaster because of the extra stuff from my office.

* * *
I woke up late today so no bike yet. I'll have to catch it after work. But I was down to 180 today!

* * *
I'm planning to go to Sonny's Famous Jam tonight, and Kelly's tomorrow. I also go and get info on a vasectomy in the morning. Then off to the chiro.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sept. 13, 06 Update


Sorry I've been off the blog for a few days. Since last week I realized that I can't run because I'm too fat, it's because my leg has some strange pinched nerve or twisted something or other. A chiro appointment on Friday should hopefully help. I'm back at 183, so hopefully it's still muscle gain, but I will continue to work on eliminating the pony keg that hides the six pack!

I'm still sore from Monday's chest and back workout. I did legs today. Tomorrow will be abs and riding the bike. Friday will be arms and riding the bike.

* * *
Kids performed at the NM State Fair, they kicked butt! They even got another gig out of town from it! They walked around after their performance and they said a man walked up to them and congratulated them on their performance. He even made his daughter shake their hands. They were happy about that.

My sister went to get drinks for us while we were on stage and the person who was selling the drinks commented to her that it was great to hear a good band up there. A guy who was playing accordion for a band before us talked with my brother in law, and said the kids were good, and had a unique sound. The stage manager said it was nice to have some variety in the music. There was just lots of good feedback. Friends who went were saying we had improved since the last time they saw us.

So just for the heck of it here's the set list we did for the Fair...
1 - Flor de Las Flores
2 - Margarita, Margarita
3 - Redemption Song
4 - Evil Ways
5 - Los Laureles
6 - Puno De Tierra
7 - Lean on Me
8 - Escribi Una Cumbia (original)
9 - Llorona Loca
10 - Un-named original
11 - People are Strange
12 - Come On Let’s Go
13 - Darling Baby
14 - Vino Y Mujeres
15 - Volver, Volver

We ended up cutting out Vino y Muejeres. We gave out some pre-master CDs and had tons of fun! Not bad for a Monday night.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept. 7th, 2006

Things are going OK. The goodbyes and farewell lunch thing is a trip. I'm not good at letting people treat me this nice for this long. It's good though. I'm also starting to clean out my office. Mostly just getting rid of stuff I thought I would use some day.

* * *
We're getting ready to play at the NM State Fair. The CD is coming along well. Overall things are good.

* * *
I'm really getting into the bike - Becky, thanks for asking! I'm riding 30 minutes a day. But I'm starting to think the thing with my leg isn't necessarily the impact from being fat. There's probably a pinched nerve or something somewhere. I'll talk to a doc about it tonight and see my chiro next week.

Things are great!!!!

KEEP LIFTING and stuff...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On My Way Out

Well, I'm officially on my way out of my current job. Turned in the notice and all of that good stuff. It's all feeling a little sad, but mostly OK. Myspace is blocked, even the blog is blocked! Gradually they are blocking more and more stuff. It's an interesting use of time. It may get people who goof off some to have to spend time with co-workers - which may lead to relationships. And workers who have good strong relationships are more likely to stick together.

* * *
Still riding the bike! A half hour, it's making me sweat, but I still haven't REALLY pushed it. I may this week, but mostly still trying to get used to it.

KEEP LIFTING, KEEP RIDING!!! (since I'm not running for awhile!!!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 5, 06

OK, good news! I got a new job! With a nice raise at that! Enough of the exclamation points...

So I went ahead and spent my raise - I bought an exercise bike. I've already started using it. I'm taking this week off of lifting and I'll start again next week. My goal will be to focus mostly on losing fat for the next 12 weeks.

Wish Me Luck!!!

* * *
The Mezcla Experience cd is almost complete. I have to lay out one keyboard part, and go back in and listen through everything again. Then I think we'll be done.

If you listen to "Volver" and "Flor de Las Flores" on the Mezcla Experience myspace site and give some feedback that would be great!


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