Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anxious and Excited

Anxious and excited about getting re-tested on Wednesday. I have no prediction but I'll be going from 9.3 A1C to X? Feel free to post your prediction if you wish.

Blood sugar was 84 this morning. Been going consistently 6 days a week to the gym, been eating super low-carb, and trying my best to rest and not get stressed out.

Hopefully that all pays off. Had a HUGE breakfast this morning yet not big enough to feel sleepy. I have to focus on the front yard this coming week. I spent a good chunk of energy working on my craft area this week and even did a small leather piece.

Overall I feel better, I sleep deeper, and my mind can think about things I just wouldn't think about like craft work, getting gigs, and doing home improvements. Hoping the mental energy turns into actual work. Wish it would warm up a little. I'm going to put in some sunflower seeds today and hope for the best.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Today is the anniversary of my father passing. By the end of the day I'll have done a little bit of leather tooling, music arrangements, and maybe a knot.

Blood sugar was 85 this morning, weight was 153.4, 48.6 on the Vo2 Max, and waist is 37". I'm guessing with my weight stabilizing and waist decreasing slowly that I'm still losing fat. I've outlived my father, and I'm probably healthier than I've been in many years.

Things have been tight financially so I'm going to try and figure out how to increase my side-job effectiveness, leatherwork, knotwork, music, and facilitation.

I spent chunks of the week brainstorming cheapest ways to make things to sell and figuring out how to reinvest while paying down some debt. While it is stressful I think my parents would be proud of me.

* * *

People seem to freak out a little when I talk about fasting so I'm going to stop talking about it. Overall I think it has been useful. Since we have had a guest the last couple of weeks it seems like my diet has lost some quality. It is mostly that we are eating less salads, and less fats. So I'm trying to get back on that track.

For my Jefito

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Breaking Fast early

My fasting glucose was 63 mg/dL today so I will end my fast now at breakfast. I feel OK, yet want to respect the numbers. Weight was 151.4 and 152 would be 20% from start. Waist is 37 and 1/4 and I'll take my blood pressure at work and add it later. Did the bike on 9 for the HIIT sprint.

I will talk to my doctor before doing a 7 day fast for semana santa.

Overall, things seem good. Just want to keep from overdoing things. Working out fasted hasn't been extra rough.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Off schedule a little bit because of company. Tomorrow will be easy since we switched HIIT day with weights. Thursday will be rougher as I need to get up earlier to make sure I'm done with lifting in time to make an early meeting.

My numbers today were 93 for blood sugar, 152.8 on weight, 129/82 and 70 pulse for blood pressure, and 37 1/2 inches for waist. Overall felt decent for the day physically. Was tough getting things to go smoothly as people were changing directions, or having miscommunications, etc.

My weight workout went well. I'm on day 2 of a fast and was worried that would be hard. I actually finished all three sets of each workout with 12 reps!

Leg Press 205
Abs machine 135
Back Extension 135
Lat Pulldown 110
Chest Press 115
Overhead Press 75
Rows 115

I know on the first day going up my form seems suffer a little bit. It seems to be fine by Friday (Saturday for this week) as I accustom myself to the weight. March 13 I'll go to sets of 10.

Then I may do a split routine. I keep bouncing ideas back and forth in my mind but I have some time to figure it out.

Adjusting to Life

Life is always a challenge. Many people REALLY want me to be, or at least identify as, middle-class. Financially I'm definitely not there. I do have a lot of independence in my job.

One of the great things in my life is my family. My daughter picked up this table yesterday and dropped it off at the house while I was at work. I put it together and will be re-arranging her old room so that I can practice music, store magic cards, do leatherwork and rope work in one room. I guess that's my version of a man cave. I guess it will be for me similar to what the garage was for my Jefito.

I decided to fast Monday to Wednesday this week instead of the alternate day approach. If I don't make it to tomorrow at dinner I can still fast on Friday. My weight yesterday was 155.8 which isn't bad. Kind of tells me that I'm at a plateau weight wise. I'm fine with that since the weight isn't a goal. My blood pressure was 119/79 with a resting heart rate of 65. I'm expecting to end up close to 160 after I add some carbs to my diet. My fasting glucose yesterday was 85 mg/dL and today is 88. I'm not planning to check tomorrow morning, if I continue fasting I'll check the glucose before dinner.

My partner worries about my fasting. So here is what I told her about my blood work results for next week. If my A1C is above 6.5 then I'll continue to fasting 3 times a week. If it's between 6.0-6.4 then it will be two days a week. 5.5-5.9 and I'll go down to one day a week. Below 5.5 and I'll stick to intermittent fasting (daily eating with no snacks, especially after dinner).

From talking with my doctor friends it seems like the expectations are that I will be at about 7. We shall see! Going down from 9.3 is a huge challenge.

OK so here's what my wonderful daughter helped me out with. It's really hard for me to ask for help in general, much more so from my family.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I wanted to write about symptoms of health. Things I'm noticing about improvements. However, I'm really stressing on being short cash so I'm trying to figure that out.

Cortisol raises insulin, leads to insulin resistance, fat storage, etc. So I'm trying to breathe and think my way through this.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Before (August 2016) and During (Feb 2017)

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago for a before and after pic, though I like thinking of it as "during" since I'm still in process. Guess this shirt will be with me for a while. :)


Forgot to check my fasting glucose this morning. I've been below 100 mg/dL pretty consistently now so I'm not worried. Just want to stay in the habit of checking. I wanted to wait until after working out instead of first thing in the morning.

My weight is 154.6 and was 155.4 last Saturday. Someone saw me last Friday and then this Thursday and said, "wow, you look different in that short amount of time." I'm hoping that means I'm changing my body composition some. Figure if I'm going through this, it feels good AND it is a lot of work, I should look "better." I know that's subjective and full of many negative things from a colonized society, yet there is something to even "looking healthier."

Tonight I'll post a "before" and "now" picture. Someone asked for one for someone else and I'm posting for my trainer who's father also has diabetes. If it is useful for others as well that's great.

Realized last night that if you ask me about my health, I WILL TALK ABOUT IT! I'm probably more excited than I'm letting myself know. Something taught me to stay subdued, who knows.

Finished a week at 8 on the resistance for the bike HIIT workout. Turned in proposals for presentations at the New Mexico Public Health Association (NMPHA) conference this year. Also trying to figure out how to have enough energy for rope work, leather work, music, playing magic, AND the rest of my life. Typing that made me tired so maybe it's not "just me." Maybe I do push myself hard.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Made it through the week of weight training. It is definitely getting challenging. Motivation is getting tough. It only took a couple of days to lose the weight I gained on anniversary time.

Tomorrow I do HIIT on the bike. And hopefully I'll get some time to post some blood pressure, weight, and other numbers. Overall I'm doing well. Feel  good most of the time and definitely less pain overall.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Fasting glucose 93, weight 155.4 pounds, blood pressure 116/81 and resting heart rate of 76, no longer taking 5mg amlodipine, 40mg atorvastatin, 20mg Lisinopril, and waist 38 inches!

Looks to me like I have some lean when I stand. I wonder if it is the arthritis in the back. I'll have to ask my doc about it when I go to my follow up.

Post Valentine's Day 2017

Made it to the gym, got through Monday's workout with getting 12 reps on all exercises for all 3 sets of each exercise!

I was at 155.4 on Monday and 38 inches on the waist. I took pictures and will post tonight along with other data. Eating out for 4 meals got me up to 160 last night and 157.0 this morning. Also more than 38 inches. I'll still post the pictures and not re-post when I hit those markers again.

It feels like I'm losing some steam and need to figure out what that's about. I know myself well enough that sometimes I set a goal and once I know I CAN make it I let it go. Part of my mind just wants to know I can do stuff and loses interests in actually doing it. I may need to change goals.

So anyone reading this with encouraging words, please post them!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gym Update

I'm still making it to the gym 6 days. My HIIT workouts are at 8 on the resistance and I'm definitely feeling it. I was reminded that I haven't shared a gym update in a while. I'm OK with reminders. In looking at the numbers I can tell that is has been a while. This is my workout for this week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All exercises are 3 sets of 12.

Leg Press 200
Abs machine 130, only could do 7 on 3rd set
Back Extension 130
Lat Pulldown 105
Chest Press 110
Overhead Press 70 third set was 11 reps
Rows 110

I'm not trying to go up during the week. I'm just trying to get comfortable with 3 sets of 12 by the end of the week. I'll change in March and I have to figure out if I want to stay with this and do 3 sets of 10 or start doing a "split routine." A split routine is where you focus on different exercises on different days. There are two way splits where I would do routine "A" Monday and Friday one week, then routine "B" on Wednesday. The following week it would be routine "B" Monday and Friday, and "A" on Wednesday. Another option would be a three way split where each day would have its own routine.

I have time to think it over, and I sure will!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Back in the day my trainer was Rockie. She was doing an internship at Endorphin Power Company and worked upstairs and had access to their gym. She helped me a lot and was insanely encouraging and supportive. She's still a bright personality from what I can tell.

I'll use this picture of her until she sends me another one!

We have a friend staying at the house. Someone with a sweet tooth. Will add some challenge to my life. It's a pain explaining that it is not that I "can't" eat something, it's that I'm choosing not to eat certain things. There's lots of that as I'm eating super strict right now. More now that someone who clearly knows that this is a serious disease is hanging out, yet wondering about what I can and can't eat.

On the other hand, there have been several people asking questions about weight loss, the visible part of my taking care of myself. I'm learning how to share more about that. My basic responses are to cut soda, juices, and white breads. That includes tortillas which bums a lot of people out.

Saturday I talked with my new trainer Marianna and she liked how things are going. She shared that her dad has diabetes also, and that she has arthritis as well. She is only at the gym on weekends and evenings so I don't see her much. However she has been trying to be supportive when we do see each other.

Later Saturday I celebrated with some menudo and fajita meat (no tortillas). I check my blood sugar afterwards and it was 119 which is amazingly well after a meal. I was in the high 130s after eating the last time I checked. Today is a fasting day. I can tell how stress makes me want comfort food. Also getting closer to 155 makes me less motivated on the fat loss end. That's never been my goal yet it is one thing I measure regularly.

OK, my wife couldn't sleep and woke up in the middle of the night. I'm going to try and catch 15 minutes and get to the gym!

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Things have been hectic. Family crisis, getting sick, car breaking down. Missed working out yesterday and heading out today. SO wish the gym would open before 8am on Saturday!

Other things I do, for those who don't know me, I'm a musician and have two rehearsals and a gig today, do leatherwork, ropework, have a day job, and play lots of Magic the Gathering with my family.

I should have some time tomorrow to catch up on what's been going on.

Keep lifting! Keep HIITing! Keep Fasting!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Bye Amlopidine!

I went to refill my meds and found out my doc took me off of Amlopidine!

I had called last Friday about my 99/69 blood pressure. I've been a little bit higher since. I'll continue tracking and checking and reporting in.

I'm continuing to workout, alternate day fast, and stay disciplined with my diet. Things have been busy and I've had some emergencies with family. Blogging will continue to the best I can. Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

More celebrating! 2/5/2017

My fasting glucose read at 76 mg/dL! The lowest I've had since starting to test myself in December.

My waist is at 38 inches today! So hopefully I'm getting rid of any fat around my liver and pancreas.

I'll get to have a ton of chicken wings or something today for sure!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fasting as ONE tool in dealing with Insulin Resistance

160! 2/4/2017

I hit 160 pounds and inches this week. Lowest blood pressure this week was 99/69 and 72 pulse. My fasting glucose this morning was 80. The highest I've had this week was 104.

I went to a going away party at work and all they had was pizza, cake, cookies, ice cream, and kool aid. So I held up well with water and had some chicken afterwards. The interesting part was how quickly people there made comments about my weight loss. Only two people knew I have diabetes and they did a great job not mentioning it. I was asked if it was for health and I did talk about the blood pressure medication ER visit.

Overall I'm feeling better and it feels like 160 pounds may be the weight where my body is set at for now. We will see what happens to my stomach fat over the next few weeks. I'm not concerned with my visible gut, I'm hoping to eliminate any unnecessary fat on my liver and pancreas. I can't measure that directly. So I'm just hoping I'm getting it.
I noticed I was starting to feel dizzy at the end of my weight workout so I left a message with my clinic. I want to know if it need to cut back or eliminate another med. I'm trying to get through my weight workouts quickly so I will slow down until I hear back from the doc.

Thanks for the comments. The page shows 0 views even when I have comments so I have no real way to know how many people are reading this. I'm off to do the HIIT bike workout now and will add these pictures to the Progress Pictures Page today. I'll post my workout tomorrow. Time has been tight yet going great!

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A new month

Today is my 7 year anniversary at work. I totally forgot.

I came in below 160 today, that's three days in a row so there will be pics tonight. I don't know what I did with the tape measure so I don't have a waist measurement.

Here's a video that I listened to on the way home. I like how she presents intermittent fasting.

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