Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to it - June 25, 2012

Well today was my first workout back at it. Did a deadlift workout with 100 pounds for the deadlift and some moderate weights for other exercises. It was mostly 3 sets of 10 reps. Already starting to feel sore. 

Posted on Facebook that I was working out again. It was really sweet to have all of the positive comments. For those who haven't read this blog before I have some stuff about music, some about relationships, occasional stuff about politics, public health, and current events. 

It started as my weight loss blog and I realized that I was more happy with getting strong and fit. That's the goal again now. I'm much more out of shape than before for a lot of reasons. Age is obviously one. Life has been harder and that has a wearing effect. I had gotten up to benching 240 and squatting 350. I had pulled a shoulder muscle and it was hard to deadlift more than 150. I'll see how it goes now. Lifting 100 wasn't too bad. I'll stay at this weight for awhile and get to a good form. It felt a little sloppy and strained today. 

I also have to deal with how hard it is to have a regular schedule right now. I'm sure it will get better once it becomes more of a routine. 

What will be good will be to get past the first 6 weeks. I'll stay with a fairly standard workout until I'm back under 200 pounds. A couple of co-workers and I were out at lunch and I don't know how weight came up so I asked what it looked like I weighed. They were nice and said 185 and 160. 

So I will be working out, practicing and still trying to support critical public health practice.... 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minimum Wage Increase for Burque?

Let's make it happen!!! 

"...raising the minimum wage isn’t just about helping low wage workers.  It’s also about helping our struggling economy.  If workers don’t have money to spend, businesses suffer.  Some recent studies actually show that raising the minimum wage actually creates jobs! By boosting the pay of the low-wage jobs on which more families are relying than ever before, a stronger minimum wage will help restore the consumer spending that powers our economy and that local businesses need in order to grow. A robust minimum wage is a key building block of sustainable economic recovery."

Go to the page and get involved at


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