Thursday, August 18, 2011


I took a week off of lifting to take care of some emotional stuff going on with me. And then started back up to take care of other emotional stuff! If you've lifted a lot you might get that.

The down time was great and then getting back on it helps with stress as well. I'm up to 90 pounds on main lifts. I started with the 45 pound bar. So that's 10 weeks plus the week off. Not bad.

In two weeks I'll be up to 100 pounds on my lifts and then have some work travel. I'll get back on after that. I'm feeling better and my clothes are fitting a little big. Last weigh in I was at 183 lbs. To get a month off of the blood pressure and cholesterol meds will require me to get to 166 - deal with my doc.

This weekend we pulled off the First Annual Esteban "Steve" Jordan Tribute. It went well. Gonna keep playing and deal with the fact that school started all over again...

So here I go!


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