Monday, October 31, 2005


Had a good deadlift workout. Stayed at 200 lbs.

My legs still feel some of the workout from Friday. That surprised me, but I think its all good.

Didn't weigh in today. I'm gonna back off on that some.

* * *
Things are well overall. Had a couple of rehearsals with the kids. We got in three new songs over the weekend. Peter Gunn, Mission Impossible theme (which will turn into a cover of a Limp Biskit song), and Wild Thing. Not the hardest songs, but still pretty good.

Still slept a lot this weekend too. But I can breath. I hadn't even noticed that I wasn't breathing well until I could breathe well again.

I get an occasional random post - like one from "scooter" - all it said was "BEANER". Like the phone calls I get, the person uses the ability to remain anonymous to throw their slurs and rude comments. Probably because they are the type of person who can't handle stuff face to face. Or even to put a real ID online no less. Oh well, what are ya gonna do with the spineless pigs that abound?

Have a great day and KEEP LIFTING!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sirolli Meeting

Went to a meeting for a grant in the neighborhood/area for work. It is for something called the Sirolli Institute.

If I can make this a part of work I will be active. Otherwise it will just be another overwhelming after-work type of thing. What struck me was that the presentor talked about "do what you love." It wasn't about do everything - which is kinda what my day job feels like. When they came to me the ONE THING to do that I listed was music. Guess that's a good self-hint. If I could only pay the mortgage that way....


Sqaut day. Kept it moderate. Definately felt weaker than usual.

* * *
I have an infected molar. Got my antibiotics yesterday. They also want to do a root canal. I'm hoping this is why I've been tired and out of it the last few days. I'll know by tomorrow when the stuff kicks in.

Georgie seems to be having a rough day today. With Scooter and the Supreme Court and all. Too bad it sounds like Rove isn't getting it too.

Keep Lifting!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Audioslave and Kicking Ass

Tom Morello talks about Politics, Rock n Roll and Kicking Ass!

This was a nice read. Hope you enjoy!

10/27/05 Goodbyes

Talked with a friend who is going to India for a few months. That will make 4 people I know over there during this time period.

It was sad. This person and her partner are a good presence for me in the neighborhood. We got to talk about stuff and how we could still be somewhat childlike with each other and that's what is special. She commented that she liked that I was taking care of myself with more music stuff like that. She reminded me that no single one of us IS "la causa." It was good, felt like crying, but that still not totally easy for me to do.

I'm already looking forward to their return and hope they move back to the neighborhood. I don't have to seem them all the time, but knowing they are there has been very helpful. I love these people lots. They have good relationships with my wife and kids too! Can't beat that.


Mezcla Latina had its last gig last night. The gig was alright. But it was definitely emotional for us to pack up the equipment for the last time together as a group. I love them a lot.

I am actually hoping that we could get together and do a CD even though we are not performing anymore. 3 songs each would give us 12 songs. It would be good. But it should be in the future. Its definitely time for a break.


Hacking up stuff today, no workout. Tried to sleep in a little. I have to give a presentation this afternoon so I stocked up on the cough drops.

A little sore from the workout yesterday. Not too bad though.

* * *
Did a group with young guys yesterday. One of the members of the group was shot on Sunday night. Another kid from the same school was shot also over the weekend. And one of the guys in the group was with another kid when he was killed over the weekend.

What these guys talked about sounded a lot like PTSD, the hyper-vigilance and all of that. Sucky! Tore me up to listen. And to think I didn't grow up too different from them.

Anyway, overall things are good, just needing to rest and pay bills!

* * *
For your seasonal laugh and pondering - CLIMATEMASH


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

10/26 Another Healthy Workplace Thought

Lead the charge in making your work environment healthier.

Employees at workplaces that provide healthy snacks and encourage physical activity and healthful eating are more likely to make positive lifestyle changes compared with employees not exposed to these interventions. "Healthy up" your workplace by supplying a fruit bowl or inviting people to walk with you at lunchtime.


10/26 Political Stuff

If Bush ran today he'd lose! Too bad that's a day late and a dollar short. Maybe we'll get one of them nice Democrats like Clinton. You know, the kind that cuts our civil liberties because of crazy guys with Rider trucks. Or that signs legislation that allows hospitals to discriminate against immigrants. Or that signs NAFTA, etc... I guess its definitely better than what we got. Hopefully someone will get into office with the cojones to reverse some of the crap we've gotten lately. But I haven't seen anyone that looks that bold lately. (Thanks for the link Robert!)

2,000 US military have died in Iraq, too bad the "peace movement" isn't staying focused on the 200,000 dead Iraqis.

What does make me a bit happier today is the Work Environment Index. New Mexico ranked 44th. I'll have to read the entire thing to get a better idea, but at least someone is looking at economic health from the perspective of workers instead of business. In a couple of the articles I looked at the other side economists stay focused on not raising minimum wages because it drives business away. Funny how they focus on that, but don't focus on the fact that worker-friendly(er) societies have better health outcomes. Hmmmmm. Time to change the paradigm.


Benched today. Got 115 up 20 times and got excited. But I didn't realize that was gonna slow me down in lifting the heavier weights. That or because I put the rack guards on - these are longer bars that would hold the weight for me in case I couldn't do a full lift.

They are good for safety, but because I am so short they require me to do two lifts. One is an angled lift to get the bar up, because to not hit the safety bars I have to be further away from the rack. So I have to do this angle thing first, then the bench press. OK, enough for whining. It only took me down 10 pounds. I think I'll be lifting lighter for higher repetitions for awhile. The rest of my workout went well. Shoulder seemed a little tight, but no strange popping in my back! That's nice.

Still going up slowly in weight. But I don't think I'm getting "fatter." I'll obviously keep an eye on it. Also I'll do a little bit harder cardio tomorrow and see if I can get out to sprint on Saturday.

* * *
This guy is trying to recruit me to help him with some gigs, but I'm hoping to enjoy a little time off and time to focus on the two groups I'm still playing with right now.

Yesterday to get to a gig that didn't happen. This is what my life FEELS like most of the time, but this was a condensed version and I'll share for my venting purposes. OK, I went to a lunch for a co-worker and had to leave early - then the guilt trip from the staff for leaving early. Got to the meeting I was leaving early for, late. Guilt trip for that. Then I facilitate a meeting from hell. Get back to my office and head out to take my son to a dental appointment. Appointment takes longer than we thought. I rush back to get him to a youth meeting. I'm feeling tired so I go to the corner store to get a quick soda and some chips to contribute to the youth meeting. The woman is new and doesn't know how to run the card swiping machine. So that takes a long time. When I get back to my house there's a cop right across the street with a gun out pointed at one of the neighbors. I'm kinda watching what's going on in case I need to tell people at my house to duck and I'm starting to load up for this gig. I get loaded up and realize that I don't have my bass amp! I drive across town to pick up the amp, of course because of the quick soda its right in the middle of rush hour now. I make it through the construction get the amp. Get through the construction on the way back across town and find out the gig was not last night, but tonight.

Luckily during the drive I had already decided - should I stay stressed and hurt myself or should I laugh it off? I went with laughing it off (not my usual). I was even thinking that even though this group was breaking up we should do a final album together. We'll see how tonight goes.

Had a team meeting on Monday at work. And kinda got ribbed about getting into shape. It was the good kind of ribbing, but still awkward. Kinda fun and kinda weird. Also got to take a good look at where I am accomplishing stuff at work. Almost started thinking about not quitting next year. Its good though, I've kinda been stuck in feeling useless or something like that. What fun, no? What's a Chicano to do - I was raised around manual laborers who didn't see office jobs or music as "real" work - even though many of them were also musicians.

Gonna post all of the political stuff separately.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Did about 20 minutes of cardio this morning. I have a serious "frog" in my throat. Sounds like I'm losing my voice. Good thing for email.

Celebrated Take Back Your Time Day by going to see a movie called Four Brothers. Not a bad movie. Just action distraction.

I had wanted to spend lots of time working on my music. I ended up spending about an hour on sightsinging.

The Malo and Tierra concert was pretty good. My kids actually got into it. That was good.

Rosa Parks passed away last night. She was 92 years old. Hope that doesn't mark another down turn of freedom and activism in the US.

My back is doing alright. I get stiff after deadlift day, but it was worse last week.

Keep Lifting!

Monday, October 24, 2005


Deadlifted 200 lbs today!!! 2 sets of 4. Talk about a workout. Finished up with legs and arms. Still a little light, but I can tell that I'm getting stronger.

Didn't get to workout Friday or Saturday. I slept tons. Friday night I came home slept, went to dinner with my wife, came home and slept. Went to breakfast with a friend from Vermont on Saturday, came home and slept. Went to meet Malo at 3pm, came home and slept. Went to the concert. Came home and slept. Transcribed the vocal lines to a song called "Flor de Las Flores" and had breakfast. Slept. Went to rehearsal with the kids. Wasn't bad. We worked on a song called "Peter Gunn" with everyone playing someone else's instrument. Nice!

Talked with my brother. He was still trying to convince me that the thing with my little sister giving the kids booze was no big deal. Its nice to see him protecting the girls. He's always been good at that. He's also protecting his habit. I just gotta figure out how to disagree with him respectfully. Because that's the issue for me, not the booze, but respecting my wife and I as parents, and teaching the kids respect. They are pretty respectful and I hope to keep it that way.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Since I'm not blogging tomorrow, thought I'd leave some news for reading. Somehow my gut tells me all of these stories are related. What do you think?

Iran has proof of UK role in bombings

Chavez Believes US planning Invasion

Delay Booked!

Student Using Free Speech

Student Ad Triggers Debate

An interesting example of Free Speech, and the people who try to quash it telling you the military is defending free speech.

* * *
Gotta go to a day long meeting tomorrow. Means I gotta get up at dark thirty to work out OR workout on Saturday. I'm betting on Saturday.

No blogging tomorrow....

Chile and Pumkin Benefits

"That orange-hued pumpkin on your patio may be the new symbol of arthritis prevention.
Beta-cryptoxanthin is a carotenoid found in yellow-, orange-, and red-hued produce, such as pumpkins and red peppers. Studies show this caroteniod could help reduce the risk of inflammatory polyarthritis by up to 40 percent. Get your fill from orange juice, carrots, and watermelon as well."



Recovering from a cold. No workout this morning.

I feel like crap physically, but still feel OK on some level.

My calves are sore, my chest is sore, and luckily my back is no longer sore. And tomorrow is squat day!!!

Thanks for the compliment Robert. Setting a personal record while trying to lose weight is pretty good. I don't know if I'm "dieting" exactly. I'm just trying to eat more small meals. 4-7 meals a day is tough sometimes. I've kinda fallen off of that wagon, but not giving up. I cheat a lot though. I need to commit fully to eating cleaner.

* * *
Saw my little sister yesterday. She didn't say anything to me but I hugged her and said I'd buy her lunch 'cause we gotta talk.

The family conversation is semi-started. That's nice. I think I'm gonna write an open letter to my siblings.

I sucked rocks at practice last night. Hopefully I'll sound better at our gig on Tuesday.

There's a program on KUNM about "Latino" health. They talk about health disparities. I'm happy that this is a public discussion. What sucks is that they focus on access to health care. To me doctors and such are very important, but its the wrong focus. The question should be why do Chicanos, Indigenous peoples, African-Americans, Asians, etc. get sick more often. Focusing on health care (after your sick) is like building more jails to prevent crime. They talk about mental health therapy, but don't talk about the fact that you often send someone to a sick environment and expect their therapy to get better... Anyway, that's my rant for the moment.

I think if they gave everyone a living wage at 30 hours with benefits, you'd have a healthier community all the way around.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10/19/05 Ugh!!!

Thanks for the supportive call Mauricio and the thoughts Becky. Its helpful.

I woke up with a sore throat, but decided to workout anyway. I benched 170 for 2 reps! That's my max so far. My back is still sore, so maybe I shouldn't have worked out. But I thought it would be good to break a personal record for my parents today.

I could tell I was running less than optimal, but I got a good workout today anyway.

* * *
Fixed the tire on the van and am hoping that my car will be out of the shop by tomorrow.

I did about an hour of sightsinging this morning. More than I'll usually get, but I figured I might as well take the chance while its there. I'm gonna nap and work on some more music for tonight's rehearsal.

Oh, the family stuff has started some conversations. We'll see how it goes, but its looking hopeful.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


OK, tomorrow is the anniversary of my Mom's passing. But I plan to workout anyway. Taking a mental health day off of work.

I ordered a book called "Contemporary Eartraining" that is supposed to help me with reading and transcribing. Hope it works. I'll be doing some sightsinging as well as working out tomorrow. Have rehearsal tomorrow night as well.

Overall should be a an OK day.

Having a deep conversation with my sister-in-law. Hope its one of those things that leads to something useful. At least its got me putting some effort in thinking about my brother, and the other syblings too.

Keep Lifting!

Community Building

Awhile back I sent out an email about building community. I think that its important to realize that blogs, support groups, etc. are truly networks - not communities. Community also implies geography and not just interest. In a community your whole being belongs, not just an interest or part of you.

So here's the email I sent, I'll be updating it every couple of months....

"Dear Relations:

I often talk about building community. But one thing
we often ignore is the relation that physical
closeness has to do with community. If you're driving
across town to visit friends and relatives it may be
more of a network than a "community." For those of us
that still do, or remember, walking to the friend's,
grandmother's or uncle's house, you know it is much
different than driving across town.

With that in mind, I'm going to occaisionally drive my
neighborhood - which isn't quite a community yet - and
let people know about houses for sale. Hopefully one
day my neighborhood will be more of a community. I'll
post more about what I think community is on my blog
in the future, for now here's some house info. I don't
know prices but I took down addresses and phone #s.
These are all "SE" and between Louisiana and San Pedro
south of Zuni in Albuquerque. (There are always
apartments for rent, but I haven't gotten to that

430 Indiana 293-3700
524 A & B Kentucky 343-9157
532 Kentucky 271-5800
705 Florida 228-8287
536 Dakota 681-8950
616 Dakota 980-2122
700 Dakota 269-5133
724 Dakota 269-3880
737 California 821-1309
725 California 440-8572
501 California 296-6105

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"



Did about 20 minutes of cardio this morning. My upper back is really sore! My lower back is stiff, with a little pain under the right lat. It's one of those that hurts when you move exactly a certain way, but I can't make it hurt on demand. Came in at 169.4 so I'm still below 170 and hopefully staying that way.

The car is still in the shop so I'm probably get something out of walking to work. I used to do that all the time and it was nice.

Tomorrow is bench day, I'm looking forward getting it going. I think I actually am developing pecs and lats!

* * *
I may need to take initiative on my family issues. Like everything else, I'll play it by ear.

Speaking of playing it by ear. My musical goals are as follows for the next year.
1 - Be able to sightsing using solfege;
2 - Be able to transcribe the chords, bassline, and vocals for most songs I play;
3 - Begin to write out music that I hear in my head in order to arrange and compose.

I guess I want to see how much I can get together by next year when I plan to take off work. Hopefully I'll be able to work on these things, but I also want to really organize my house, work on the garden and yard, and cook healthier meals. Of course also be more flexible in my time with my kids.

The house dad thing scares me sometimes, but overall I'm committed!


Monday, October 17, 2005

US Inequality 101

So much for a level playing field.

Tip for 10/17/05

Tip of the Week:
Polls show that around 90% of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such. Although 70% of processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients, there are no laws requiring the labeling of these products in the U.S. But smart consumers are able to tell how their produce was created, just by looking at the PLU code on the sticker of the fruit or vegetable. The PLU code for conventional produce (grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers) consists of four numbers. Organically grown produce has a five digit PLU prefaced by the number 9. Genetically engineered produce has a five digit PLU prefaced by the number 8. Now if we could just get processed food to carry such labels...

From the Organic Consumers Association

10/17/05 Restarting with Deadlifts!!!

Today is Michelle M's bday. She doesn't check the blog regularly, but some of her co-workers do.

OK, started again with my workouts. Deadlifted 190 lbs for 5 reps today. I worked up from a set at 110, 130, 150, 170, then the 190. This is the most weight I've ever lifted in a workout.

Felt a pop on the dumbbell presses so I stopped my workout about 75% through. I'll keep an eye on things and adjust from there.

The week off of working out was probably helpful. First full week off of working out since December. Still tired, but I've also been off of vitamins and such for the week. I weighed in at 168.8 today so I measured that on the progress. I haven't stayed under 170 for a whole week yet, but with the weight lifting its hard to say which direction I should be going in. I'm gonna focus on trying to lose more bodyfat. I'll check in November to see if I've made any progress on the body fat.

On the other hand, Robert is moving some heavy iron. And he doesn't seem like the righty kinda lifter. Something about bodybuilding seems to attract the right wing, I don't know if its the individualism, the power thing, or what. Maybe its just that Arnold is the role model for that sport. I always think that a "lefty lifters" club would be cool.

I'll get 200 on the deadlift next week. Even if I can only do it for 2 reps, I'll go for it. I could feel the workout as I walked to work this morning. Like the stiff from picking strawberrys the first day.

* * *
Played the last public gig with Mezcla Latina on Friday. Though it was far from technically perfect, the energy was fun. We had a great crowd and blew through mistakes. It was nice and I'm gonna sorta miss some of that. Some of it I won't miss though. Got offered $500 for an hour and a half. I'll follow up and see if it was the booze talking.

The gig with my kids got cancelled because of rain. I did buy a Hartke Kickback 12 bass amp and a Fender guitar amp. All with the cash from the last few weeks of gigging. That's gonna dry up now with the break-up of Mezcla Latina, but I'll just have to figure out some gigs for the other groups I'm with.

Had rehearsal on Friday before the other gig, with the kids. They were on it. Then we had rehearsal last night and man - no focus. I didn't lose it, but they told my I looked frustrated. I said I was but that we'd move through it. We'll be working on new songs, vocal harmonizing, and starting on songwriting. We've written one cumbia, and started working on a funk groove. I think this will be a good step. The kids didn't want lessons earlier when I had the cash for it, they wanted me to teach them. Last night I asked them what they wanted from me to help them get better, and they told me it was their responsibility. I was happy, but have seen lately that means not practicing. So I'll probably do some lesson-type stuff at rehearsals.

We'll be doing lots of extra rehearsals for awhile. As a teen I remember rehearsing 3-5 nights a week for two or more hours a night, often three or four hours. After 3 years we had about 100 songs. We could play weddings and clubs. We had about 8 originals. Maybe this will get us through the next level of improvement. They like playing, but some they are still less consistent than necessary if they are gonna make anytyhing out of this - when other people ask them they say they'd like to be musicians. Now will be the time to put in the work.

Still having family issues going on, but more on that later.

Siempre - KEEP LIFTING!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday the 13th? Maybe for Georgie

The public is also skeptical about whether Bush had made most things better or worse. By a margin of 66-6, they think he's made the federal budget deficit worse. By 40-12, they think he made Social Security worse. By 57-19, they think he's made the economy worse. By 35-25, they think he's weakened morality in the country.

Bush's Second Term Sucks, maybe worse than the first one...

Quote for the Union Peeps

“In fact, we have found that countries with strong labor movements, with social democratic and socialist parties that have governed for long periods of time, and with strong unions (Sweden, for example), have developed stronger redistribution policies and inequality-reducing measures of a universalistic type (meaning that they affect all people) rather than antipoverty, means-tested, assistance types of programs. These worker-friendly countries consequently have better health indicators than those countries where labor movements are very weak, as is the case in the United States, a corporate-class-friendly country. The reason for this difference is that the sense of social cohesion is larger in the worker-friendly countries, the sense of power and participation is higher, and the feeling of social distance is smaller than in the corporate-class-friendly countries. The evidence for this conclusion is plainly overwhelming.” (

From Status, Health and Stupidity

Yes, someone is saying THAT!

Anyway, I hope that I can get some of my co-workers to take on the union stuff at my job. I'm stretched and trying not to fall into the pattern of taking these things on so others can get out of it. It bugs some of my union pals, but I'm sticking to it for now. I'm gonna post this quote on my door at work!!!

Top Ten Signs That You're Working Too Much

No workout, just sleep. That's the plan until Monday... Deadlift day!

10 - The bags under your eyes have bags under their eyes;

9 - You make coffee nervous;

8 - Your kids start calling you "Auntie Mommy" (or "Tio Dad");

7 - You catch yourself dialing 9 before making calls on your home phone;

6 - You doctor reminds you to get 8 hours of sleep every day. You want to know if that includes time spent napping on the freeway;

5 - Your spouse stops in to update the photos of your kids;

4 - Domino's has limited you to 40 pizzas a month because they are genuinely concerned about your health;

3 - Everyone from day, swing, and graveyard thinks you work their shift;

2 - You catch yourself saying, "I only worked a half-day today, twelve hours!";

1 - God comes down from heaven to remind you that even He took the seventh day off.

Adapted from More Time for Life, brought to you by the International Workers of the World, whose preamble starts...
The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace as long as hunger and want are found among millions of working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.

A quick statistical check-in
Chinese workers average 15 days of paid vacation per year, and European workers get 25 to 30 days (35 for Sweden!). US workers.... average 10 days after 3 years of employment.

So I should be happy that I'm privileged. No really. Even "revolutionary" co-workers/supervisors tell me that. Bull-puckey! There's no reason, other than greed and complete insanity, that in the richest country in the world we aren't making $20 an hour for minimum wage and working 20 hours a week. Homeless people should be rare. Prisons fairly empty. And its not because of people's "Godlessness" like the Televangelicals spew, but because of the greed and twisted mentality of those who use God as their excuse to continue to screw people and the environment.

OK, rant over.

Keep Lifting!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Articles on Inequality and Health

Summary points
Determinants of population health differ from those affecting individual health

Population health in rich countries is determined primarily by the size of the gap between rich and poor

The United States ranks behind all other rich countries and a few poor ones in health outcomes such as life expectancy

Globalization, or corporate-centered trade, increases the gap between the rich and poor within and among countries

Policies that promote substantial corporate subsidies and increase the rich-poor gap can be changed to improve population health

From Is Globalization Dangerous to Our Health?

* * *

Consider the healthiest country in the world, Japan. Fifty-five years ago when we were one of the healthiest countries in the world, right after World War II, Japan was less healthy compared to other countries than we are today. Yet the USA gave it the medicine it needed to become the healthiest country in the world by 1978. The medicine was prescribed by the greatest population health doctor who ever lived, General Douglas MacArthur. The medicine administered during our occupation of that country from 1945 to 1950 had 3 ingredients and I will review them here. The first was demilitarization. Japan was forbidden to have an army. The second ingredient was democratization, as MacArthur wrote the country's constitution, providing for a representative democracy, free universal education, the right of labor unions to organize and engage in collective bargaining, and the right of everyone to a decent life. The third D was decentralization, as MacArthur broke up the 11 family zaibatsu that ran the huge corporations that controlled the country. He legislated a maximum wage for the country of the equivalent of $4333 in US dollars. He also carried out the most successful land reform program in history. What this did is bring down the economic hierarchy, and level the playing field. The resulting rise in health is the most rapid ever seen on the planet.

From Health and Poverty in the US


No workout. Came home and took a nap at 5:30 till about 6pm. Then another one from around 7:45 to about 8:45. Then fell asleep at 11pm. Woke up at 6:30 this morning, so I'm guessing I needed that sleep.

Still probing about half-time at work. The current response is, "only if its a job share." I think that's probably fair. But I'll continue to probe about once a month. It's interesting to push on the spot where I feel confident that I'd actually be more productive at 4 hours than at 8 a day. The "system" seems a little tight about things, but job sharing is pretty progressive.

So I guess the trick now is on how to make the rest of my time as pleasant as possible for all concerned.

Kids have mid-terms today. Feeling bad that I was out of it last night. They'll be off of their restriction today. Still haven't heard from my sister. I guess she's gonna hope we ignore it or forget about it.

Oh well, luckily I have tons of siblings to have issues with, oh, I meant get along with!

As usual, Keep Lifting!

Social Capital as Public Health

Social Capital as Public Health is an interesting article about social cohesion and financial inequality as it impacts ALL of our health.

This is interesting to me because I try to point out that working on eliminating poverty would probably be our most important public health task. But the usualy answer is that it is too big, or we wouldn't get supported in doing this.

Too bad.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Time, Kids and Crime

A couple of quotes from the "Time and Crime" chapter of Take Back Your Time:

In response to the enormous time demands on American workers, we have substituted the mantra "quality time" for the lack of "quantity time." Here, however, rhetoric and reality part company. Research shows that it is the quantity of supervised time, particularly after school, not the "quality time" we spend with our kids that keeps them out of trouble.

Later it says
Not surprisingly, teens are most likely to commit crimes or become victims between 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm

and then
Ironically, statistics show that high school students who have jobs get involved in more crime, not less, than those without jobs; the money they earn is often used for such recreation as illegal drugs, alcohol, and cars to evade parental control.

Reassuring, isn't it?

Christians Are No Different?

Just had someone ask me to consider a part time job at $18.50 an hour. Hmmmmm. I would have to pay my own taxes, but even with that, it would a freakin' raise!!!

Of course no benefits, but given that we use my wife's benefits mostly it may be worth while...

Between that and occaisionally sitting in with a group that pays $50 an hour, I'll have to fight hard to stay focused.

OK, OK to the title of the post, here's an interesting article called Christians Are No Different.

4 day workweeks!

Here's a non-profit that uses a 4 day workweek. And not four 10s, but four 8 hour days. It's called the Center for a New American Dream

Esteban "Steve" Jordan - "New" Album

For those acordeon freaks. Esteban "Steve" Jordan has a new release on Hacienda Records. I say "new" because there's only two previously unreleased songs. "Louie, Louie" and "Short Skinny Texican." But yet it may still make it into my CD collection.

I'm waiting for a truly new album by my favorite Squeeze Box man.




Getting it back together time. Since I got home close to 11pm last night from rehearsal I didn't workout today. Might do something tonight.

I walked about 30 minutes yesterday after I dropped the car of at the mechanic's.

I'm up about a pound today. But not feeling too bad about it.

My workouts for next week will be:
Monday - Deadlifts - going for heavy, then arm and leg workouts (A phase)
Tuesday - cardio
Wednesday - Bench Press, then back and shoulder workout (B phase)
Thursday - cardio
Friday - Squat, followed by A phase
Saturday - cardio
then the following week my workout will be the same with the A and B phases switched.

* * *
An article about the Feds Leaving NY Hanging
Decided to really work on my music stuff more seriously. I have to get as dedicated to practice as I have been to working out.

The workshop was great! Figured out that there's a possibility that I don't "hate" my job, it could just be that I want something else - managing my home and playing music - and so maybe that's why I'm so wiped out by work. Mostly because mentally I couldn't justify not working 1) because I'm a man, and 2) because I'm the majority of the household income.

Still lots to figure out.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, October 06, 2005


Did arms and legs today. A different workout. Should feel it tomorrow!

I'll be away from the computer and the weights until Tuesday. I'm going to a co-counseling workshop so hopefully I'll come back with something in my life figured out. Hopefully I'll have moved closer towards figuring out how to have more time with the wifey & kiddos, be a stay at home dad and a better musician.

Keep Lifting!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10/5/05 Depressing Indeed!

(Image from BillyBoydFan)

The Living Wage ordinance was defeated by a mere 1,500 votes it looks like. Talk about depressing. It's bad enough that Marty is the rare incumbent mayor to be re-elected in Albuquerque but then in one of the poorest states in the US to pass up the opportunity to reduce poverty by a slight amount. Talk about dumb. It shows a "right turn" at Albuquerque. It seems this town is slowly getting more conservative and that's another depressing thought.

Well I still did about 15 minutes of cardio. I'll lift tomorrow. I figure it will be better to be sore at this peer counseling workshop I'll be at instead of here and while traveling.

Saw Smackings report, sounds like its working for her. My weight is staying pretty constant at around 169.4. That's OK. Considering how busy and overfed I've been lately its good. Also realized that when I started in December my leg curls had to only be at 5lbs to get good form for three sets of 12. Now I'm lifting 52.5lbs for sets of 8. Progress is progress and I'm enjoying it!

* * *
Still lots-o'-stress around the kids decision to ask my sister for drinks, and her decision to give it to them. As far as I know she's not taking responsibility so I'll have to keep my kids distant from her until she does.

Been thinking about doing what my Dad did with me. Just have the kids drink one beer with me at parties. The other thought is just to have the occasional wine with dinner like kids in other countries - maybe then the "let's do it because it's forbidden" thing will be deflated. Not 100% sure on this one. Any thoughts will be welcomed.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Frank Zane Quote

"Everything is changing all the time. You've just got to change with it."

Cited in an article about Frank Zane

Gas Prices Reduce when Use Reduces!

An economic reality being reported FINALLY! This will be good. I hope it keeps people from sending me the one day gas boycott emails. This article lays it out pretty clear that long term use reduction will reduce oil prices. Supply and demand, hmmmmm.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep this in my email for the next round of "Let's Reduce Oil Prices by Boycotting for a day, or a particular company, etc."

Drivers May Have Seen Highest Prices as Gas Use Drops

Gasoline prices may fall as the shock of $3 a gallon at the pump prompts U.S. motorists to drive less.

Demand for gasoline in the four weeks ended Sept. 23 was 2.8 percent below a year earlier

Demand for gasoline in the U.S. has increased steadily for the past 15 to 20 years, said Tom Bentz, an oil trader with BNP Paribas in New York. ``In the last five years it's grown even more because of the American consumer buying SUVs.''

Rising fuel consumption pushed gasoline to all-time highs even before the storms. Retail gasoline prices rose almost 50 percent from the start of the year through mid-August. Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29.

``For a long time everyone's been waiting for when the high energy prices would affect the economy,'' Bentz said. ``Maybe we're finally seeing it now.''

Higher energy prices may cut 0.4 percentage point off of U.S. economic growth, Deutsche Bank economist Peter Hooper said last month.

Some analysts remain bullish on gasoline, predicting that the unprecedented scope of the refinery disruptions will push prices to new highs soon.

``Pressure on gasoline prices is going to continue because there's no solution in sight,'' said Luis Giusti of the Centre for Global Energy Studies. He said he expects U.S. pump prices to jump to $4 a gallon by the end of this year.

``We are running into an energy crisis,'' said Charles Maxwell, senior energy analyst at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut. He said conservation, whether prompted by public service announcements or pump prices, might not bring supply and demand back in balance longer term.

``We have had four recessions as a result of the last four energy crises,'' Maxwell said. While many people believe the economy has absorbed the high energy costs, Maxwell said, high prices will eventually cause a recession.

Oil trader Bentz also said there is a possibility that the slackening demand that is beginning to appear won't last. ``People have a short memory,'' Bentz said. ``If prices dip we might see them go right back to their old ways.''

Homeland Security Image

Nice Homeland Security Image at Asi Es Mi Vida


Cardio this morning. Did a video with 3 minutes of "get your heart pumping" cardio and one minute of weights for "strength." What I did was the 3 minutes of cardio, and then did jumping jacks for the 1 minute interval. Now THAT got my heart pumping. I did 60 jumping jacks each time.

Came in at 169.4 today. That's good, I'm hoping to be under 169.0 by the 15th.

* * *
Have had nice posts by Eileen and Becky lately. Smacking is probably busy with her new job. Haven't had a report on the long-term workout for awhile. Its tough keeping it up, but I'm hoping its all worth it!

Family stuf - my sis who supplied the kids with alcohol hasn't called. I'm assuming from what I heard of her "apology" that she won't call. She seemed to focus on "I know you won't let the kids come see me" which is very much typical dysfunctional behavior. Trying to guilt trip other people for her mistake. I've been strung out, and been around alcoholics and junkies enough to know that trick. So I guess that for awhile I won't let the kids hang out with my partying syblings. I think its wrong to give other people's children alcohol without their permission - especially when one of the parents is at the same event and you could easily ask them.

And on top of that, Study Finds that Most of us will be Fat over the long-term! Always trust the news to cheer you up!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Franklin Quote

From the BillyBoydFan

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.

Benjamin Franklin


OK, did a back and chest workout today. So 6 sets of pulldowns, 6 sets of rows, and 6 sets of benchpress. I'm actually feeling it in my arms - all that pulling and pushing I guess. Wednesday will be legs and arms. Then I'm out of town for the weekend and the next week I'll do the same, except on Wednesday and Friday.

Noticeable improvement! I think I may have popped my wrist back in April trying to bench 120 lbs. Now, I do 6 sets at 115 lbs for 10-12 reps. And I can do 3 sets of 5 with 160 lbs. I need to catch up with my back. But the squats and deadlifts will help with that. The rows and pulldowns will also work on that.

Didn't go out and run this weekend, but I was definitely up and moving about a lot!

* * *
OK, so its bad enough that most kids, including mine, will experiment with stuff. But when your sister is the supplier of booze that's too much! I was at a gig and she went home by the time I got back to the family party. She apologized to my wife, but hasn't called me. Very pissed, and don't know exactly what to do. The immaturity of some of my family - the ones who didn't see it as a big deal became clear.

The question is how to deal with it. Drinking, and smoking is a big part of the family and I don't want to do like others and avoid people all together, but I gotta figure out how to make it work for my family.

Obviously kids are grounded for a couple of weeks.

Bills are at the point where I'm starting to second guess my idea about becoming a house dad, but I think I'm gonna have to hold out.

And then there's Bush's Push To Conserve Energy! Should I laugh or cry!?!?

Elections are tomorrow in Albuquerque. I'm NOT voting for Mayor Marty (Martín when he's Mexican) think I'm gonna have to go with Griego. I'm voting for the increase in minimum wage, even though they are going to low ($7.50) its better than nothing. I'm voting for the public financing of elections, and voting NO for the voter ID.

Been having a hard time sticking to the diet. Beer is out, but next target is the sodas. I'm doing better, but will be even better off when they are out all together.

Gigs went well. The Arts & Crafts Fair was nice, but the crowd didn't seem to match with us. The audience at the Range in Bernalillo wasn't as great either - but hopefully we'll pack the house for our final gig there on October 14th! The house party was really nice. Got to notice that there's some vibe thing happening. We're getting all kinds of requests for info about gigs that we weren't getting when we assumed we would stick together. Now that we're disbanding everyone wants us to play!!! I said it was like when I first got married and then all these women hit on me that barely talked to me before then.

Played at a rodeo out in the mountains on Sunday. That was fun. They drove us out on a trailer and everything! My homie said if you ever have doubts about Chicanos go to the rodeos in the mountains and your faith will be restored. He was right! People asked to buy CDs but we didn't take any.

OH, at work someone sent me this link
A Snapshot of Teens, looks interesting...

Bueno Pues, guess that's all for now.

As always - KEEP LIFTING!!!!

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