Friday, July 29, 2005

1903 Globalization Quote

Coal introduced a new race of men who work with machinery instead of their hands, who cluster together in cities instead of spreading over the land, men who trade with those of other nations as readily as with those of their own whose market is no longer the city or country but the world itself.

Henry DeBeers Gibbins (1903)

Another Fun Quote from The Underground History of American Education


No workout today!!!!

Had rehearsal with my kids until about 10pm. Its great they are in a stage where they are bringing songs to learn all of the time and we are getting the skeletons of most songs on the first rehearsal.

Have a big gig next Saturday. Gonna do some vocals work tonight.

Obviously I've been on this education kick so sorry if I'm not posting enough workout stuff. Just feeling really busy and overwhelmed. But I think things are going in the right direction. Have a short gig tonight before rehearsal with the kids. I guess I'm giving them an apprenticeship into music.

Keep lifting!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Prussian Influence on US "Education"

The Prussian mind, which carried the day, held a clear idea of what centralized schooling should deliver: 1) Obedient soldiers to the army;2 2) Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms; 3) Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function; 4) Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5) Citizens who thought alike on most issues; 6) National uniformity in thought, word, and deed.

Prussian schools delivered everything they promised. Every important matter could now be confidently worked out in advance by leading families and institutional heads because well-schooled masses would concur with a minimum of opposition. This tightly schooled consensus in Prussia eventually combined the kaleidoscopic German principalities into a united Germany, after a thousand years as a nation in fragments. What a surprise the world would soon get from this successful experiment in national centralization! Under Prussian state socialism private industry surged, vaulting resource-poor Prussia up among world leaders. Military success remained Prussia’s touchstone. Even before the school law went into full effect as an enhancer of state priorities, the army corps under Blücher was the principal reason for Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, its superb discipline allowing for a surprisingly successful return to combat after what seemed to be a crushing defeat at the Little Corporal’s hands just days before. Unschooled, the Prussians were awesome; conditioned in the classroom promised to make them even more formidable.

Another Transformation

Best advice, I can give is to not get fat in the first place. But if you have already crossed that line, then don't give up, its never too late. I will probably always have some loose skin around the middle, and I may never see a six pack, but that doesn't get me down.


Did my mid week workout today. Tired the crap out of me. But I definately have that good feeling of working out. I'm at 173.2 so I just need another pound by Monday!!!

Guess its Tae Bo time.

Slept on Tuesday night from 9:30 to 7:30. I'm guessing I need to figure out getting more sleep regularly. Might start napping 15 minutes at work as my "break" that I'm supposed to take.

Told my supervisor I'd like to reduce my hours next year. He was cool about it. That helps. Gotta catch up on stuff today. Today is the hearing on my Grandmother's property so hopefully my aunt doesn't screw me out of a fair share.

Keep Lifting!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Iraq "PR"

The Truth NM blog has an interesting article worth checking out on the exact quotes being used in two different articles about the conflict in Iraq.

Change of Schedule

I'm going out of town for work tonight and tomorrow. So I'll do my Weds. workout on Thursday and the Friday workout on Saturday.

Funny - I got a friend that has a hard time going 4 miles for a meeting, but then expects me to borrow a car, and has twice let me walk it! Its hilarious and slightly irritating. If I didn't like this person so much, I'd bag the whole thing!!!

Anyway, still having a getting to sleep. Trying to get things done today for this trip and also thinking about the hearing on my grandmother's property. She had originally wanted me to get the house, but my Mom messed up the will, my aunt stayed in charge of it and sold it, now there's the division of the money. I wrote to the lawyer, and checked the usps website and it looks like the letter has not been delivered! I'm going to ask a lawyer friend to call on behalf of myself and my sister.

Anyway, I'll obviously be out a couple of days, I'll report on the workout when I get back!

Some of people who read the blog see me kinda regular so its cool to hear about it in person. Would still be nice to have a couple of comments every once in awhile.

Keep Lifting!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005


OK, I'm eating like crap AND not sleeping enough. So I'm back to 174 and holding. While still trying to build some muscle I'll try to get to 165 again. I'll shoot for about 1.5 lbs a week and see how it goes -wish me luck.

Workout wise, Mondays still suck. But at least last night I stayed up playing X-Box and laughing with the kids instead of stressing out about work. I think I'm gonna cut hours next year.

I'm gonna change my workout for next week. Gonna try Squats and Deadlifts as a super-set!

Keep Lifting!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

To Die for Your Country (State)

In no uncertain terms Fichte told Prussia the party was over. Children would have to be disciplined through a new form of universal conditioning. They could no longer be trusted to their parents. Look what Napoleon had done by banishing sentiment in the interests of nationalism. Through forced schooling, everyone would learn that "work makes free," and working for the State, even laying down one’s life to its commands, was the greatest freedom of all.


and another factoid from the same page:

as late as 1920, only 32 percent of American kids went past elementary school. If that sounds impossible, consider the practice in Switzerland today where only 23 percent of the student population goes to high school, though Switzerland has the world’s highest per capita income in the world.

BodyBuilding.Com Transformation of the Week

Transformation of the Week


One of my younger cousins passed yesterday. They don't know why. Needless to say this week hasn't been great on the sleeping well program.

I'll try and stay awake at work. Gotta be at meetings this afternoon. I usually take off early on Fridays but since I'll be at a day long meeting tomorrow, I'll take a really long lunch today. Maybe get a nap in.

# # #

The Amish thing has been interesting, mainly on the concept of having control of land, work, language, and family. Thinking about how some Chican@ and other Indigenous communities have been able to do some of that, but mostly how it is impacted differently by racism.

Lots to ponder.

Keep Lifting!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Amish Quote

Had to follow up with something! And I've had people imply that I spend TOO much time with my family!!!

"Some families are just so many individuals with the same last name, living in the same house. They seem to lead separate lives, go their own ways, each independent of the other. Each is busy leading his own life. They lack the essential elements of a joyful family life---love, togetherness, loyalty, sharing. These sad little groups of lonely individuals are not families at all---they are failures. They are missing out on one of the greatest challenges on this earth---building a meaningful family relationship where work, possessions, and even feelings can be shared in love and trust."


Amish Tech?

Found this article Amish Tech online of course!

Reading it is interesting went to a couple of other pages. I feel lazy and spoiled. Maybe that's the purpose of "society"!?

What I liked best about the article is the community choosing how they would deal with different technologies. Somehow I've always felt that technological "advancement" wasn't the same as human advancement. I know that Yaquis often ignored technology given to them because they didn't want it to change their character. Sounds like that is what the Amish do too.

I'm gonna try and have my kids read it and see what they say. I sometimes have fantasies of being self-reliant to a greater extreme - kinda Amish I guess - but my habits are to technology oriented... Guess its something to consider.

Over vacation I pondered opening a small business and giving up TV. Maybe its time. Add comments with your thoughts on this please because good dialogue is always helpful.

Amor y Rebeldia!

Good Stuff

Hey There:

Had a nice workout today. Gonna change my workout routine after next week to an A-B split version of the fat burning EDT.

One band I play in cancelled practice last night, its starting to get on my nerves. And since I've been looking for a band to give up so I have more time with my kids' group this may be it. We'll see, I've been quitting for several months now. But since we recorded, I thought I'd try to stick it out.

The other band goes OK. Its a little higher functioning but the audiences are more white and middle class. I like playing for working-class and Chicano audiences.

The kids got another gig yesterday. They'll be playing for NM Youth Day at 4pm. Then they'll be playing at Cristy Records (purchased by Red Hot Records ) on the 20th from about 2-4pm.

Not bad.

I came back from break at 174, and today I'm at 171.8! Pretty good. Talked with my little sister's mom yesterday and am set up for the trip to her Quinceñera on August 27th.

Keep Lifting!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Sleep means No Aerobics!

I get a call at midnight, one niece needs to come over because the other niece decided to hang out somewhere not totally safe.

Barely got up this morning. Trying to figure out what I can impact in these kiddos lives. I just keep trying to be a good example and be there when they need me. I think maybe treating them like they are the adults they think they're trying to be might work.

Hopefully get a good rest tonight.

Amor y Rebeldia!

Monday, July 18, 2005

What Matters Quote

What if you forget "the planet" and concentrate on finding a place where you can feel at home for the rest of your life? What if you shape your work so that it serves your spirit, your loved ones, your friends and neighbors? Would it matter in the long run? What if you tend the land and water in your own neighborhood and feel good about it because it is the best and only service you can perform for Planet Earth?

John Taylor Gatto

Food News 7/18

The candy industry is setting its sights on fitness buffs and kids. At this summer's largest candy trade show, several new lines of "energy enhancing" candies were released in an effort to capture a piece of the $3 billion/year consumers spend on performance boosters. New product lines included jelly beans packed with 120 milligrams of electrolytes and taffy pieces containing the equivalent of one coffee cup worth of caffeine in each bite. "I don't think that the new products belong in the candy aisle," said Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. "The use of stimulants is an even greater concern because they can cause dangerous increases in a person's heart rate and blood pressure." Larry Graham, president of the National Confectioners Association, disagrees, saying the candy industry has every right to "build healthful benefits into their candy."

Corporations against Democracy
Consumers and farmers in California and New England have been taking action over the past year to protect their local communities from genetic pollution by passing local, city, and county ordinances banning genetically engineered (GE) crops. Cities, counties and townships that have passed such laws say this regulatory need stems from the fact that organic farmers and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) farmers have been increasingly losing money every year as GMO pollen from neighboring fields contaminates their crops. In response to these ordinances, the biotech industry and corporate agribusiness are striking back with a vengeance. At least 12 states have recently passed "Monsanto laws" taking away the rights of cities and counties to ban GE crops. Now legislators in California, the nation's most important agricultural producer, are responding to the lobbying power of the biotech industry and are threatening to pass a controversial law that would take away local rights to regulate GMOs. The OCA is actively involved in trying to stop these "Monsanto Laws" from being passed . Get involved:

Que Aguite!

OK, returning to work after the week off. The week off was great! Definately see why vacations are so important. Even though I didn't really go anywhere I got to hang with my wife for the week. The kids were at an organizer training all week. They came back changed and matured a good degree for a week's time.

I think I changed some too. I got to reflect on what I want. Self-sufficiency is a good term for it. Listening to Los Relampagos del Norte and thinking about how my grandparents tried to give me what they didn't have and what they didn't give to their own kids. Its a great sentiment, but there's also a cost with that. I didn't learn much of what I now want to teach my kids. But we all get to learn it together.

Working for someone else is hopefully not my lifelong direction. Whatever I can figure out to have some sort of financial independence will be good.

Oh, yeah, my workout sucked. The worse one of the summer. Not hard, just didn't get much out of it. Couldn't sleep last night. Definately didn't want to come back to work today. But what the heck. Its what I got for now.

This Gatto dude is good. I don't know if I agree with everything, but I like that. It's more challenging that way.

Keep Lifting!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hay Batman Que Chinga!

Didn't want to workout today. Back was tight, felt like crap, etc...

Worked out anyway. Was sweating up a storm and feeling crappy. If I could be this productive at work it would be good - at least for the system. I think I just have a hard time with top down stuff in general. I happen to like democracy but know that most people don't want to take the time to practice it or participate because of the responsibility. Too bad that people think our voting system is democracy.

I think this John Taylo Gatto dude is right when he says, "Schools train individuals to respond as a mass."

Keep Lifting!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Updating on Vacation

Things are good. I adjusted my weightlifting yesterday to avoid hurting my lower back any more.

Been doing cardio with my wife and overall gotta say this is nice. What's a pain is that I go back to work next week!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Overcast Tuesday

It's hot and overcast. Did a Cathy Smith "Use Weights to Lose Weight" workout this morning. Went to a punk show last night and slept in.

Staying and taking it easy today. What a difference.

Also, we had a good debate at lunch about schools. My wife is in defense of them. I think its partially because as a trained educator she felt defensive of my questioning.

Anyway, I think I may have pulled the muscle at the top of my glute. I noticed it last week but was hoping it was no big deal doesn't hurt much, but if I still feel it in the morning I'll skip working my glutes and lower back for the week and supplement in something else.

Keep Lifting!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Vacation Workout 1

My kids got on a flight to a Youth Organizers' Training for a week. After that I came home and worked out.

I'm officially on vacation. Trying to avoid the calls to meetings and stuff like that.

My wife had said she'd do aerobics with me after I worked out, but she didn't want to get up. Don't blame her. Gonna work on doing aerobics tonight.

For the meantime, I may go try and find some better excuse to wake her up! =)

Will read more of the education book later or next week.

Keep Lifting!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Even More Educational Stuff

From day one I definately thought school had problems. I've heard about kids that were allowed to study on their own - of course they were labled gifted and apparently all white.

And reading more of this book is interesting. Much of it isn't completely surprising, but resonates with my experience.

What is interesting is that much of what people like about me may be things that I developed in my personality from NOT having gone to school or church as often as prescribed!

Qoute about the economy and keeping us dumb:

First, says Zuckerman, the American worker is a pushover. That’s my translation, not his, but I think it’s a fair take on what he means when he says the American is indifferent to everything but a paycheck. He doesn’t try to tell the boss his job. By contrast, Europe suffers from a strong "steam age" craft tradition where workers demand a large voice in decision-making. Asia is even worse off, because even though the Asian worker is silenced, tradition and government interfere with what business can do.

Next, says Zuckerman, workers in America live in constant panic; they know companies here owe them nothing as fellow human beings. Fear is our secret supercharger, giving management flexibility no other country has. In 1996, after five years of record profitability, almost half of all Americans in big business feared being laid off. This fear keeps a brake on wages.

Next, in the United States, human beings don’t make decisions, abstract formulas do; management by mathematical rules makes the company manager-proof as well as worker-proof.

Finally, our endless consumption completes the charmed circle, consumption driven by non- stop addiction to novelty, a habit which provides American business with the only reliable domestic market in the world. Elsewhere, in hard times business dries up, but not here; here we shop till we drop, mortgaging the future in bad times as well as good.

7/8 Quote

Might there be an instructive parallel between teaching a kid to drive as my uncle taught me to do at age eleven, and the incredible opportunities working-class kids like Franklin were given to develop as quickly and as far as their hearts and minds allowed? We drive, regardless of our intelligence or characters, because the economy demands it; in colonial America through the early republic, a pressing need existed to get the most from everybody. Because of that need, unusual men and unusual women appeared in great numbers to briefly give the lie to traditional social order. In that historical instant, thousands of years of orthodox suppositions were shattered. In the words of Eric Hoffer, "Only here in America were common folk given a chance to show what they could do on their own without a master to push and order them about." Franklin and Edison, multiplied many times, were the result.

He talks about the economic need for allowing people to learn as they need. So what's the economic need in keeping us stupid through schooling?

Education Stuff

So I'm reading this book The Underground History of American Education. And like Smacking says it's no surprise. I remember not wanting to send my kids to school, but I couldn't and haven't figured out homeschooling.

Part of me is blown away, and part of me is saying "see I knew it was f*cked up!"

Now to figure out smart ways to share this with my family. The unfortunate reality is that society withdraws some privileges to many people who are unschooled. Education is not the issue, in fact those T-shirts that say "Danger Education Xicano" make a different statement to me now.

Keep Learning!

News and Good Workout

My wife found her Mom! They hadn't spoken for 30 years - long story. But not only that she has a 27 year old brother in grad school.

Reminds me of when I found my little brother. I knew he had been around, but his family was against us knowing him for a long time. Guess my dad was an asshole.

* * *

Had a great workout. My wife was up early, think she's just processing tons of crap. So she hung out with me while I did calf raises. Put my chest workout before the arm workout. May have been a good change. I also increased the angle on the bench for the dumbbell bench press. I'm doing 80 lbs on the bench, but its with dumbbells - seems tons harder to me. There's no rack and each arm has to get all of the stablizing going. I've done up to 120 on the bar, but this is really kicking my butt! I figure I'm just gonna have to push my arms harder to get them up for this workout.

Today was the first day that I felt a "pump" in my biceps in a long time. Hope that's good.

* * *

My brother-in-law goes in today for a procedure to work on the arteries on his neck. I guess too much fat in his diet and stuff. Can't tell, he looks the stereotype healthy - ie he's "thin". Hope it all goes good.

I'm going on vacation, but will keep working out and give any updates. I'm at 171.8 today, don't know what's going on. Hope its muscle. My waist was at 38 and 5/8" so I'm not getting suddenly fatter. Carajo, maybe I am getting "buff" - que chingon!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another "Education" Quote

I'm really liking this book. It's pissing me off but that isn't stopping me.

Forced schooling was the medicine to bring the whole continental population into conformity with these plans so that it might be regarded as a "human resource" and managed as a "workforce." No more Ben Franklins or Tom Edisons could be allowed; they set a bad example. One way to manage this was to see to it that individuals were prevented from taking up their working lives until an advanced age when the ardor of youth and its insufferable self-confidence had cooled.

The Underground History of American Education

No Working Out Today

Couldn't drag my butt out of bed today.

Didn't turn on the TV for the news today, so I just heard about something big happening in London. What a world.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The New Dumbness

I'm gonna add this site as a permanent link, but for now check out

The New Dumbness

"Jacques Ellul, whose book Propaganda is a reflection on the phenomenon, warned us that prosperous children are more susceptible than others to the effects of schooling because they are promised more lifelong comfort and security for yielding wholly:

Critical judgment disappears altogether, for in no way can there ever be collective critical judgment....The individual can no longer judge for himself because he inescapably relates his thoughts to the entire complex of values and prejudices established by propaganda. With regard to political situations, he is given ready-made value judgments invested with the power of the truth by...the word of experts.

The new dumbness is particularly deadly to middle- and upper-middle-class kids already made shallow by multiple pressures to conform imposed by the outside world on their usually lightly rooted parents. When they come of age, they are certain they must know something because their degrees and licenses say they do. They remain so convinced until an unexpectedly brutal divorce, a corporate downsizing in midlife, or panic attacks of meaninglessness upset the precarious balance of their incomplete humanity, their stillborn adult lives. Alan Bullock, the English historian, said Evil was a state of incompetence. If true, our school adventure has filled the twentieth century with evil.

The individual has no chance to exercise his judgment either on principal questions or on their implication; this leads to the atrophy of a faculty not comfortably exercised under [the best of] conditions...Once personal judgment and critical faculties have disappeared or have atrophied, they will not simply reappear when propaganda is suppressed...years of intellectual and spiritual education would be needed to restore such faculties. The propagandee, if deprived of one propaganda, will immediately adopt another, this will spare him the agony of finding himself vis a vis some event without a ready-made opinion.

Once the best children are broken to such a system, they disintegrate morally, becoming dependent on group approval. A National Merit Scholar in my own family once wrote that her dream was to be "a small part in a great machine." It broke my heart. What kids dumbed down by schooling can’t do is to think for themselves or ever be at rest for very long without feeling crazy; stupefied boys and girls reveal dependence in many ways easily exploitable by their knowledgeable elders.

And for those of us with "gifted" kids and such:

According to all official analysis, dumbness isn’t taught (as I claim), but is innate in a great percentage of what has come to be called "the workforce." Workforce itself is a term that should tell you much about the mind that governs modern society. According to official reports, only a small fraction of the population is capable of what you and I call mental life: creative thought, analytical thought, judgmental thought, a trio occupying the three highest positions on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Just how small a fraction would shock you. According to experts, the bulk of the mob is hopelessly dumb, even dangerously so. Perhaps you’re a willing accomplice to this social coup which revived the English class system. Certainly you are if your own child has been rewarded with a "gifted and talented" label by your local school. This is what Dewey means by "proper" social order.

I hope my teacher friends give some feedback on this book. Its online and free.

Diet Soda Helps you GAIN Weight?!

Here's some fun info at apparently they've tested some Chican@s and non-Chicanos and found that diet sodas can actually lead to weight gain!!!

Weds Workout

Things continue to go well. Busted my butt on today's workout. Literally since Kickbacks were the middle of my workout.

I can tell that I'm getting stronger. Can't tell if I'm getting any more muscular though. I'll have to measure next week and also get a new digital camera. Mine went down a stream while we were camping!!!

Laters and Keep Lifting!

oh found a weird blog, by following blog links its Xiaxue apparently been interviewed on Asian TV and everything, can't find anything spectacular.

Oh, well.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mas Tae Bo!

Still doing Tae Bo. I have 4 basic workouts and the 8 minute workout to choose from.

I don't work up much of a sweat. I might try to do the "pretend" jump rope thing with the Body for Life protocol on 20 minutes for cardio. See it here.

After the 3 day weekend I was at 171.0 today. Not too bad.

Monday Workout

Man, going camping and coming back to workout in a hot garage at 6pm was hard. But like lately, it was hard starting, but went well once I got going. I adjusted my cable row exercise. Instead of sitting far back and having to do a lot of grunting to get the weight up and going, I placed my feet on the bar that holds the pulley and pulled from there. Don't know if that's too close, but I think it will be alright. It should do until I start doing bent rows with the free weights.

Noticed that I work up a bigger sweat doing leg extensions and leg curls than doing the other exercises. Interesting. On Friday I also noticed the same thing with the curls and triceps extensions.

Here's my 3 PR Zones for Mondays on my 2nd month of the EDT workout.

PR Zone 1
Cable Row & Flat Bench Flyes
Single Leg Extensions & Lying Leg Curls
Wide-Grip Pulldowns and Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Changed the order, one exercise completely, and adjusted one.

Keep Lifting!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005


OK, for those of you who don't have enough to do. Today was my goal day. I figured about 20 weeks ago that I should have a target. I fell short, but I'm not too hurt by that, because it was my first experience at this. So instead of 20lbs lost in 20 weeks, I lost 15, and I came pretty close on the waist. I had thought I'd get to 37 1/4" by today and I got to 37 7/8". Guess the other 5 pounds might have helped with that.

So here goes The first measurements are 2/15/05 and the second are 7/1/05
Waist 43" - 37 7/8"
R Calf 15" - 14 3/8"
L Calf 15" - 14 1/2"
R Thigh 21" - 21 1/8"
L Thigh 22" - 21 5/8"
Hips 41 1/2" - 39 1/2"
Chest 43 1/2" - 41 7/8"
R Arm 14 1/2" - 14"
L Arm 14" - 14 1/8"
R Forearm 11 1/2" - 11 1/2"
L Forearm 11 1/4" - 11 1/2"

Forgot these when I felt fatter
R Bicep 14 5/8"
L Bicep 14 1/2"

Don't know what the accuracy is like and this doesn't paint the whole picture. There are measurements I took in between and I'll share a couple of those then I'm out for a good weekend.

For example my left arm was 14" on 2/15 then on 6/10 it was 13 1/8", then today was 14 1/8". So I'm hoping that what happened is I lost some fat, and now I'm building some muscle and still losing some fat. Hopefully!!!

Another example is my right calf, I'm just pulling these out - started at 15" then on 4/20 was 14 3/8", then on 6/10 was 14 1/4" and finally today is 14 3/8". The legs were measured while I was doing the leg only workouts due to carpal tunnel. I didn't measure upper body then.

Anyway, hope that's inspiring to somebody out there! I'm feeling good about it.

Keep Lifting!!!

Starter Workout part 2

Weeks 4-6

There's two workouts here, so you can either do an "A-B" split with it, doing workout 1 on Monday and Friday, and workout 2 on Wednesday. The next week you can do workout 2 on Monday and Friday, and workout 1 on Wednesday. OR you can do each workout twice a week and workout four days a week. I would suggest something like Monday, Tuesday, then Thursday and Friday doing workout 1 on Monday and Thursday.

Workout 1 (chest, back, shoulders) 3 sets of 12 on all exercises
Bench Press
Dumbbell Flye
Seated Cable Rows
Lat Pulldown
Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Shrug

Workout 2 (arms, legs, core)
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Cable Pressdown
EZ Bar Curl

Good Luck and Keep Lifting!!!

1 Month of EDT

Had a rough workout again. Came home late after going to a family dinner. Then the phone rings at 1:30 am, but no message. Then at 2:45 am my niece knocks on the door, she needs a place to sleep!

Needless to say, my workout didn't start until 6:15. But it went OK overall. I pushed really hard and broke my PR Zone for Incline Bench and Rear Raises. Caught myself using really bad form on the raises and corrected it. I think I'm actually developing a chest!

Over the weekend I'll plan some minor changes for my next month's workout. Change a couple of exercises and also change the order. I think it is not good to do my bench right after doing curls!!!

After a big meal for dinner last night, I weighed in today at 170.6! Still in the 170 range so I'm very happy. I'll probably be offline on Monday, but I'll check in on Tuesday. I still plan to workout on Monday, but probably in the afternoon as we'll be returning from camping.

Will be posting some measurements in a few.

Keep Lifting!

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