Thursday, January 31, 2008


Trying to look at the Edwards Elimination of Poverty program, when the computer ate my original post!!!

Basically just having the guts to say ELIMINATE POVERTY instead of being anti-poverty is a big deal.

The economic system we have now that requires poverty to function as it does is created. There are laws and regulations deliberated on and adjusted over decades to give us what we have now. Breaking out of that mentality is what most attracted me to Edwards. I think Kucinich was further "left" but not charismatic enough for US presidential politics. But between them I would likely still vote for Kucinich.

I was listening to Air America today and the caller was talking about the Republicans having pulled perspective so far to the right that Edwards is actually "CENTER" but is presented as some looney leftist. Thinking about that comment is what made me decide to review him today.

Putting a time line is impressive. The most amazing thing is that it is doable! He may have been timid in order to get the first steps in, but still better than the remaining candidates. We'll see if they really take up his campaign.

A minimum wage of at least $9.50 would be a good start if he didn't put if off for 4 years. He points out that a $1 minimum wage increase in 2001 would have pulled 900,000 people out of poverty. Way to go. Now it would likely need to be $2 or more dollars. Indexing to inflation is another excellent idea. Again, shortening the work week and giving people $20/hr would likely allow two parent families to choose to have one parent stay home. Most of us benefit from the underpaid workers. It's time for everyone to get a fair share for their work. Reward work!

Changing the measure of poverty is great! Here is one example called the
Bare Bones Budget. As long as we have an inacurate view of poverty we will not be able to eliminate it. The inequities that are required for the rich to be as rich as they are... well are disgusting. Amazing we put up with it. But part of it comes from some crazy idea that our society is the way things are "naturally" supposed to be.

Supporting Unions and worker protections, excellent!

His housing vouchers are interesting. Revitalizing devestated neighborhoods is definitely important to make the US live up to its values and promises. The wealth gap between "whites" and everyone else was set up after WWII. It is time to set things right.

Work bonds and accesible savings! Totally important to the equitable development of all the members of our society. Also important for retirement and educational attainment.

Going after abusive financial products and predatory lending - PRICELESS!

He falls short of Free Higher Education. Strengthening schools by paying teachers more. Good idea! Economic diversity in the schools is interesting. I think by creating a more equitable society this would become self-correcting. But encouraging it in the meantime is probably a good idea.

Family literacy is good. Maybe just going for full literacy like.... CUBA! If they can do it, why not the US?

Going after fathers. Good if he's going to go for full employment - something not really mentioned.

Goes after teenage pregnancies. Nothing specific, but seems to be an important goal. With good jobs, good education, and strong financial supports. This problem may also diminish from the change in environment.

Home visits for new families has been researched and shown to work.

"No one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. If a job takes you away from your family every single day — or for many low-wage workers all through the night — it had better pay you enough to support them."
John Edwards

Overall, this platform is relatively strong. Too bad he couldn't stay in until Super-Tuesday, but from what I understand he pulled out in order not to be a "spoiler." I'll have to look into which candidate he would spoil for.

On another note, Clinton Turns Out to be Silent on Anti-Union Wal-Mart Board! Go figure.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1/30/08 Left Candidates Again

Left candidates for President
Gloria La Riva
Brian Moore
Róger Calero

Mainstream media is not going to give them enough play. Hell they didn't even give Edwards or Kucinich fair air time. Figured I might as well. I'll be reviewing their platforms soon.

Also was just sent an email saying that there are VIVA Obama clubs being formed. Similar to the Viva Kennedy campaign of the 60s. I'm hoping to find out which "Chicano Movement" organizations as that would be interesting.

Part of the Chicano movement of the later 60s came from people who were upset at the promises that never materialized from the Kennedy days. Corky was one of the Viva Kennedy organizers.



Here's a fun read! Meat Guzzler!!! This sucks for weightlifters trying to add pounds, but is good information. I was getting my hip worked on so I missed the State of the Union address. General word I've heard so far.... it was crap!

Workouts will be greatly reduced until I can walk normally.

# # #

It seems that Edwards is dropping out and someone asked me what I thought of Obama. Being a staunch third party guy, I hadn't thought much about him, other than he sounds like Edwards with a two week delay.

I thought I would look at Economy on his website and see if I could gather thoughts......

FIRST OFF!!!! Tax "Fairness" for the middle-class. He wants to reduce taxes, crazy! Taxes are our dues. It's how we get the services we often take for granted such as roads, fire departments, parks, clean water. If he wants to put more money in the pockets of people who are working he should create a LIVING WAGE!!! The US has one of the largest income inequalities in the world. Pay working people more! That will generate more spending, which creates more jobs, which provides more taxes for services.

If he wants to to make Tax Fairness then he needs to increases taxes to the rich and corporations. Amazingly not mentioned. The rich have benefited most from the infrastructure created as public goods. Wally world uses roads, airports, ports, and other public infrastructure than you or I.

The mortgage stuff sounds OK. A lot of his stuff on making tax filing easier and the Earned Income Tax Credit, reducing taxes to seniors, etc. Sounds OK. I still think that increasing incomes would go further and still allow the country to invest. Where are we going to get money for schools without taxes?

College credit? Just make education free!

Early childhood education. He is for expanding which is good. Best way to go? Universal Child Care! (Oh, and of course pay child care workers well!)

He talks about recruiting teachers. He should include paying them well, and paying school support staff well. Public school teaching still has a pay gap as it was once seen as a "woman's job" - now let's get real, and pay people what the true value of educating our next generation is worth! Hopefully he addresses pay gaps somewhere. Let me see....

Hmmmm, Trade Agreements... They have generally been bad for all the workers involved. He wants to share the benefits of globalization. The assumption here is that "growth" as it has been envisioned is helpful. But we've seen that the growth in the 90s led to more inequality and an increase in poverty.

Unless he's talking - and none of the liberal party types are talking about this - about sustained efforts to redistribute economic resources among the members of society, he will not have much impact on poverty. The ideology that "economic growth" is more important than workers and regular citizens being able to meet their basic needs leads us to policies that encourage companies to abandon communities to seek profits, and punishes workers who cross national boundaries to do the same.

He is sounding good on the need for job retraining. Hopefully he's also for full employment....

OK, support for businesses with health care. Why not just go for Universal Health Care?

Expand loans for small businesses, nice. Focusing on reducing his revenue to get things done - typical and not smart.

Oooh, cracking down on corporate tax havens! Nice, something there, way at the bottom though. Oh wait!!!! Check this out, WAY DOWN at the bottom of the page.

wait for it...

So his prioritization of his message turned me off before I would have gotten there if I wasn't working on this blog.

Let's see what he says...
"As president, Obama would further raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing -- things so many people take for granted."

Doesn't say how much. But indexing to inflation and increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit are excellent! That means that people advocating for a living wage next round need to aim for the stars! My vote - a 30 hour work week at $20 an hour, maybe $25.

His plan sounds complicated. England, Canada, Cuba, Sweden, Norway, France and many others have Universal Health Care, wonder if there is an easier way...

Let's see other good points, increasing after school programs, extending family medical leave, and flexible work schedules. Focusing on "middle class" as opposed to "working class" - well that gets votes I guess.

So I would say he's probably the best Democrat left in the race. Maybe I should see if the Kucinich platform is still up. Will I vote for him? Depends on what third party candidates get on the ballot. I believe in voting for my values and not just someone who has a chance at winning.

If you click on the pdf summary of his plan supporting striking workers, unions and fighting attacks on workers comes up. Too bad they are not primary to his messaging. All I've seen on his TV ads wouldn't lead me to see this.


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Monday, January 28, 2008



My whole post disappeared!!! I hate that crap. I'm on a wireless that craps out a few times a day. This was one of those.

OK, I did get to workout on Saturday. Leg day is tearing up my hip and back. The plan to deal with that is to focus more on leg extensions and leg curls. No cardio this week and move leg day to Friday so I'm not walking around like I got jumped last night all week long! I should still be able to make progress. When I do squat and deadlift, I'll need to go lighter. I'll also have to figure out releasing this hip muscle!!!

# # #

I've been checking out the housing crash. Looks like the US is screwed economically for awhile. This is going to be a long slow scenic trip to hell in the handbasket! And somehow $600 will make it all better! LMAO

There was a new story about how Wally world, Targit and Dollar Yeneral will get the majority of that money. There will probably be a great deal of advertising to make sure that happens. What if instead we put most of that into paying off our debts! Then we take the rest and buy seeds for gardens. Imagine if the government money actually helped people out of debt and helped them have inexpensive healthy food!

That would throw these guys. The only thing they can think of is to give us a quick handout and encourage us to shop. But what if we keep taking the handouts and redirect it to something useful!!! Paying debt and healthy food. I'm sure there's other ideas, but after losing the first post that's where I'm at for now.



Thursday, January 24, 2008


Got in a good workout yesterday. Realizing that my lower back is a weak spot. So working on my core strength will be good for the next couple of months.

On to politics!

Left candidates for President
Gloria La Riva
Brian Moore
Róger Calero

More info to come.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

935 Lies


I hate when this thing eats my posts!!!!

OK, so we were told at least
935 lies about Iraq. That's JUST IRAQ!!!!! Imagine what else we've been lied about and how often!

So BILLIONS of dollars that could have been invested in our children, our environment, and our economy. I haven't heard anything brilliant from our big party guys, not even John Edwards.

What if.... we raised the minimum wage so average working folks could afford food, heat, gas, and their mortgage?! What if we created more jobs to reduce unemployment? Or even better, what if CEOs who make 300 times what the average employee makes, only made 50 times that, and that other 250 created new jobs. These would be people who actually spend their money and not hoard it, so likely they would create the new jobs that the CEO's lifestyle sucks dry.

Or what if instead of giving
Halliburton millions, we put regular people in the US to work here?

This would help the environment much more long term. People would buy, creating more jobs. People would be able to invest in their kids, pay mortgages, heat, and sometimes gas! But that would also require that we cut the tax rip-offs from the rich. They get the most benefits from our tax dollars. They get the most use out of the roads, the internet, the police, and other benefits. Why should they pay less?

Oh, and my leg workout kicked ass!



Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Had a good three day weekend. I worked out Saturday and Monday. I'm starting out light - benching 120, squatting 140, and deadlifting 95. I may not sound light, but I got up pretty heavy for awhile. I'll work my way up slowly again. My goal is fat loss. I'd rather be a little better cut and out of risk for diabetes, and lower my blood pressure than lift super heavy.

I'm trying to get on the treadmill 5 times a week. 7 would be optimal. I'm just walking so I'm not worried about overtraining with that.



Thursday, January 17, 2008


Getting in good workouts this week. Been on the treadmill twice and lifted twice.

I'm going to get some blood work done this morning and then get some appointments set up for my family.

I picked up the voter information for Raza Unida voters in Bernalillo County. Not bad, it's giving me a good idea of what to work on this year. One would be doubling the number of registered Raza Unida voters in the county. The second would be to look at where we can get into the discourse. It is clear that there are progressive Democrats and they are definitely better than the most "center" Republicans. But there is a strong need for the conversation to go beyond the box as its defined right now.

My ideas? Support Unions! Support progressive political parties and organizations. Register, vote, and get involved in anything you have energy to be involved with. Encourage those around you get involved. The solution to many of our problems right now is more democracy! Seeing the rich being the only ones to make decisions for everyone is disgusting. Technically that's called an oligarchy. Given the family dynasties running the country we need to say "Ya Basta!"

Remember, stolen votes - by disenrolling tons of African Americans in Florida gave us this President. It is time to step up and move this country toward the common welfare. Our civic wellbeing is at stake, and it has always been lots of good regular people working to make things right that improves the situation.

Here's a good link from Machi for MLK's Birthday...


Monday, January 14, 2008


The "easiest" way to lost 10 pounds.

There's more to share, but it will have to wait till later.

Oh, and in case the economy isn't depressing enough there's always this guy.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Why an Unequal Society is an Unhealthy Society

Trying to post this for the third freakin time! Anyway, it appears that being healthy is more than eating veggies and working out!

Let's get to it! (More to come.)

ps - my brother is stable.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Damn. Car died. Phone died. Found out that Saturday a cousin died in California, his funeral is today. Not the best day. But I'm alive and my brain is still working, so I'll just have to figure out fixing stuff one thing at a time.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So if Hillary wins that means we went from a Bush, to a Clinton, to a Bush followed by a Clinton. Does this seem strange for a country where equality and democracy are supposed to be guiding values?

On top of that John Edwards seems to be blocked out of news for the most part. People are being written off, is it because their platform sucks? Is it because they are corrupt? NO, because they don't have enough money. Great to know that money, not wisdom, intelligence, or even appropriate values decides the president of the "free world." I guess it's not so "FREE" after all!

It's time for regular working people to take back this society we live in. No better time than now!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Tips for today..

Four Health Changes that make a difference - this is focused on individual change, but if the government subsidised fruits and vegetables like they do beef, we'd all be healthier.

5 habits to increase longevity.

Oh, and I noticed that Edwards is rarely mentioned. Interesting how media can make decisions for us on what we should know. Edwards gave a great speech on standing up for homeless veterans. Too bad that didn't get more airplay.


Friday, January 04, 2008


Please send your thoughts out for my brother Shawn. He's in ICU.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Presidential Candidates

People ask me who I'm for in Iowa... The PEOPLE!

I usually vote third party. But if I had to vote for someone in the Dems, I would likely vote Kucinich. After that maybe Edwards. There's an interesting article on Bill and Obama conspiring to bump Edwards.

For a check on presidential candidates of all parties check the following:
Project Vote Smart
Politics 1 and for third party candidates

Orale - Keep Voting!!!



So much to be greatful for. Of course my family - my wife and children are awesome. And yes, we have some difficulties and challenges, but who doesn't? They are great people and I am lucky to have them in my life.

My sisters are good to me for the most part. They blow me off and do dumb crap sometimes, but if I need help they are there - well most of them anyway! My brothers are a little different. I'm generally not that tight with guys.

My co-workers rock. The management part of my job is the least favorite. Especially when people aren't interested in doing what's needed. But learning this part well will definitely help me out long-run.

My best friends. V, MG, R, MR, and maybe even GA (though I'm not sure she knows she's that good of a friend). Definitely been a big help.

SMACKING, RJ, GA, SG, SR all listen to me about the stuff I don't want to post on this blog! And on a semi-regular basis. MRe, VLaC, CA and others do less often.

Dr. Z and RJ listen to me talk about politics and figure things out. MM listens to me while I figure out how I want to communicate stuff and supports me no matter what.

MB chats with me online and isn't freaked out by me... But she does freak out randomly sometimes! LOL

Rudyboy let's me jam every Thursday! And Mary Helen was serving me - until I decided to quit drinking for awhile.

Of course the band for giving me space to figure out my musical self to some degree.

There's so much more. I'll start working out again by getting on the treadmill today. I'll start lifting next week again.

I watched "The High Cost of Low Price" last night. And realized that there is so much to do. I think the main things are eliminating corporate welfare, and providing everyone with a family friendly living wage. Of course the US as a world leader SHOULD promote these things globally as much as it promotes everything else. In the special features there is Wal-Mart that closes in Canada because the workers were able to get a union.

After watching the movie the reasons I would encouraging boycotting Wally World are:
Institutional Sexism
Institutional Racism
Corporate Welfare
Anti-Small Company

Basically, they are against the ideals of fairness, community, and paying people for their work.

Politically I don't see how the US economy can maintain this beast. Living wages would help. A government with some scruples to actually help people instead of corporations would be nice also!

An interesting short video... It was good to watch because I'm trying to engage people to develop vision through La Raza Unida. But definitely pessimism and pragmatism are getting in the way - that and some unrecognized privilege. It takes privilege to say "I can't make a better world for OUR children because I'm taking care of MY children" - I know people don't like me to say that, but what the hell - it's my blog. There are times when single people need to step up; there are organizations that need to be more family, child, and youth friendly; and there are people who need to quit using their kids as excuses.

The short video here...Power of vision....

Siguenle Pa' 'delante!!!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Predictions

Got this from Cocoposts....
Predictions for 2008 from Kunstler...

Bye 07!

Well, I think overall 07 was a good year. But I have to admit that the last couple of weeks kicked my butt. Just too much going on. Luckily I had some good people to lean on - thank you! Hopefully you know who you are.

I had the standard crap at the end of the year - broken vehicles, short on cash, family stress, lack of sleep, relationship crap, work crap, etc. My living room is set up poorly and I was promised a couch with a hide-a-bed and then found out that fell through. It would have made it easier to have people over and might have cracked some of the isolation my family goes through because no one wants to invite people over to our place because of lack of sitting space.

Hopefully the person who got it, a great person, needs it more. I think people assume because I got a good job that I no longer could use hand me down furniture and stuff like that. But because my wife changed jobs, our household actually makes less than when I was at my last job.

But I am greatful for so much. My homie MR for playing music with me at my Comadre's funeral. My M&M for helping me get a cool job, that pays MUCH better than the State job I used to have. Otherwise I'd be in much deeper crap financially than I am now.

Learning to manage a non-profit with a for-profit legacy has been challenging. I think the place has amazing potential and I hope I can figuring out how to help people think differently. I read a book over my time off (LOL!!! OK, my time off work) called "When Affirmative Action was White."

This book does an excellent job of explaining how social inequities are created through the real examples of the New Deal and GI Bill. He also explains the difficulty in oppressed people having to deal with the reality of getting something, so the expectation of appreciating that, and knowing that it is still less than what you deserve, so needing to voice that also.

So many of the inequities of our society were engineered, not like in a "consipiracy," but engineered. The difficult part is in thinking about how society gives more to those who have more already and less to those who have less is that I can see how that works on smaller levels. Individual and family levels and how these things compound over periods of time. Whether months or years.

Whether because you are lighter, more assimilated, more educated, etc. Things turn out different. Though the choice of living in the hood is a difficult one. I also realized that to have chosen something else would have been a big privilege. And I can see how living in a nice neighborhood can make one forget about what many people deal with.

In the long run, I'm glad I stayed where I did. It keeps me from losing sight of what needs to be done. It keeps me from forgetting my responsibility to pitch in my two cents toward a better society.

Oh, back to the thank yous! I'll have to do more tomorrow. But so many of you have helped me in some way. From my best friends, to people who didn't even think they were my friends. People who love me no matter how funky I am! LOL

Learning how to practice music, setting good workout goals, and starting my blood pressure medication are things I was able to do for myself that should have a good impact. Also being more conscious of my writing. And deciding to get La Raza Unida energized again... All good stuff!

Sigue Pa' 'delante!!!

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