Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Open Office and Custom OO Shapes

I haven't done an Open Source post in awhile. But if you are tired of the software from the richest guy in the world, then get Open Office!!!

After that, you may want to try Custom OO Shapes!!!

KEEP CopyLefting!



This farwell speech to the Nation by Eisenhower is truly important.

It is amazing that this has not been put on the level as some of the speeches taught in schools. Much of what we talk about in progressive politics relates to this speech - peace, investment in the commons, the economy, and structure of society.

A nice comparison....

Keep Lefting!!!

ps - Thanks to Bex and Machi for the comments!!!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Interesting Speech

I think everyone should see this!

I'll post more on Monday!

Gotta go!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Fidel is stepping down, but the US is going to keep sanctions.... Another broken promise.

Surpise? Unfortunately no...



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Parties in NM

Parties and their abbreviations that are acceptable to the Secretary of State

American Independent Party (AIP)
Citizen's Party of New Mexico (CNM)
Constitutional Party (CON)
Democratic Party (DEM)
First New Mexican Party (FNM)
Independent (IND)
Independent New Mexican Party (NMI)
La Raza Unida de Nuevo Mejico (LRU)
Libertarian Party (LIB)
Natural Law Party of New Mexico (NLP)
New Mexico Alliance Party (NAP)
New Mexico Green Party (GRN)
New Mexico Socialist Party (SNM)
New Mexico Taxpayers Party (NMT)
New Party of New Mexico (PNM)
Peace and Freedom Party (PAF)
People's Constitutional Party (PCP)
Prohibitionist Party (PRO)
Reform Party of New Mexico (REF)
Republican Party (REP)
Socialist Labor Party (SLP)
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)
Worker's World Party (WWP)
Other (OTH)
If you put none, leave blank, or a line through the party box you are registered as "Decline to State" (DTS)

Since "Left" parties are the ones that support policies which make people healthier and happier - such as 6 months paid paternaty/maternity leave, living wages, paid education through higher ed, Universal Health Care (the not for profit kind), full employment, subsidized child care (like a universal Head Start idea), paid vacations for ALL workers (often about 6 weeks!), and so much more, I'll be trying to find out which parties are, or see themselves as "left" and do something on them.

Kucinich.... He's about as left as we're going to get from the DEMs!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Hello no it's not THAT place!!!!

It's Denmark! And Morley Safer thinks the US should go that route. There was suggestion that maybe it was their low expectations. And some people think it is India, but not so!

Thom Hartman did the best show I ever heard yesterday. He talked about the fact that It's The Policies!!! I'll write more tomorrow.



Monday, February 18, 2008


Kosovo claims independence. Apparently that's increasing tension between Russia and the US. Somewhat predictable.

In some places the number of
empty houses outnumbers homeless people. At least banks haven't begun closing completely like in England. If I were a visitor from another planet the I would question the values of a place when there are more empty homes than homeless people. Maybe it's just the "American Way" I don't know.

Senator Obama has gone to
meet with John Edwards. I still think this would be a good ticket. But think, if Senator Obama selected Governor Richardson, then we would end up with 1 white guy, and have an African American and half a Hispanic in the White house!

If we had
universal health care we'd probably have fewer cancer deaths. I still think Kucinich would have been the best bet for that! I had an uncle who was diagnosed a week before he died. My grandmother's cancer was found after it was wide spread and she lived about three months after the diagnosis.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recession, What Recession?

Economy gets worse, but they don't want to say Recession because then we might act like we're in one.

I was thinking of the challenge that Edwards left about ending poverty. Then there is Kucinich, but I'll look at his platform in the near future. He is still in an election. If I had the power or influence I would do the following.

Starting now, begin to determine the real living wage for each county using a tool like the Bare Bones Budget. In June raise the minimum wage at least $1.

With the Bare Bones Budget begin to develop an idea of what a real living wage is. Assuming the target is $16 dollars. Raise the minimum wage $1 every six months until the $16 dollars is met - but it may be $17 or $18 by then. (The minimum wage may need to be different by State, but finding a legitimate wage that leaves no one in the country working full time and living in poverty is the goal here.) You also hire and train enough public health workers to do this evaluation for each municipality. This creates jobs and gives an independent review of this data. It is not from the business sector, or the business development sector of government and it is not in an anti-business activist sector. Income disparities have a terrible impact on health so this should be a good perspective - doing what is healthy for the population as a whole (I know, "what a concept!")

Once the minimum wage is met. You continue to do the living wage analysis in each municipality. And you adjust based on inflation.

The inflation adjustment keeps working wages from decreasing in reality despite the numbers. And this allows for cities, counties or states to increase the minimum wage if necessary. By creating that flexibility we start to get a better sense of the economy.

The cost of analyzing each municipality may be less than what is spent on Homeland security and will give us about as much safety. Countries with high income inequalities have higher rates of violence.

Meanwhile you shift any tax incentives to small businesses and back toward our schools, fire departments and our environment. Food incentives get shifted to small regional farms instead of global, genetic modification corporate food production.

Giving unions back their teeth and regulating union busting would be another key tactic. Then of course a non-profit universal health care program. Education - Creating more and smaller schools would help as a long-term investment.

Subsidize quality, green housing in every neighborhood to encourage affordable mixed income neighborhoods. Support public transportation, open space, and universal child care.

That would be a good start. We'd probably need to stop for a bar-b-que after that... Maybe for May Day!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Warning

Valentine Virus Email


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live to be 100 - not as hard as it sounds apparently....

Sore from working out. I'll workout again at lunch and then I'm walking some in the afternoon.

My weight is up a little bit, but hopefully I can get back into a healthier range and strengthen up my back. Still going for those big goals in December!

* * *
Some articles...

Would a Third Party do Better?

Elections of Change

Why Campaign Consultant says its time for a Third Party

Keep Lefting!!!!

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Monday, February 11, 2008


Things are interesting. My hip is getting better so I hope to workout at lunch. I'll just be doing upper body work until I think I can slowly start the cardio back up.


Friday, February 08, 2008


OK, trying to fix up my credit. My hip is doing better, I plan to do upper body workouts next week.

# # #

It's funny to listen to the two major parties tear themselves apart as much as they are tearing each other apart... Maybe that's why we get what we got.

But it is funny to hear the fat dope addict try to slam the Governator, and the whiny-extreme-right-wing commentators saying they would rather vote for Hillary than McCain. But then for the guy spending 35 Million to prop himself up says he's dropping out of the race to keep us safe from terrorists!!!!

Then on "Progressive" radio you get rants on who is Obama bashing or Clinton bashing. There is very little substantive discussion going on. While I'm not the biggest fan of it Democracy Now had a good discussion on the election this week. What is really interesting is what the hell becomes news.

The fact that a former Democrat has jumped to run for President as a Green gets squat for coverage. Last presidential election, there were black candidates for president and vice-president with pro-socialist parties. There have been lots of women running for president for really progressive parties. So when the media says this is the first time that a woman or an African American is running for president - they are LYING!

Oh, and I never did get a list of the "Chicano Movement" organizations supporting Obama. But I did find that MAPA endorsed Kucinich.


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Interesting Voter Info

Yesterday ballot access was on my mind. (As you can tell from my post)

Then I had an opportunity to do a presentation to the SWOP youth program on The Impacts of Politics on Health. The presentation was great. Then I was told that at a Bernalillo County Voter Registrar training that the new registrars were told that if someone put a party besides "Republican" or "Democrat" into the box designated for political party that they would be declared as "DTS" - Declined to State party affiliation!

Obviously I think that's a bunch of anti-democratic crap! We can have multiple choices of beer, cheeseburgers, guns, but only two choices for political party?!?!? I'm starting to think we should learn to goose step fairly quickly.

The scary part, from what I was told, it was a Democrat leading the training!


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ballot Acces 2/5/08

The Importance of Ballot Access

In reality, America's ballot-access laws are so stringent, and third parties are repressed to such a degree, that the U.S. is probably in violation of the Copenhagen Meeting Document, an international agreement the U.S. signed in 1990 that requires nations to:

"Respect the right of individuals and groups to establish, in full freedom, their own political organizations and provide such political parties and organizations with the necessary legal guarantees to enable them to compete with each other on the basis of equal treatment before the law and the authorities."

How does the U.S. violate this agreement? Suppose that a new party were founded in 1994, with popular support that equaled that of the Democratic or Republican Party. In order to contest all the executive and legislative offices up for election on November 8th, 1994, it would need to collect about 4,454,579 valid signatures. And some of these signatures would need to be collected ten months before the election. By contrast, the Democratic and Republican parties would not need to submit any signatures to get themselves on the ballots, and their candidates would need only to collect about 882,484 valid signatures to place themselves on primary ballots.

The extreme disparity of the burdens placed on old, established parties versus new parties has no parallel in any other democratic nation in the world. Indeed, the number of signatures required for Democrats and Republicans to get on primary ballots is itself too high in some states, and as a result about 25% of all state legislative races present the voter with only one candidate on the general-election ballot.
In Britain, the political science model of a healthy two-party system, every candidate for Parliament faces the same ballot-access hurdle-- a simple filing fee. Candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, are granted two free mailings to all the voters, and every candidate gets a certain amount of free TV and radio time. There exists legal equality between all the parties. Yet Britain has a healthy two-party system, as did America in the 19th century.


Dear Democrats for La Raza Unida and Regular Dems

Dear Democrats for La Raza Unida, and regular Democrats:

Democracy is about voice and choice. Please use your voice today and vote.

Unlike other states and other countries, NM does not have an open primary so people from third parties are disenfranchised. Also use your voice with representatives of your party for open primaries so democracy is representative of all people.

Choice is a different story. Remember that your choice also impacts those who cannot vote today. Whether they are registered Raza Unida voters, brothers and sisters in prisons, or people who have come to become transnational workers but are not allowed the same rights as transnational corporations.

Remind your friends in other states to vote today also.

There are Dem primaries in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah.

And Green primaries in: California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Arkansas.
You can find out where to vote in NM at


Much Love and Respect,

And of course the plug for Left Candidates....

Gloria La Riva

Brian Moore

RĂ³ger Calero


Friday, February 01, 2008

2/1/08 Cynicism of Hope

Ah, even when I try to be optimistic I know I can count on someone to help me take a step back and look. The Cynicism of Hope points out again that what is now being considered liberal is really center at best and usually right of center.

And that is the "good" party!

Hopefully there will be a good third party candidate on the ballot.



Super Tuesday is coming up. If I were a Dem who would I vote for?

I would probably be really pissed that the progressives in my party have been weeded out - Kucinich and Edwards who is actually fairly center. But I would have to say that Obama is the best one of Dem left.


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