Sunday, April 30, 2017

Busy Busy!

May Day is the anniversary of this blog. I'll post more. The weekend got away from me. So much good stuff. Makes it hard to blog. Also heard from people who read it that do not comment.

Good to know someone reads it. In the morning I start the powerlifting routine. Nervous and excited.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Catching Up 4/26/17

So I've been super busy. Had to work Saturday, gigs on Saturday and Sunday evenings. I also went to go play Magic the Gathering on Sunday afternoon.

The alternator on my car is having problems. Took it in and the light went out. The car is on it's fourth alternator this year. My mechanic is covering it yet it is still a drag. So I missed HIIT on Saturday, Tuesday, and likely tomorrow. Below will be my workouts since last posting.
All at 10 reps unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday (Today):
Chest Press - 160, 165, 170
Flyes - 45, 50, 55
Rows - 110, 110, 110
Lat Pulldowns - 110, 110, 110
Side Shoulder Raise - 45, 40, 40
Overhead Press - 45, 50, 55 for 20 reps
Shrugs 50, 55, 60

Leg press - 175, 190, 210
Leg extension - 50, 55, 60
Leg curl - 50, 55, 60
Cable press down - 70, 75, 80
EZ-bar curl - 50, 50, 50
Back extension 125, 130, 135
Abs machine 110, 110, 110

Chest Press - 145, 150, 155
Flyes - 60, 65, 70
Rows - 95, 100, 105
Lat Pulldowns - 95, 100, 105
Side Shoulder Raise - 40, 40, 40
Overhead Press - 40, 40, 40 for 20 reps
Shrugs 35, 40, 45

I'm going to read this article, The Myth of Discipline. I'll share my thoughts after I read it. Been listening a lot to Charles Poliquin. I am impressed with his accomplishments around training Olympic athletes. I disagree with some of his stuff. Looking at him at 55, he definitely practices what he preaches.

My fasting sugars are still coming in over 100 so I'm going to 2 days of fasting and 5 days of eating. January and February I was fasting 3 days and eating 4. I hope it helps me with my insulin sensitivity.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Workout 4/19/17

Did HIIT yesterday and was on 16 for the sprint resistance. It sure is tough getting any speed yet it makes me breath really hard.

My blood pressure today was 129/84 68, and 116/81 77 yesterday. Today my weight was 144 pounds and yesterday was 143.8.

Workout this morning

Leg press - 160, 165, 170
Leg extension - 45, 50, 55
Leg curl - 45, 50, 55
Cable press down - 65, 65, 65
EZ-bar curl - 50, 50, 50
Back extension 110, 115, 120
Abs machine 110, 115, 120

The arm portion of the workout was fairly challenging. The rest was OK. I'll keep at it.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Easter Monday 2017

Weight is 142.4, up from 141.6 on Saturday. Sugar was 114, kind of high, and BP was 148/87 86 before meds.

I might go back to fasting 2 days a week to see if that will help with my fasting blood sugar.

Workout for today with 10 repetitions:

Chest Press - 130, 135, 140
Flyes - 45, 50, 55
Rows - 90, 90, 90
Lat Pulldowns - 90, 90, 90
Side Shoulder Raise - 35, 35, 35
Overhead Press - 35, 35, 35
Shrugs 20, 25, 30

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

I broke my fast last night with a couple of apples, a banana, and a pear. My blood sugar this morning was 111 and I was a little disappointed. My blood pressure was 122/88 with a 79 pulse which is good since I didn't take my blood pressure meds yesterday to see if I could avoid getting dizzy. That part worked.

So I'll continue to monitor a little closer than usual but not getting back to daily just yet.

Had a good family day and I'm up with my son while he does his math homework. Wish he would have done it earlier. He's got it though. He's rocking through standard deviations like nothing. Stuff that killed me in grad school!

My legs are sore. I think this is my first weight-lifting soreness so far. I think I'll continue to build up my weight and get to a little more soreness without hurting myself. I want to feel clear that I can go on vacation later this year and eat in a much more relaxed nature without having to feel like I'm party pooping. I'm guessing that my insulin resistance is more ingrained than I would like. Yet I know if I need to be aggressive I can.

I lost 8 pounds fasting this week. My waist is now 35 inches. I now know that if I needed to get to 136 that I would be able to do it fairly quickly. I'm not wanting to. I also think that I may have more than enough sodium in my system so I'll try to keep that in check. I probably should have taken pictures before starting to eat again.

Well, hope everyone had a great Easter if that's what you celebrate. 4 more problems and I'll take my sleep before lifting! "B" routine here we go!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A-B Workout Updates First Week

Did the "B" part on Thursday. All at 10 repetitions. Going back to light and building back up for about 10 weeks total and my next week off.

Chest press - 120, 120, 125
Flyes - 30, 35, 40
Rows - 85, 85, 85
Lat Pulldown - 85, 85, 85
Side Shoulder Raises - 30, 30, 30
Overhead Press - 30, 30, 30
Shrugs - 10, 15, 15

Today I repeated my "A" section. Next week I'll have the B section on Monday and Friday, and A only once that week.

Leg press - 155, 155, 155
Leg extension - 40, 40, 40
Leg curl - 40, 40, 40
Cable press down - 55, 55, 55
EZ-bar curl - 40, 40, 40
Back extension 105, 105, 105
Abs machine 105, 105, 105

OK, did HIIT 3 times this week on 15 and it is killer.

Keep at it and thanks to those of you who tell me in person that this is inspiring. And thanks to those of you who came out for my awards stuff the last couple of weeks. Greatly appreciate you!

Holy Week Fasting Update 3

My weight today is 141.6 pounds, my glucose reading after working out was 80, and my blood pressure today 145/82 82. I took my blood pressure after feeling really bad. I have to remember to continue to drink lots of water. Considering everything I am trying to decide whether or not to break my fast tonight or wait until the morning.

Overall I feel good. Worked on the yard this morning after working out. Did some craft work this afternoon and will do some more later. I also did some cleaning and will get some done tomorrow too. I think the spring cleaning is helping me energy-wise and emotionally.

More people have been asking me about weight loss and I'm trying to be supportive. Many are scared of fasting. So I'm sharing the video below.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Holy Week Fasting Update 2

Yesterday my fasting blood sugar was 98, and this morning it was 70. My blood pressure yesterday was 116/78 with a 79 pulse. This morning I went to the gym and did the HIIT workout and slowly started feeling a little dizzy. I did google search and figured that I was likely low on salt. So I made me some salt water. It did take the dizziness away. I may have had too much salt because I've had dry mouth all day. My blood pressure was 103/75 yesterday afternoon and 104/71 with a 103 pulse this morning. It was 124/85 90 later today. I was feeling tired and dragging all day until about 4PM. I'm feeling better now. Yesterday I weighed 146.8 and 143.4 this morning.

So one tough day of fasting. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Here are some tips for those fasting longer than one day.

Below is the "B" part of my routine. I'll do this twice next week and the A part once. Tomorrow I repeat the A part.

Chest Press 120, 120, 125
Flyes 30, 35, 40
Rows 85, 85, 85
Lat Pulldown 85, 85, 85
Lateral Raise 30, 30, 30
Overhead Press 30, 30, 30
Shrugs 10, 15, 15

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Holy Week Fasting Update 1

My blood sugar is at 99 fasting and blood pressure is at 148/91 77. My weight is 146.8 which is my lowest since starting this blog years ago.

I don't know if it is this cold I'm fighting or the week off of working out plus eating lots of sugary carbs, even without soda.

I'll keep going at it and will see how I'm doing by Sunday.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Split Routine

So I'm following the advice of an older weight lifter about taking a week off every three months or so and then going light. About 70% of previous lifts and build back up.

So that's kind of what I'm trying now. Blood sugar was 109, and blood pressure was kind of high at 142/87 71. Maybe because it was right after lifting or because I'm having financial stress right now. Either way, I'm going to figure it out.

Here's what I actually did for 10 repetitions:

Leg Press - 150, 150, 150
Leg Extension - 30, 35, 35
Leg Curl - 30, 35, 35
EZ Bar Curl - 30, 30, 30
Cable Press Down - 30, 40, 50
Back Extension - 100, 100, 100
Abs - 100, 100, 100

Part "B" will happen Thursday.

Split Routine 2017-1A

Here's the new A part of my split routine with expected starting weight. I'm starting super light on new lifts on purpose to practice form before increasing weight.

Leg Press - 150
Leg Extension - 30
Leg Curl - 30
EZ Bar Curl - 20
Back Extension - 100
Abs - 100
Cable Press Down - 30

I'll report back on what I actually do.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Post Public Health Week 2017

So I took a week off from the gym and also ate most of what came my way. I weighed 149.8 pounds before public health week and weigh 150 now. I presented twice on dealing with diabetes without medication. Best feedback was that 1 - I need to be more like "if I can do it, you can too! I worry about that yet it may be good to do that. 2 - tell doctors! I'll work on that.

I caught a cold. Blood pressure is 139/92 with 88 pulse after fixing some stuff in my son's room while he is away from the house. My fasting glucose was 123 this morning which is higher than average. I don't know if the cold has any influence on these numbers. I'll track my morning glucose the rest of the week.

I did return to the gym and did my HIIT bike workout on 13 for resistance. I'll lift light tomorrow and I'll post the routine later tonight or tomorrow.

A good video that I'm sharing to watch again. It is holy week, I ate pizza and cupcakes for my grandson's birthday yesterday, I'll eat dinner today for my son's birthday, and I'll be fasting the rest of the week until Sunday unless I feel ill.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Public Health Week

Funny how people talk more when they are "anonymous" on the net.

This coming week is National Public Health Week. I'm going to take time off from the gym. I'll be doing lots of events including presentations and at least two longer walks this week.

I was honored with the Cesar Chavez Si Se Puede! Award yesterday. I was also nominated for a Volunteer of the Year Award and will see what that's about on Tuesday. My boss also nominated me for an award at work. It's all a lot at one time.

I'll still do my blood sugar tomorrow and my blood pressure. Don't know if I'll get on a scale though.

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