Thursday, November 30, 2006

Randomness for the end of November

Diversity of Learners - an interesting online presentation. And a good reminder for me, since I get frustrated with my son, but its not like I can't he his intelligence, I just get mad because it looks like its wasted sometimes.

Health Links (Policy n stuff like that)
Effect Measure

The Pump Handle

* * *
Doh! The car is a "total" - even though it runs fine. So the insurance guy is gonna check on what it would take for me to keep the salvage title on it.

* * *
I didn't ride the bike last night, but I did 15 minutes this morning! So hopefully I can get that amount of time on it at least once a day for the next week or two, then I'll try two 15 minute "rides" a day until the end of the year and see where my leg is from there.

It snowed in Albuquerque, so the garage wasn't very inviting this morning! That and my arm is still peeling.

I ate better for a couple of days, then fell back off the wagon. Hopefully today I'll get back on track.

* * *
I messed with the digital recorder yesterday. I got it figured out, and I figured out getting tracks from the recorder into the Acid Music Studio 6.0. I also figured out getting the midi files from a program that I use for sheet music into that program also! So now I can "write" parts and insert them from program to program, I can "sample" parts from CDs, MP3s, etc., and I can also record "live" parts and arrange stuff this way. I think I'll have fun, and hopefully my kids mess with it a little bit also.

My next task will be to spend time clearing out the back room to put the keyboard in there, close to the computer, as well as an amp and the instruments in the living room!

I'm hoping my son will get into writing and selling "beats" - at least that way he'll use his awesome skills in some way. Hopefully we'll figure out using them for my daughter also. I'm psyched!

-For me musically, I'll work on a little from the list. But I'll spend a good chunk of time trying to get my daughter to work on her ear training, and me too!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Healthy Places Links

Healthy Places Act

Elders' Health and the Built Environment

About Healthy Places

New Tattoo Pics

OK, here's the pictures of the beginning of the new tattoo. It's the half band on my arm. From here will emerge a reaper up to my shoulder. Then I'll add a transformation to a dove. For those wondering, the meaning is basically that if you face your barriers, death and heartache, you'll find peace.

* * *
I also rode the bike a little bit last night. Will do a little every day and build up.

* * *
Damn, the insurance guy called, and they may total my car because its so old! Someone took out the rear tail light in a hit and run in front of my house. The car runs fine, but like I said, it's an '89 Dodge Aries and its been run through the mill so we'll see what happens.


Monday, November 27, 2006


The arm is healing nicely. Hopefully I'll get a digital picture of it soon to post.

I'm going to ride the bike tonight after work. No weight lifting this week, I'll let the tat heal. I'll be working on eating better and staying away from sodas.

* * *
Decided I would work on specific stuff for the music over the next couple of months. So here's my brainstorming on that

Bass - I'll be trying out the bass style of Los Tigres del Norte, and some James Brown. (Gotta do the bilingual thing for those thinking "what the hell?")
Guitar - James Brown and NM style guitar fills.
Percussion - Clave and independence studies.
Voice/Ear - hitting pitch tighter, and hearing both parts in intervals - starting with 3rds.
Accordion - Esteban "Steve" Jordan, probably for a full year, some polka studies, and funk horn fills.

The kids are wanting to sound more hip hop and less ranchera/old rock. So this is my part of it. I'll start with a little bit of each a day and see if I can actually build up to good chunks of time. I sometimes wish I could figure out spending most of the evening playing, but I'm still feeling tired after work, wah!!!!!!

I did get a program on sale over the weekend call Acid 6.0, it allows you to cut and paste musical parts aka "sampling" and it is keeping my son busy which is great. But it will also let me work with my recorder to put together songs, so now maybe it will be easier for me to explain to the kids what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking of getting my son a drum machine, a dj program, and a program that strips vocals out of recordings for X-mas. My daughter would then get a nice camera or stuff to support her poetry.

* * *
RealAge tip

Undo Belly Bulge with Vitamin C

Haven't seen your waistline in a few years? Eat more oranges.

Here's why. Apple-shaped people (who carry extra pounds around their middles) are at higher risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. All of these drain the body's stores of vitamin C. Why? This antioxidant helps fight the cellular damage that comes with these problems. So help your body help you by packing in more oranges, papayas, bell peppers, and other C-rich fruits and veggies. It's the new way to eat skinny.

Ever see a rusty pipe? That same process -- called oxidation -- goes on in your insides, but in this case, it damages cells, not metal. Conditions like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes accelerate the process, "rusting" cells throughout your body, including those lining your blood vessels. And the thicker you are around the middle, the more "rusty" you're likely to be.

The best solution for reducing this damage is to lose weight -- especially around your middle. But losing belly bulge is easier said than done.

Now researchers have discovered that hourglass-shaped people have higher blood levels of vitamin C than apple-shaped people. They aren't sure why, but they're investigating some likely theories. One is that men and women who have a low waist-to-hip ratio may eat lots of vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies and take vitamins. A second possibility is that those shaped like an hourglass are healthier and not as likely as their apple-shaped peers to be obese or have ailments like heart disease and diabetes that "rust" tissues and gobble up vitamin C.

Megadosing on vitamin C won't make you slim, but eating a low-fat, high fiber diet that includes lots of C-rich produce may not only help protect your body from excessive cell damage, but also give you a good shot at getting -- and keeping -- a svelte figure.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Tattoo Update

My tattoo work was postponed from Wednesday to last night (Saturday). So what happened was that my work ended up being on the same night as my sister, and best friend. So this first picture is of Mark Wills from Custom Tatoo Company working on her.

This is her tattoo after the bandage came off. I drew a couple of drafts of this which Mark used to interpret her ideas. It's a really nice tat!

This is Mark working on me. I wasn't done until after 10pm. So I didn't take a picture of the tattoo up close yet. But as soon as I can I'll get it posted up. The coloring is really nice. Again, I drew out a couple of drafts and then Mark does his magic.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Turkey Day Stuffin

For Whom the Debt Tolls

Holiday sales are calling this weekend, but your health may be better served by creating a gift budget.
- - -
Staying out of debt -- you know, the high-interest kind that seems to go along with using plastic -- could be a boon to your body as well as your wallet. Researchers have found that the more credit-card stress people have, the more health problems they report. So make a list, check it twice, and resist those impulse buys.

It's a medical fact that overall good health goes hand in hand with financial health. One logical reason: People with money often have better access to healthcare. But that's just one side of the finances-and-health coin. Another reason that's not always included in the statistics is the impact of money worries on long-term health. Financial concerns set the stage for chronic stress, which inevitably leads to unnecessary aging.

If debts are weighing you down to the point that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning, seek the free financial and counseling services offered by such groups as the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or Debtor's Anonymous.

All About YOU: Don't Blanch About Passing Gas

As any newbie comic -- or 6-year-old vying for attention -- will tell you, gas comes in all forms, sounds, and smells.

Whether it's spurred on by beans, beer, or your Gram's creamed spinach, the average person passes gas about 14 times a day. So bleeps and blips from your insides are nothing to be ashamed of -- they're a sign that you're totally human. All gas results from the fermentation of foods by the trillions of bacteria in your digestive system. The busy bacteria love to process some food more than others, which is why some things you eat create more gas than others.

For a lot of people, talking about colon content sounds about as appealing as playing in it. It's just not something that we talk about much. ("How about that rain today? Did you see Shaq's dunk last night? Your bowels chugging along regularly these days, Frank?") You may think your digestive system is as dirty as George Carlin's jokes, especially when you start throwing around words like colon, rectum, and feces. But it's crucial to talk openly about these things, because a well-lubed digestive system helps you live younger and better. When you consider how many different foods are out there, and how differently all of our bodies respond to them, you'll want to understand how your pipes work and what can cause them to break.

* * *

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Tattoo is postponed until Saturday night!

* * *
Well I need to really kick butt on my diet for the next period. I'll also work on strength for the winter. That way I spend less time in the cold garage!

* * *
Musically I need to set some goals to work toward on the Accordion, Bass, Guitar, percussion and vocals. I'll have to figure out what's realistic.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Woooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

40 years ago, my mom popped me out. So here I am. I wish she was too. I'm missing my parents a lot.

* * *
Well, I went and got my bodyfat checked, and I'm fatter than ever!!! So there is progress, but still work to do.

Gonna have to


ps - a post of the new tattoo will be up over the weekend!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Goodbye 39!!!

OK, don't know if this looks like progress or not to you. But I can tell my arms are bigger, my chest is bigger, and I'm definately stronger. There's still progress to be made, but overall, I'm pleased!!!!!

My computer is being wierd so hopefully this post works!!!!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Xicana Moratorium Video

Friday, November 17, 2006


My arms are sore from my workout on Wednesday. I didn't workout this morning. I was thinking of starting to add leg extensions and curls until I feel good enough to do squats again. Probably next week.

A lesbian friend of mine was complementing me on looking better, especially "up top". Funny how I can take it serious when a lesbian or gay friend tells me but I kinda blow off the straight people. Wonder what that's all about.

So I get a new tat next week, I get my physical, and I'm throwing my 40th birthday party. Should be a fun week. A 40 year old Chicano, not bad. My dad died at 45 so I'm sure I'll start freakin out about that at some point.

* * *
OK, off to fun stuff at the office!

* * *
Oh, Milea - your emails are bouncing back so if you see this get ahold of me.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, got in a good workout yesterday. I can tell that not running is starting to drag on me.

I plan on working out tomorrow. Gotta at least keep up the weightlifting.

* * *
Again, I gotta keep struggling to give up the sodas. I didn't know that there is a finite amount of insulin that your body produces! That minor detail has changed so much of the way I think about this.

* * *
Racial Disparities STILL Exist in the US - go figure!!!! And here the politicians were telling me how great things were, wow.


Friday, November 10, 2006


Tried to post yesterday but something crashed in blogger-landia.

I'm sore from my arm workout. Overall things are good. Santorum's out, Rumsfeld's out, what more can you ask for. There was a good article I had linked up about people not shedding tears for Rummy.

While I'm not a Democrat, I have to enjoy the comeback they pulled on the elefantes this election. Now they just have to come up with a few minor things:

A real living wage (not some crappy "minimum" wage change);
A real education plan, "can you say FREE education"? (from pre- to higher);
Full employment;
Progressive taxation;
oh, and so much more. Maybe I'll start posting more on the political stuff.

"en el nombre del papĂ­, el junior, y la palomita buena onda"



Monday, November 06, 2006


Wow, what a great weekend. The Dia de Los Muertos event was awesome. I take care of the indoor entertainment, so I have missed the parade and much of the outdoor and vendor activity for the last four years. But the music was definately rockin!

We opened with Felix y Los Gatos, followed by a great set by The Rudy Boy Experiment, then a group called Con Razon played and we closed with Mezcla Experience. All good stuff, lots of dancing and fun music.

* * *
Build Your Brain Bank

Every walk around the block, every dumbbell curl, every yoga pose -- each is a good investment in your mind.

Time and time again, research has shown that if you keep your body busy today, your brain is less likely to suffer from memory thieves like Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia tomorrow. Why is exercise so important? It boosts cerebral blood flow and stimulates the growth of new gray matter. Maybe bodybuilding should be called brain building.


Friday, November 03, 2006


Things are OK. Tough getting motivated to workout. My hip seems to be improving.

I think realizing that I wasn't getting a "six pack" by my birthday just threw me off mentally. So I'm trying to keep on track. The stuff with kids is never fun either.

* * *
Be A Better Memory Maker

Think you're a multitasking wiz? That may be why your memory's "slipping."

The more things you do at once, the less likely you are to remember any of them. Sometimes that's no biggie -- if you're flipping through a catalog and watching a sitcom, who cares? But if you're hunting for flights on the Internet while talking on the phone and listening to the radio, well, good luck -- both the flight info and the conversation will probably be a blur. The solution's obvious: When something is important, be single-minded.

Why Sweating is Good for Your Colon

See those beads of sweat dripping onto the control panel of your exercise machine? That's a good sign for your colon.

Exercise helps keep your colon healthy, but moderate-to-vigorous exercise -- the kind that gets you winded and makes you perspire -- may be particularly important. It can help slow down the growth of colon cells, which is a good thing; slower growth means a lower risk of cancer. So be kind to your colon by sweating to the oldies -- or to whatever it is you like to sweat to -- for at least 30 minutes a day. Bump it up to over 40 minutes or more and you'll do even better.


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