Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ending 2016

Ended with 174 even on the weight. 101 for fasting blood sugar. Having my last peanut butter and bread, and likely other things tonight. Tomorrow is a new year and I'll be checking out different fasting protocols. Blood pressure was 120/73 so I'm sticking with the half dose of the hydrochlorothiazide until Monday. Then I'll try two days off.

On the 16th I'll be increasing weight and reducing reps. Each week I'll be increasing the difficulty on the sprint portion of the bike workout.

I realize that I used to fast longer than I thought. If I would do a day it would be dinner as the last meal, a day of fasting, and then eat breakfast the following day. Don't know why I didn't realize that was more than 24 hours. Now I'll likely do dinner from one day until dinner the next. Might wait until Sunday night to test out.

Goals for the upcoming year will be to get below my personal fat threshold is, which I won't find out until I get there. Keep a low carb, low sugar diet, mixed with full day, and intermittent fasting, and continue to workout 3-6 days a week.

I'm going to try extra hard between now and my retest for A1c in March.

There are music and art goals as well as personal goals. More on some of those later!

Keep at it!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Initial Progress!

Blood pressure with 1/2 a hydrochlorothiazide was 111/64 on first day, and 107/73 yesterday. I tested three times and used the highest reading because I would rather stay on it a few days or weeks longer than stop and have my blood pressure go up. I'll do the same today and if it is still under 120/80 then I'll stick with that. Even though the office is closed on Monday I can go in and get a reading completely without that medication, and if it is a good reading I will not take it on the day of my doctor visit.

Weight today at the gym was 173.6 pounds and my fasting reading was 109 mg/dL.

On January 16 I will reduce my lifting to 3 sets of 15 reps and increase slowly.

For now this is what I'm doing with 3 sets of 20 reps.
Leg Press 110
Ab Machine 50
Back Extension 90
Lat Pulldown 50
Chest Press 50
Overhead Press 30
Rows 50 (added this week)

I took some progress pics and will start posting those soon. I didn't take any at start up as I wasn't sure where I was going with all of this then. I don't feel fat yet I've obviously passed my personal fat threshold (the weight where your body accumulates too much internal fat and causes problems). My diet and exercise routine has the goal of improving my blood pressure and insulin resistance. If I look "better" by traditional standards that would be more of a side-effect than a goal.

I'm listening to this cast about Intermittent Fasting right now. I'm learning and re-learning a lot. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to share here.

Keep at it!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Success 1!

Fasting blood sugar was 100 today! The range for "normal" (in mg/dL) is 70-100. I'll test after meals today.

Weight stayed the same. I had a large piece of chicken brought to me with salad at work and I'm thinking that it was a bit much. It wasn't a gain so that's good. Weight is not my priority, however I know that I'm trying to get rid of the fat that may be accumulated around my organs. The only way to get to that is to lose fat overall and a low-calorie diet seems like an efficient way to go.

I'll post my blood pressure later as that was also a success yesterday to have a below 120/80 reading.

Thank you for reading and commenting. It is greatly appreciated.

Keeping at it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Did my workout with 3 sets of 20 added rows.

Weight was 174.2, and my blood pressure was 111/64 with an 86 pulse after cutting the hydrochlorothiazide in half. I'll test that tomorrow and Friday since there is a blood pressure monitor at work. If it stays below 120/80 until Friday I may continue through the weekend. I could cut it altogether on Monday and Tuesday before my doctor's appointment if I'm feeling confident about it.

If I do this I'll talk with my doc about checking for a reading that would get me to take them again.

Tomorrow is HIIT and I'm looking forward to it. New Years Eve will be a challenge. I'll have my last two beers of the year and likely not any more for a couple of months. I will probably have a glass of wine for my anniversary in February.

I'll have to figure out when to do my colonoscopy which I put off because there was so much other stuff going on that I haven't written about. I just couldn't take any more hard news.

So I've checked out the 8 week sugar diet, 4 day fasting, alternate day fasting, and the 5:2 diet. Since I'm losing weight fairly quickly I will just follow my instinct and morning fasting numbers. I have fasted for up to 10 days in the past. I have read things about it being good and about it being bad. I'll talk with my doctor about it even though she may not be a diet expert.

I'm realizing how much this really is about personal self-determination.

Keeping at it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Down to 175.0, yesterday was 176.6, yet my fasting glucose is 132, meaning I'll test more today to see what I can figure out. I didn't sleep long, and grazed a little late in the evening. Even though I grazed on small pieces of meat maybe that had something to do with it. Could also be moving furniture, or some stressful moments in the day. I'll check my blood pressure at work today as well.

Did my weight routine yesterday adding rows for my mid and upper back. Today did HIIT on the bike and could tell I wasn't getting 100%.

I'll keep at it. I'm considering purchasing the 8 week sugar diet book, and maybe the 5:2 diet book. Or I might just get the recipe books. I don't like to make super fancy stuff so who knows.

I'm curious about all of the intricacies of how diabetes works and also how I'm responding to it. Let me know how much of that you want me to share.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 12/25/16

My fasting blood sugar was 106 mg/dL this morning. The goal from the doc was 120 and my goal is 100.

No gym, weigh in, or blood pressure check today. Washer is backed up so that will slow down, not stop, my efforts to improve my cooking area in order to make it easier to stay on track.

I have music rehearsal tomorrow so I'll try to review some music tonight in order to be ready.

I see my primary care doc on the 4th so hopefully I'll break the 100 mg/dL barrier by then. That's the goal anyway. I'm also going to see about cutting back on the diuretic for my blood pressure. It contributes to my low potassium, and may also contribute to the diabetes. I'm not very excited about learning that. I'm sure it was mentioned somewhere when they put you on meds yet I think it is something important that should be reviewed every visit.

Also, I purchased more test strips. I'll keep up testing regular until I see my doc and then do a daily test and maybe one meal daily.

That is all for today. Was hard visiting someone last night and most of what they had was sugar or carbs. Luckily they had some great pecans and macadamia nuts out!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finding my path

Happy holidays for all celebrating something this season from solstice to Kwanza and everything else.

So I still haven't shared anything on Facebook about being diabetic. Someone who I told posted something with #lowerthatA1c. I asked them not to mention anything until I do.

So I need to figure out what my "personal fat threshold" is. This is the weight where your body doesn't store excess fat to the liver and pancreas. That fat essentially is the largest factors in diabetes. Of course we don't learn how to eliminate this fat, there is no specific exercise for it. The calorie deficiency approach seems to work for that.

I could do the strict 600-800 calorie diet for 8 weeks or I can continue my semi-strict diet with the exercise I'm doing now. I think I may go with option two since it seems to be working for me. I don't like the idea of actually counting calories. One thing I do know is that I need to up my salad intake.

So one doctor I know suggested losing 5% in 3 months, other articles I've seen say 10% yet don't give much of a timeline. The 8 diet seems to suggest 10% or 30 pounds (15kg) in 8 weeks. Since I started at 190 pounds, 5% would be 180.5 pounds and if the gym scale is accurate I weigh 177.0 before breakfast. 10% loss would be 171 pounds. The 30 pounds would take me to 160.

As of today I'm thinking I'll continue on the track I'm on and add rows because my mid and upper back feel weak. I'll add more salad because I think veggies are where I'm at the biggest deficit diet-wise.

Did HIIT today with a slightly lower RPM on the bike than earlier in the week. I know there are good and bad days so I'm going to take it with a grain of salt. I am getting winded which is good.

Fasting sugar was 105 this morning. The clinic goal for me is 115-120 which I'm getting most days. My goal is 100 for fasting and having days with an average below 140.

I keep thinking of the personal and social influences of this disease and definitely think that's important to understand. Don't know if I want to do a presentation about it at NM Public Health Association conference on this later this year.

Keep at it!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Moving forward

Continuing to go to the gym. It's sometimes challenging. Home and work can be stressful so I don't have a place to totally just drop my guard and relax. I actually have to work at relaxing.

Lifted today with slight increases on exercises that are easy.

Leg Press 110
Ab Machine 50 (up 20)
Back Extension 90 (up 20)
Lat Pulldown 50 (up 20)
Chest Press 50
Overhead Press 30

Overhead press is my most challenging for now. So I'm going to stay on  lower calorie diet and try to cut even more sugar and carbs. I'm still considering whether or not to do the strict 8 week, or be more flexible since I've had some good progress with the combination of food and exercise I've started.

Lots of well meaning friends and family have offered to take an hour walk, or go hiking, or biking, and such. The pain is still in the way. Hopefully this weight loss will help with that. I'm also going to learn more on anti-inflammatory foods.

More of the regulars at the gym wished us Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays than usually talk with us. I even said good morning to the grouchy guy and he responded.

Keep at it! It's interesting writing for no one but myself. Still helpful for me and I know if I keep it up I may get some followers.

Tomorrow is another HIIT day!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

External Inspiration

People have told me they are inspired by what I'm trying to do and I'm inspired by others.

Looking at the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet and checking on people posting about it. I like this woman's honesty and the struggle. In thinking about this diet for 8 weeks I'm not looking forward to doing it more than once in life.

Yet some people do!

8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, sample VLOG

Continuing to continue

Did the HIIT on the bike today. Made it to 200rpm and heart rate up to 155. I'm doing the set up on the "Truth About Exercise" video so 20 seconds of all out "sprint" and 2 minutes in between. 7 minutes total. I feel like I'm actually getting there.

Weight is down to 177.8 yet fasting blood sugar was up to 141 pre-workout and 148 post workout. I left the meter in the car overnight and I'm hoping I didn't mess it up. Even though I'm cleared to only test twice a week I'll continue to test until I have a steady daily reading of under 126 for a while.

I feel it may be better to over-test than to not keep track.

Thanks to Roberto for a big bag of almonds!!! I'll keep at this as much as I can. Hope my internet problems are done and I can show some results.

If my laptop wasn't so big I would take it to the gym and then I could end with "Live from the Gym!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bump in the blogging road

My internet was down since Thursday.

I've been on the 6 day a week routine. 3 days of HIIT and three lifting. Same routines more or less. I went up to 50 pounds on crunches, and 70 on pulldowns. I also started to increase the tension on the bike during the sprints. I feel like I'm really getting closer to getting to 100% exertion.

I'm also looking into Roy Taylor's work on diabetes improvement. What he is saying is that it is not obesity which causes diabetes directly. He has done inner body scans to look at fat around the organs. He says that the amount of fat around the liver and pancreas are what cause diabetes. This explains why some thin people get diabetes (thin on the outside and fat on the inside) and some obese people do not get diabetes.

I'm looking for the book 8 Week Sugar Diet soon so I can try and implement the ideas in there before March.

Keep HIITing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reclaiming my physical self-determination

Going to the gym for the HIIT bike workout! I am going to the 20 second intense burst suggested by the original

I've had a few people ask me about losing weight. I am losing weight yet I'm not going to the gym for that reason. My body is off balance and I'm trying to restore some balance.

I know only a few people actually read this blog. I apologize to those who know me in person and find out this way instead of face to face. Two weeks ago today I was called and told that my potassium was low and to go to the emergency room (likely thanks to blood pressure meds), I was also told that my A1c was 9 (because I asked before I hung up).

Weight is only one part of the problem. When my stenosis and arthritis kicked in I was told to not lift more than 10 pounds. Unfortunately I listened to that "medical" advice and it was another part of this spiral into being unhealthy. As I got tired I started using soda for caffeine and I started gaining weight and having less energy to cook or workout. I've tried over the years to get back on the track I wanted to be.

I looked at the beginning of the blog and realized I started this blog on May Day. I intentionally wanted this to have some warrior spirit. Don't feel sad about my diagnosis, it has re-awakened that warrior spirit. I have had moments of freaking out and most of the time I have had a determination to get things back in balance. If you want to know details this will be the place. My Facebook posts will be more generalized. I would appreciate a comment now and then just to know that this is helpful to anyone. I will do this, and maybe without medications, with or without the blog.

I've lost 7 pounds in a month, not my primary goal yet important. My fasting blood sugar went from 229 to less than 110 in two weeks. I've cut out soda from my diet and very little breads. In just a short time I have a little bit more energy physically, and little bit more focus, and much more drive for things in life.

That's what I've been able to do in two weeks, and I hope that in two years I'll be reporting on some successes.

Keep HIITing! (still figuring out my tagline!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Still Going!

So I fell off the blogging wagon but not the workout wagon! (I probably should learn where that saying came from...)

I've been alternating high intensity interval training (HIIT) on an exercise bike and then light weights on the other days. It will be a 6 day schedule.

On the bike it is 2 minutes of warm up, 30 seconds all out (probably should have started at 20 seconds), then 2 minutes of recovery in between. I do three 30 second "work" periods and 4 minutes of cool down. So it is 11 and a half minutes of working out. Weighed in at 181.6 today. Feels like it's really fast and I hope I can keep it down. MY longer term goal is to get to 165 with some muscle. The body mass index used by docs says I should be at 130-145. I'll see how things go between here and Valentine's Day when I hope to be at 170.

My workout is light at 3 sets of 20 in order to get my joints used to exercise before going heavier. I'll probably stay with 20 reps until New Years and then start adding weight and go to 15, then 12, then 10, etc. I'll vary my workouts as I get bored or hit plateaus.

Most of the elders at the gym talk to me and are super encouraging. There are a couple of them who go in what look like pajamas. I got off a machine and turned around and one of them was glaring at me because I was apparently in his way.

Diet - I've cut soda & white bread intake and I'm sure that's a big part of the weight loss. The workouts I'm doing are not going to make me lose weight as fast as I am.

So here's the workout. All on machines. I'll use them until I feel really good about where my lifting and form are at. All 3 sets of 20 for now and all in pounds.

Leg Press 110
Ab Machine 30
Back Extension 70
Lat Pulldown 30
Chest Press 50
Overhead Press 30

I'm thinking the new tagline for this period of the blog might be

Keep HIITing it!

Let me know what you think.

Monday, December 05, 2016

A pause

Had jury duty today. Threw off the schedule a little bit. So no formal exercise today. I integrated some walking into the breaks I had.

Changes in diet are hopefully going to help out.

I know this isn't always the longest blog in the world. Still thinking about what to share and do with it. Have to know that I can still be healthy when things stack up against me.

Still thinking on a tagline.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Feeling sore, feeling good

Feeling sore and feeling good about that.

Went to the gym and had a "tour" of the gym from Mariana at the Y. Explained how to use the exercise bikes and treadmill, explaining all of the settings. Then she showed us the machines and wrote out some basic weights to start with. I think I'll use the full body workout she wrote out for a few weeks.

I also did another HIT routine on the bike. I may not make it to the gym tomorrow because of needing to get a blood test and then jury duty. Figured this would be good to take advantage while I was there.

One thing on the treadmill is a fitness test that guesstimates your VO2 max and I asked about that. She said "it's an estimate yet you can still use it for tracking changes." I think I'll do that.

Another thing I noticed is that I'm appreciating tracking some of these things in my health. I'm hoping that I will get my energy back and get on some of the things I've dropped off from.

Diet is changing as well. Going to try and avoiding soda all together.

I remember my old tag line, Keep Lifting, Keep Running. I'm sure I'll change it. Thanks for reading and please give me some feedback in the comments.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Day 2

It has been so long since I've been on here I don't remember how to change the columns on the side. I'll figure that out later.

Worked out today. Glutes and legs a little sore from yesterday. I used the bike for warm up and then did upper body. Short workout below.

Bench Press 3 sets of 20 with 65lbs.
Row machine, 3 sets of 20 with 60lbs.
Shoulder Press 2 sets of 15 and one set of 8 with 45lbs.
Pull downs 3 sets of 20 with 40lbs.

I weighed in at 186.6 lbs.

That's all for today.

Friday, December 02, 2016

New Start

Like many people I've had false starts in getting into shape.

My life has pushed me to HAVE TO get back into shape so here we go!

I did 8 minutes of High Intensity Interval Biking with 3 bursts of 30 seconds. My heart rate went up to 150 beats per minute. I also did a modified deadlift with two 10 pound dumbbells. My glutes were burning from the bike so I thought I would not push the weights super hard. I start jury duty next week so it will be hard to keep up with this and that will be the first hurdle to get over.

I sucked at hurdles in track so maybe I need a better metaphor!

I'll also be doing emotional health and human contact work which while still taking organizing energy will also give me benefit.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Getting back to it!

Had some health issues come up.

Going to do the sprint 30-60 seconds and rest 4, or do the bike for 30 seconds, and coast for 2 for sets of 3.

I need something to kick start me back.

Working up my weight routine and will add lots of walking.

This video is important part of that -

For those of you who read this and find any inspiration please let me know here, on FaceBook, Twitter ( magonista66), or in person.

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