Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Down to 175.0, yesterday was 176.6, yet my fasting glucose is 132, meaning I'll test more today to see what I can figure out. I didn't sleep long, and grazed a little late in the evening. Even though I grazed on small pieces of meat maybe that had something to do with it. Could also be moving furniture, or some stressful moments in the day. I'll check my blood pressure at work today as well.

Did my weight routine yesterday adding rows for my mid and upper back. Today did HIIT on the bike and could tell I wasn't getting 100%.

I'll keep at it. I'm considering purchasing the 8 week sugar diet book, and maybe the 5:2 diet book. Or I might just get the recipe books. I don't like to make super fancy stuff so who knows.

I'm curious about all of the intricacies of how diabetes works and also how I'm responding to it. Let me know how much of that you want me to share.

Congratulations on staying on the path Enrique. And also too for your weight loss goals and your glucose levels on most days.

In my opinion what matters is that you're getting in your workouts. Getting less in than 100% on the HIIT is much better than not doing anything at all. Keep up the good work.

I remember my nephew's count being higher than usual at times, with the smallest of changes in diet. They were always quick to treat it with medication. In my opinion, an opinion of someone who doesn't know anything about all this, managing your diabetes should be possible (most of the time at least) by diet and exercise. I think you're like me in believing it's best to avoid medication as much as possible. I hope you're able to figure all that out and make it work out as well as possible.

Thanks Roberto! It will be a challenge. There is, from research I'm doing, the possibility to have diabetes go into remission. This will take a great deal of effort on my part. Hopefully the self-care self-determination will inspire others.

I'm at the gym 6 days, and maybe eventually I'll feel comfortable enough for 3 days doing all of my exercise at once :)
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