Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bump in the blogging road

My internet was down since Thursday.

I've been on the 6 day a week routine. 3 days of HIIT and three lifting. Same routines more or less. I went up to 50 pounds on crunches, and 70 on pulldowns. I also started to increase the tension on the bike during the sprints. I feel like I'm really getting closer to getting to 100% exertion.

I'm also looking into Roy Taylor's work on diabetes improvement. What he is saying is that it is not obesity which causes diabetes directly. He has done inner body scans to look at fat around the organs. He says that the amount of fat around the liver and pancreas are what cause diabetes. This explains why some thin people get diabetes (thin on the outside and fat on the inside) and some obese people do not get diabetes.

I'm looking for the book 8 Week Sugar Diet soon so I can try and implement the ideas in there before March.

Keep HIITing!

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