Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finding my path

Happy holidays for all celebrating something this season from solstice to Kwanza and everything else.

So I still haven't shared anything on Facebook about being diabetic. Someone who I told posted something with #lowerthatA1c. I asked them not to mention anything until I do.

So I need to figure out what my "personal fat threshold" is. This is the weight where your body doesn't store excess fat to the liver and pancreas. That fat essentially is the largest factors in diabetes. Of course we don't learn how to eliminate this fat, there is no specific exercise for it. The calorie deficiency approach seems to work for that.

I could do the strict 600-800 calorie diet for 8 weeks or I can continue my semi-strict diet with the exercise I'm doing now. I think I may go with option two since it seems to be working for me. I don't like the idea of actually counting calories. One thing I do know is that I need to up my salad intake.

So one doctor I know suggested losing 5% in 3 months, other articles I've seen say 10% yet don't give much of a timeline. The 8 diet seems to suggest 10% or 30 pounds (15kg) in 8 weeks. Since I started at 190 pounds, 5% would be 180.5 pounds and if the gym scale is accurate I weigh 177.0 before breakfast. 10% loss would be 171 pounds. The 30 pounds would take me to 160.

As of today I'm thinking I'll continue on the track I'm on and add rows because my mid and upper back feel weak. I'll add more salad because I think veggies are where I'm at the biggest deficit diet-wise.

Did HIIT today with a slightly lower RPM on the bike than earlier in the week. I know there are good and bad days so I'm going to take it with a grain of salt. I am getting winded which is good.

Fasting sugar was 105 this morning. The clinic goal for me is 115-120 which I'm getting most days. My goal is 100 for fasting and having days with an average below 140.

I keep thinking of the personal and social influences of this disease and definitely think that's important to understand. Don't know if I want to do a presentation about it at NM Public Health Association conference on this later this year.

Keep at it!

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