Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reclaiming my physical self-determination

Going to the gym for the HIIT bike workout! I am going to the 20 second intense burst suggested by the original

I've had a few people ask me about losing weight. I am losing weight yet I'm not going to the gym for that reason. My body is off balance and I'm trying to restore some balance.

I know only a few people actually read this blog. I apologize to those who know me in person and find out this way instead of face to face. Two weeks ago today I was called and told that my potassium was low and to go to the emergency room (likely thanks to blood pressure meds), I was also told that my A1c was 9 (because I asked before I hung up).

Weight is only one part of the problem. When my stenosis and arthritis kicked in I was told to not lift more than 10 pounds. Unfortunately I listened to that "medical" advice and it was another part of this spiral into being unhealthy. As I got tired I started using soda for caffeine and I started gaining weight and having less energy to cook or workout. I've tried over the years to get back on the track I wanted to be.

I looked at the beginning of the blog and realized I started this blog on May Day. I intentionally wanted this to have some warrior spirit. Don't feel sad about my diagnosis, it has re-awakened that warrior spirit. I have had moments of freaking out and most of the time I have had a determination to get things back in balance. If you want to know details this will be the place. My Facebook posts will be more generalized. I would appreciate a comment now and then just to know that this is helpful to anyone. I will do this, and maybe without medications, with or without the blog.

I've lost 7 pounds in a month, not my primary goal yet important. My fasting blood sugar went from 229 to less than 110 in two weeks. I've cut out soda from my diet and very little breads. In just a short time I have a little bit more energy physically, and little bit more focus, and much more drive for things in life.

That's what I've been able to do in two weeks, and I hope that in two years I'll be reporting on some successes.

Keep HIITing! (still figuring out my tagline!)

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