Sunday, December 04, 2016

Feeling sore, feeling good

Feeling sore and feeling good about that.

Went to the gym and had a "tour" of the gym from Mariana at the Y. Explained how to use the exercise bikes and treadmill, explaining all of the settings. Then she showed us the machines and wrote out some basic weights to start with. I think I'll use the full body workout she wrote out for a few weeks.

I also did another HIT routine on the bike. I may not make it to the gym tomorrow because of needing to get a blood test and then jury duty. Figured this would be good to take advantage while I was there.

One thing on the treadmill is a fitness test that guesstimates your VO2 max and I asked about that. She said "it's an estimate yet you can still use it for tracking changes." I think I'll do that.

Another thing I noticed is that I'm appreciating tracking some of these things in my health. I'm hoping that I will get my energy back and get on some of the things I've dropped off from.

Diet is changing as well. Going to try and avoiding soda all together.

I remember my old tag line, Keep Lifting, Keep Running. I'm sure I'll change it. Thanks for reading and please give me some feedback in the comments.

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