Thursday, December 22, 2016

Continuing to continue

Did the HIIT on the bike today. Made it to 200rpm and heart rate up to 155. I'm doing the set up on the "Truth About Exercise" video so 20 seconds of all out "sprint" and 2 minutes in between. 7 minutes total. I feel like I'm actually getting there.

Weight is down to 177.8 yet fasting blood sugar was up to 141 pre-workout and 148 post workout. I left the meter in the car overnight and I'm hoping I didn't mess it up. Even though I'm cleared to only test twice a week I'll continue to test until I have a steady daily reading of under 126 for a while.

I feel it may be better to over-test than to not keep track.

Thanks to Roberto for a big bag of almonds!!! I'll keep at this as much as I can. Hope my internet problems are done and I can show some results.

If my laptop wasn't so big I would take it to the gym and then I could end with "Live from the Gym!"

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