Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting ready to Deload!

Today is my daughter's birthday! So proud of her.

Wow, going to 4 sets was tough! For time and my fitness level I'm going back to 3 sets.

Next week will be a deload week so it will be two light sets.

Weight is staying stable at 142.8! So lower-mid-140s is where I seem to be at for now.

Here's what I did today

Squats 115 for 4 sets of 12, was tough.
Leg extension 80 for four sets of 12, this felt very doable
Leg curls 80 for four sets of 12 and I will drop weight to improve form
Calf raises with 2 10 pound dumbbells and body weight for four sets of 20, I'll definitely need to use the calf raise machine after deload week!
Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls super setting with the slow drop for four sets of 20 and it was super tough on the reverse curls.

A good workout yet definitely feeling tired. A recuperation week will be good. After that I'll do a full-body compound workout using daily undulating periodization ("DUP") with three sets for time and realism! This is where I'll have different weight and reps on the 3 sets so one day is muscle building, one day is power, and the other is strength.

Still thinking but something like this
Tuesday 3 sets of 12 week one, then increase weight and 3x11, then increase for 3x10, 3x9 then deload or go to 3x8 depending on how I'm feeling. I could also deload after 3 weeks.
Thursday 3 sets of 8 with the same cycling. This will be with more weight than workout before.
Saturday 3 sets of 6 same cycling and more weight.

I'm going to try and listen to my body for the deloading. I've heard that older lifters should deload after 3 weeks of increasing and others saying go 5 weeks then deload. Of course I'll spend the first week fumbling around and getting the right weight. If something feels too light or too heavy I'll adjust. I hope that full-body workouts with this approach will be doable. :)

Here's a good video on motivation.

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