Monday, May 01, 2017

A good May Day

I took my furlough hours for today. I'm realizing how 6 days of pay impacts your budget. Hopefully my employer doesn't go that route again.

It was a good day overall. I feel like I'm catching a cold so it was good to rest and it was warm enough to hang out at the May Day rally and not feel cold, or feel like I was getting worse. I was low energy enough to not wander around the event so I didn't see as many people as I might have otherwise.

Talked with friends and shared more about how I look different, how I want to use what I've learned so far, and some sad things about people struggling with diabetes and obesity. Not everyone has their health impacted by being overweight and I want to be respectful of that. If someone is though I hope they get some control of their body.

This video has some good information. This guy doesn't inspire me, yet he often has good things to say. He has some good points in this particular video.

It is hard to watch people struggle with the desire to get healthier yet still buy sodas, breads, etc. I'm going to start looking into sugar addiction (hopefully without becoming too preachy). I'm going to start watching videos like the one below and see if there's anything I can learn.

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