Monday, May 01, 2017

12 Year Anniversary

This is the 12th year of this blog, and the 22nd year of not working on May Day.

Lots of things I want to share. I'm very excited about this anniversary and looking forward to having more amazing results to report next May Day!!!

This Saturday I was honored by being able to present at the Medicine For The People event at Endorphin Power Company. I really appreciate (Un)Occupy for continuing this great event. The presentation was well attended and had some good questions. I think I will develop some handouts and try to have them translated into at least Spanish. From the questions and conversation it seems like there are people who want to know how to talk with their doctors about not being put on medication and also how to get off of medications. I think I'll reach out to a doctor and see if there's any interest. I'm glad this event led to deep conversation.

The other cool thing is that someone was telling me about reading my blog. The diagnostics on the page says I have mostly zero views, even when there are comments. Comments let me know someone is reading. Having someone tell me about it in person is really cool. I've even had texts and emails saying, "you haven't checked in on your blog." I appreciate that a lot.

I did miss all of my HIIT workout days last week yet still was able to lift. Today I started a 3 way split with some compound (multi-muscle) exercises. Today is deadlift, Wednesday will be bench press, and Friday will be squats.  

So this is how I started and glad that it happened to start on May Day. 3 sets of 10 so far.

Deadlift 115
Back Extension 130
Shrugs 45
Lat Pulldowns 110
Cable Pulldowns 95
Abs 90, 110, 130

Last Friday I did three sets of 10 and here it is.
Leg press - 210, 230, 250
Leg extension - 60, 70, 75
Leg curl - 65, 70, 75
Cable press down - 85, 85, 95
EZ-bar curl - 50, 50, 50
Back extension 150, 150, 150
Abs machine 115, 120, 125

I weighed 142.2 and my blood pressure is 125/74 with a 92 pulse. My glucose is 109 which is always disappointing to be over 100. I'm starting to fast twice a week and hopefully that helps. I guess I'm on my last test strip. Hopefully I will be able to order more to keep testing weekly.

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