Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Weighed in at 143.8 today. Found test strips I had ordered. I was wondering how I had used that many strips already.

I did HIIT yesterday with 17 on the resistance. Is tough, if I slow down too much the resistance doesn't work correctly and throws off the sprint part of the ride.

Today was part 2 of 3 way split. Bench was 115. I'm working on form so I'm staying at this weight until I can get to my chest and back up without arching my back. I started going all the way to chest and realized I couldn't get all the way down for 10 reps. Listening to Charles Poliquin he talks about how the final rep should look like the first one. He is promoting that you shouldn't be struggling on the last repetition, you should be almost ready to break the form and not actually getting to that point. I forgot what the exact term he uses. Instead of going to muscle failure it is more like form failure (maybe the term he uses).

Flyes were 55, 60, 65
Reverse Flyes 30, 50, 65
EZ Bar Curls 40, 40, 40
Rows 115
Overhead Press 30, 50, 65

Today is a fasting day. I'll try to remember to test my glucose before eating dinner tonight. I'll also check my blood pressure. I'm going to try and post more on what I eat. I don't have soda or white breads at all for now.

I couldn't resist and had to look it up. It is called "technical failure."

Here is a good video.

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