Friday, May 19, 2017

A Good Friday

It's my sister's birthday today.

Weighed in at 145.2 pounds. Did HIIT this morning. Figured out that when I'm going up to 19 on the resistance any pausing turns off the bike. I went up to 5 and cruised there then up to 10 ten seconds before the sprint then went up from there while speeding up just a touch. That worked twice and on the third time I couldn't go fast enough to keep it up and the bike paused. I think that I will use a periodization (making things more challenging then giving yourself time to recuperate) and go down to 16 next week on the resistance and rebuild. Tomorrow I will test my VO2 Max.

Saw a good friend today at the gym. It's always great to see a good smile while working out. Saw a friend earlier this week too. So there are at least 5 people we know who go to the same gym.

I'm not as sore as I expected today which isn't a bad thing.

So I'm going to take notes from the following video and go from there as far as working out. 6 more weeks before I change up my routine.

I've heard from sex educators and also from a strength coach, "If it isn't a Hell Yes! then it is a NO!" I'm going to try and live life that way. :)

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