Saturday, February 04, 2017

160! 2/4/2017

I hit 160 pounds and inches this week. Lowest blood pressure this week was 99/69 and 72 pulse. My fasting glucose this morning was 80. The highest I've had this week was 104.

I went to a going away party at work and all they had was pizza, cake, cookies, ice cream, and kool aid. So I held up well with water and had some chicken afterwards. The interesting part was how quickly people there made comments about my weight loss. Only two people knew I have diabetes and they did a great job not mentioning it. I was asked if it was for health and I did talk about the blood pressure medication ER visit.

Overall I'm feeling better and it feels like 160 pounds may be the weight where my body is set at for now. We will see what happens to my stomach fat over the next few weeks. I'm not concerned with my visible gut, I'm hoping to eliminate any unnecessary fat on my liver and pancreas. I can't measure that directly. So I'm just hoping I'm getting it.
I noticed I was starting to feel dizzy at the end of my weight workout so I left a message with my clinic. I want to know if it need to cut back or eliminate another med. I'm trying to get through my weight workouts quickly so I will slow down until I hear back from the doc.

Thanks for the comments. The page shows 0 views even when I have comments so I have no real way to know how many people are reading this. I'm off to do the HIIT bike workout now and will add these pictures to the Progress Pictures Page today. I'll post my workout tomorrow. Time has been tight yet going great!

Good for you for staying away from the junk food at the party. Those are the times when I am at my weakest. I try to fill up on foods I should be eating before parties, or take something to share that I can also eat.

I had a few dizzy spells in the past, but after doing HIIT on the stationary bike. My doc said to not do so many rounds. I'm curious to know what your doc will say about it happening as a result of lifting.
She pulled me off one of my meds. She didn't talk with me.
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