Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anxious and Excited

Anxious and excited about getting re-tested on Wednesday. I have no prediction but I'll be going from 9.3 A1C to X? Feel free to post your prediction if you wish.

Blood sugar was 84 this morning. Been going consistently 6 days a week to the gym, been eating super low-carb, and trying my best to rest and not get stressed out.

Hopefully that all pays off. Had a HUGE breakfast this morning yet not big enough to feel sleepy. I have to focus on the front yard this coming week. I spent a good chunk of energy working on my craft area this week and even did a small leather piece.

Overall I feel better, I sleep deeper, and my mind can think about things I just wouldn't think about like craft work, getting gigs, and doing home improvements. Hoping the mental energy turns into actual work. Wish it would warm up a little. I'm going to put in some sunflower seeds today and hope for the best.

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