Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Post Valentine's Day 2017

Made it to the gym, got through Monday's workout with getting 12 reps on all exercises for all 3 sets of each exercise!

I was at 155.4 on Monday and 38 inches on the waist. I took pictures and will post tonight along with other data. Eating out for 4 meals got me up to 160 last night and 157.0 this morning. Also more than 38 inches. I'll still post the pictures and not re-post when I hit those markers again.

It feels like I'm losing some steam and need to figure out what that's about. I know myself well enough that sometimes I set a goal and once I know I CAN make it I let it go. Part of my mind just wants to know I can do stuff and loses interests in actually doing it. I may need to change goals.

So anyone reading this with encouraging words, please post them!

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