Saturday, February 18, 2017


Forgot to check my fasting glucose this morning. I've been below 100 mg/dL pretty consistently now so I'm not worried. Just want to stay in the habit of checking. I wanted to wait until after working out instead of first thing in the morning.

My weight is 154.6 and was 155.4 last Saturday. Someone saw me last Friday and then this Thursday and said, "wow, you look different in that short amount of time." I'm hoping that means I'm changing my body composition some. Figure if I'm going through this, it feels good AND it is a lot of work, I should look "better." I know that's subjective and full of many negative things from a colonized society, yet there is something to even "looking healthier."

Tonight I'll post a "before" and "now" picture. Someone asked for one for someone else and I'm posting for my trainer who's father also has diabetes. If it is useful for others as well that's great.

Realized last night that if you ask me about my health, I WILL TALK ABOUT IT! I'm probably more excited than I'm letting myself know. Something taught me to stay subdued, who knows.

Finished a week at 8 on the resistance for the bike HIIT workout. Turned in proposals for presentations at the New Mexico Public Health Association (NMPHA) conference this year. Also trying to figure out how to have enough energy for rope work, leather work, music, playing magic, AND the rest of my life. Typing that made me tired so maybe it's not "just me." Maybe I do push myself hard.

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