Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Bye Amlopidine!

I went to refill my meds and found out my doc took me off of Amlopidine!

I had called last Friday about my 99/69 blood pressure. I've been a little bit higher since. I'll continue tracking and checking and reporting in.

I'm continuing to workout, alternate day fast, and stay disciplined with my diet. Things have been busy and I've had some emergencies with family. Blogging will continue to the best I can. Thanks for your patience!

Congratulations Enrique! You've made so much progress in so little time. It's crazy to see how much you've accomplished.

I'm gonna take a look at your fasting program sometime. I've been thinking about taking on a rapid fat loss program for a short period of time (4-8 weeks) between what I'm doing now and the transition to the diet I was doing before. I'll probably reach out to you when the time comes. Keep up the good work!
Thanks! I hope it goes well. There are multiple fasting approaches and I'll try to share that over the weekend and will gladly talk with you about what I have been learning.
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