Monday, February 13, 2017


Back in the day my trainer was Rockie. She was doing an internship at Endorphin Power Company and worked upstairs and had access to their gym. She helped me a lot and was insanely encouraging and supportive. She's still a bright personality from what I can tell.

I'll use this picture of her until she sends me another one!

We have a friend staying at the house. Someone with a sweet tooth. Will add some challenge to my life. It's a pain explaining that it is not that I "can't" eat something, it's that I'm choosing not to eat certain things. There's lots of that as I'm eating super strict right now. More now that someone who clearly knows that this is a serious disease is hanging out, yet wondering about what I can and can't eat.

On the other hand, there have been several people asking questions about weight loss, the visible part of my taking care of myself. I'm learning how to share more about that. My basic responses are to cut soda, juices, and white breads. That includes tortillas which bums a lot of people out.

Saturday I talked with my new trainer Marianna and she liked how things are going. She shared that her dad has diabetes also, and that she has arthritis as well. She is only at the gym on weekends and evenings so I don't see her much. However she has been trying to be supportive when we do see each other.

Later Saturday I celebrated with some menudo and fajita meat (no tortillas). I check my blood sugar afterwards and it was 119 which is amazingly well after a meal. I was in the high 130s after eating the last time I checked. Today is a fasting day. I can tell how stress makes me want comfort food. Also getting closer to 155 makes me less motivated on the fat loss end. That's never been my goal yet it is one thing I measure regularly.

OK, my wife couldn't sleep and woke up in the middle of the night. I'm going to try and catch 15 minutes and get to the gym!

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