Monday, April 10, 2017

Post Public Health Week 2017

So I took a week off from the gym and also ate most of what came my way. I weighed 149.8 pounds before public health week and weigh 150 now. I presented twice on dealing with diabetes without medication. Best feedback was that 1 - I need to be more like "if I can do it, you can too! I worry about that yet it may be good to do that. 2 - tell doctors! I'll work on that.

I caught a cold. Blood pressure is 139/92 with 88 pulse after fixing some stuff in my son's room while he is away from the house. My fasting glucose was 123 this morning which is higher than average. I don't know if the cold has any influence on these numbers. I'll track my morning glucose the rest of the week.

I did return to the gym and did my HIIT bike workout on 13 for resistance. I'll lift light tomorrow and I'll post the routine later tonight or tomorrow.

A good video that I'm sharing to watch again. It is holy week, I ate pizza and cupcakes for my grandson's birthday yesterday, I'll eat dinner today for my son's birthday, and I'll be fasting the rest of the week until Sunday unless I feel ill.

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