Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

I broke my fast last night with a couple of apples, a banana, and a pear. My blood sugar this morning was 111 and I was a little disappointed. My blood pressure was 122/88 with a 79 pulse which is good since I didn't take my blood pressure meds yesterday to see if I could avoid getting dizzy. That part worked.

So I'll continue to monitor a little closer than usual but not getting back to daily just yet.

Had a good family day and I'm up with my son while he does his math homework. Wish he would have done it earlier. He's got it though. He's rocking through standard deviations like nothing. Stuff that killed me in grad school!

My legs are sore. I think this is my first weight-lifting soreness so far. I think I'll continue to build up my weight and get to a little more soreness without hurting myself. I want to feel clear that I can go on vacation later this year and eat in a much more relaxed nature without having to feel like I'm party pooping. I'm guessing that my insulin resistance is more ingrained than I would like. Yet I know if I need to be aggressive I can.

I lost 8 pounds fasting this week. My waist is now 35 inches. I now know that if I needed to get to 136 that I would be able to do it fairly quickly. I'm not wanting to. I also think that I may have more than enough sodium in my system so I'll try to keep that in check. I probably should have taken pictures before starting to eat again.

Well, hope everyone had a great Easter if that's what you celebrate. 4 more problems and I'll take my sleep before lifting! "B" routine here we go!

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