Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Change of Schedule

I'm going out of town for work tonight and tomorrow. So I'll do my Weds. workout on Thursday and the Friday workout on Saturday.

Funny - I got a friend that has a hard time going 4 miles for a meeting, but then expects me to borrow a car, and has twice let me walk it! Its hilarious and slightly irritating. If I didn't like this person so much, I'd bag the whole thing!!!

Anyway, still having a getting to sleep. Trying to get things done today for this trip and also thinking about the hearing on my grandmother's property. She had originally wanted me to get the house, but my Mom messed up the will, my aunt stayed in charge of it and sold it, now there's the division of the money. I wrote to the lawyer, and checked the usps website and it looks like the letter has not been delivered! I'm going to ask a lawyer friend to call on behalf of myself and my sister.

Anyway, I'll obviously be out a couple of days, I'll report on the workout when I get back!

Some of people who read the blog see me kinda regular so its cool to hear about it in person. Would still be nice to have a couple of comments every once in awhile.

Keep Lifting!!!

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