Monday, July 18, 2005

Que Aguite!

OK, returning to work after the week off. The week off was great! Definately see why vacations are so important. Even though I didn't really go anywhere I got to hang with my wife for the week. The kids were at an organizer training all week. They came back changed and matured a good degree for a week's time.

I think I changed some too. I got to reflect on what I want. Self-sufficiency is a good term for it. Listening to Los Relampagos del Norte and thinking about how my grandparents tried to give me what they didn't have and what they didn't give to their own kids. Its a great sentiment, but there's also a cost with that. I didn't learn much of what I now want to teach my kids. But we all get to learn it together.

Working for someone else is hopefully not my lifelong direction. Whatever I can figure out to have some sort of financial independence will be good.

Oh, yeah, my workout sucked. The worse one of the summer. Not hard, just didn't get much out of it. Couldn't sleep last night. Definately didn't want to come back to work today. But what the heck. Its what I got for now.

This Gatto dude is good. I don't know if I agree with everything, but I like that. It's more challenging that way.

Keep Lifting!

what does que aguite mean?
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