Friday, November 17, 2006


My arms are sore from my workout on Wednesday. I didn't workout this morning. I was thinking of starting to add leg extensions and curls until I feel good enough to do squats again. Probably next week.

A lesbian friend of mine was complementing me on looking better, especially "up top". Funny how I can take it serious when a lesbian or gay friend tells me but I kinda blow off the straight people. Wonder what that's all about.

So I get a new tat next week, I get my physical, and I'm throwing my 40th birthday party. Should be a fun week. A 40 year old Chicano, not bad. My dad died at 45 so I'm sure I'll start freakin out about that at some point.

* * *
OK, off to fun stuff at the office!

* * *
Oh, Milea - your emails are bouncing back so if you see this get ahold of me.


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