Monday, November 27, 2006


The arm is healing nicely. Hopefully I'll get a digital picture of it soon to post.

I'm going to ride the bike tonight after work. No weight lifting this week, I'll let the tat heal. I'll be working on eating better and staying away from sodas.

* * *
Decided I would work on specific stuff for the music over the next couple of months. So here's my brainstorming on that

Bass - I'll be trying out the bass style of Los Tigres del Norte, and some James Brown. (Gotta do the bilingual thing for those thinking "what the hell?")
Guitar - James Brown and NM style guitar fills.
Percussion - Clave and independence studies.
Voice/Ear - hitting pitch tighter, and hearing both parts in intervals - starting with 3rds.
Accordion - Esteban "Steve" Jordan, probably for a full year, some polka studies, and funk horn fills.

The kids are wanting to sound more hip hop and less ranchera/old rock. So this is my part of it. I'll start with a little bit of each a day and see if I can actually build up to good chunks of time. I sometimes wish I could figure out spending most of the evening playing, but I'm still feeling tired after work, wah!!!!!!

I did get a program on sale over the weekend call Acid 6.0, it allows you to cut and paste musical parts aka "sampling" and it is keeping my son busy which is great. But it will also let me work with my recorder to put together songs, so now maybe it will be easier for me to explain to the kids what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking of getting my son a drum machine, a dj program, and a program that strips vocals out of recordings for X-mas. My daughter would then get a nice camera or stuff to support her poetry.

* * *
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