Thursday, November 30, 2006

Randomness for the end of November

Diversity of Learners - an interesting online presentation. And a good reminder for me, since I get frustrated with my son, but its not like I can't he his intelligence, I just get mad because it looks like its wasted sometimes.

Health Links (Policy n stuff like that)
Effect Measure

The Pump Handle

* * *
Doh! The car is a "total" - even though it runs fine. So the insurance guy is gonna check on what it would take for me to keep the salvage title on it.

* * *
I didn't ride the bike last night, but I did 15 minutes this morning! So hopefully I can get that amount of time on it at least once a day for the next week or two, then I'll try two 15 minute "rides" a day until the end of the year and see where my leg is from there.

It snowed in Albuquerque, so the garage wasn't very inviting this morning! That and my arm is still peeling.

I ate better for a couple of days, then fell back off the wagon. Hopefully today I'll get back on track.

* * *
I messed with the digital recorder yesterday. I got it figured out, and I figured out getting tracks from the recorder into the Acid Music Studio 6.0. I also figured out getting the midi files from a program that I use for sheet music into that program also! So now I can "write" parts and insert them from program to program, I can "sample" parts from CDs, MP3s, etc., and I can also record "live" parts and arrange stuff this way. I think I'll have fun, and hopefully my kids mess with it a little bit also.

My next task will be to spend time clearing out the back room to put the keyboard in there, close to the computer, as well as an amp and the instruments in the living room!

I'm hoping my son will get into writing and selling "beats" - at least that way he'll use his awesome skills in some way. Hopefully we'll figure out using them for my daughter also. I'm psyched!

-For me musically, I'll work on a little from the list. But I'll spend a good chunk of time trying to get my daughter to work on her ear training, and me too!


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