Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Tattoo Update

My tattoo work was postponed from Wednesday to last night (Saturday). So what happened was that my work ended up being on the same night as my sister, and best friend. So this first picture is of Mark Wills from Custom Tatoo Company working on her.

This is her tattoo after the bandage came off. I drew a couple of drafts of this which Mark used to interpret her ideas. It's a really nice tat!

This is Mark working on me. I wasn't done until after 10pm. So I didn't take a picture of the tattoo up close yet. But as soon as I can I'll get it posted up. The coloring is really nice. Again, I drew out a couple of drafts and then Mark does his magic.

you are going to have to design a tat for me one of these days!
carinos siempre :)
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