Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Tattoo Pics

OK, here's the pictures of the beginning of the new tattoo. It's the half band on my arm. From here will emerge a reaper up to my shoulder. Then I'll add a transformation to a dove. For those wondering, the meaning is basically that if you face your barriers, death and heartache, you'll find peace.

* * *
I also rode the bike a little bit last night. Will do a little every day and build up.

* * *
Damn, the insurance guy called, and they may total my car because its so old! Someone took out the rear tail light in a hit and run in front of my house. The car runs fine, but like I said, it's an '89 Dodge Aries and its been run through the mill so we'll see what happens.


omg AWESOME seriously, E. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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