Friday, November 03, 2006


Things are OK. Tough getting motivated to workout. My hip seems to be improving.

I think realizing that I wasn't getting a "six pack" by my birthday just threw me off mentally. So I'm trying to keep on track. The stuff with kids is never fun either.

* * *
Be A Better Memory Maker

Think you're a multitasking wiz? That may be why your memory's "slipping."

The more things you do at once, the less likely you are to remember any of them. Sometimes that's no biggie -- if you're flipping through a catalog and watching a sitcom, who cares? But if you're hunting for flights on the Internet while talking on the phone and listening to the radio, well, good luck -- both the flight info and the conversation will probably be a blur. The solution's obvious: When something is important, be single-minded.

Why Sweating is Good for Your Colon

See those beads of sweat dripping onto the control panel of your exercise machine? That's a good sign for your colon.

Exercise helps keep your colon healthy, but moderate-to-vigorous exercise -- the kind that gets you winded and makes you perspire -- may be particularly important. It can help slow down the growth of colon cells, which is a good thing; slower growth means a lower risk of cancer. So be kind to your colon by sweating to the oldies -- or to whatever it is you like to sweat to -- for at least 30 minutes a day. Bump it up to over 40 minutes or more and you'll do even better.


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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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