Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things are good. I was benching 155 yesterday, and then went on to the dumbell press. I had only gone up to 40s in the past and was able to do 50s with good form. Felt good to have a jump.

Leg is frustrating. Being broke sucks. I'm good at being poor, I'm not good at being in debt.

Another shot at what I'm greatful about... My wife, my son, my daughter, my neices and newphews. Great friends.
# # #

Food Prices going up! Gas prices going up. And the value of homes going down!

Snipers? What snipers? Hillary may have overstated her sniper story.

A good article by Robby from SWOP.

Much more, but as always work beckons....

Maybe we can start a progressive party support group eventually.

And thanks to Karlos, Aurea, Val, Smacking, Mauricio, Bex and people who read this blog and comment to me in person or on the page!


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