Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Monday?

I doubt it. The positive is that I plan to workout today at lunch. My kids are healthy, and even though we didn't pay off our debt as much as I would like we will probably be fine. We just need to figure out boosting our credit score before December and re-financing the second mortgage.

I'm still trying to figure out being friends with people. It's a trip realizing that you are not good at that and trying to jump on it in your late 30s and early 40s. My best friends aren't in walking distance and I've gotten to that place where it is hard to go out after having arrived at home and relaxing a bit.

I'm going to try to walk more now that my leg is improving and hopefully keep from aggrivating it too much!

# # #
Wallstreet bailout! So much for the never ending market. Growth in the body, when unchecked is called cancer. I don't know if that is the appropriate metaphor, but it sure looks like it. If none of this worries you, read this guy. Sometimes it just sounds like angry ranting, but there are points that make you stop.

It is amazing that one country could throw the whole world this way. And it is a country that is so different from the rest of the planet. No strong Labor Party, no strong Social Democratic parties... wait, maybe that's why. There is no counterbalance to corporate interests, and they have figured out imposing their interests upon the globe. There is a good chance that they will adjust and try to carry on.

This may be the time to push for "Card Checks" to make unions more viable. Unions have gotten a bad rap, but then again what have they done for us? Weekends, 8 hour work day, benefits, keeping people from being fired for no reason....

It will also be time for a strong push for "Ballot Access." Amazingly Republicans and Democrats say this just "clutters up the ballot." We wouldn't settle for only two choices in car color, but somehow for the most important of choices, like what values will govern my tax dollars, and impact my life and the life of my children, we get two colors. They say we would be confused by too many candidates. How insulting!

But what the hell, if you belong to one of the corporate backed parties, push your elected officials to open up democracy. We'll all be better for it....



you're healthy, your kids are healthy, of course it's a green monday, that's what matters most! :)
I totally relate to what you were saying about friends. The good thing is that you all know that you work hard and give each other time to rest and try to catch up whenever it works best for everyone...because I know what a great friend you are :)
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