Monday, March 17, 2008

Free and Open Elections?

As I get asked over and over, who do I want - Clinton or Obama, I have to think NEITHER! Now, if it is only one of them or McCain on the ballot, they'll have my vote, but if there's another choice, I may go with it! (I know sacrilege!)

But I have to go with this idea
"Full and fair access to the electoral process is a right central to democracy."

I tend to like democracy, and think we should all have it! Just think if you could only choose between red or blue for the color of your car!?! You'd have none of that!!! Choices you'd say. But even "progressives" in this country take that. Sure, there is an occaisional green car, but it gets blamed for bumping other colors out.

No one questions that it is because of faulty structures, it's the fault of the green car....



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